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video is used In fishing, it is very often used to use tools that make use of the feed for fishing -

used to use fishing trough when using fishing troughThey are installed for fishing, feeding from the bottom. Such a feeder for fishing provides complementary foods to the fish and at the same time hides in itself the hooks that the fish must swallow.

Article in the topic: feeders for birds with their own hands.


Feeding trough for fishing with his own hands has a lot of varieties. Depending on the characteristic data was created gradation.

The size of the feeders are:

  • are small, used when fishing for small-sized fish, such as carp, roach, white bream;
  • medium;
  • large.

The last two variations are abandoned when fishing for carp.

As for the weight of the fishing trough, it depends on the place chosen for fishing. So, if the fishing is carried out during the course, the feeder is weighed down. Fastening is carried out on feeder or carp tackle.

It is not recommended when fishing in a river with a current, to use round shaped troughs, as they will be torn down to them.

By type of holding bait feeders are:

  • closed, which put live food;
  • open, filled with porridge or vegetable food;
  • winter, of which the food falls to the bottom of the reservoir.
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Depending on the place of fishing, there are:

  • lake models;
  • river.

There is also a division in form and material.

Varieties of feeders

The main advantage of the feeders for fishing - the ability to make their own hands, and from improvised means.

Grid feeders

Now the grid is the most common material for the manufacture of feeders. First, it can be obtained at any hardware store, both plastic and metal. Secondly, it is easy to work with it, even while fishing.


  1. Approximately 4.5 * 10 cm is cut out of the netting. The dimensions may vary depending on the catch for which the feeder will be used.
  2. A strip of 2 * 10 cm is cut out of a piece of lead plate.
  3. Now the grid is folded so that a cone or cylinder is obtained. The joint line is crimped with a lead plate.
  4. The final stroke in the manufacture of the feeder with a net for catching fish - using wire, make the mount, through which the fishing line will be connected to the feeder.

If there is a problem with a grid, it can be made independently from a plastic bottle, from which a rectangular piece of a suitable size is cut, rolled into a cylinder and made holes with a hot nail.

Feeders wire

They are used for fishing on water with little current. Their sizes can be different, because it depends on what wire was taken for work. The larger the diameter of the wire, the more capacious the feeder for fishing. The spring model is considered the simplest and looks like a spiral.

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  1. Take brass and copper wire of small cross section. You will also need a nut 1.5-2 cm in diameter( as an option - steel bar).
  2. Using tools, the wire is wound on a rod, the number of turns should vary from 6 to 10 pieces, and the distance between them depends on what kind of feed will then be placed in the feeder.
  3. The resulting spring is removed and barrel-shaped with a finger.
  4. Next, a plastic or iron rod( tube) is placed inside the spring and the extreme turns of the spiral are securely fastened on it.

For fishing on the river or distances far from the coast, it is more rational to use a spring trough made of hard steel wire.

Plastic stopper in the

case From improvised means( the usual plastic bottle cap) you can make the simplest and fastest self-made fishing feeder, called a smoothie or nipple. It is great for fishing on carp, carp, crucian carp, bream.

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  1. A round fragment with a diameter identical to the bottom of the cork is cut from a piece of sheet lead.
  2. With the help of an awl( for lack of it is possible to take a nail) two holes are made in the lead circle and the bottom of the lid.
  3. The soft wire is passed through the holes, so that the lead weight is outside, and the ends are twisted inside the cork.
  4. The next step is to punch holes with a nail( 3-4 pieces is enough) on the side walls.
  5. In one of the holes is attached wire ring, and to the rest - leashes, equipped with hooks.
  6. The final step is to prepare a dough with a viscous consistency that is used to fill the prepared feeding pan. In the dough hooks are hidden. The bottom line is that the fish, starting to suck the dough, will surely swallow the hook with it and voila, your catch.

Now you know how to make a feeder for fishing simply, quickly and using conventional materials. But remember, during fishing they can be lost, so it is better to prepare feeders for future use, so as not to lose precious time.

How to make a feeder for fishing - video

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