In what cases and for what is the stand( holder) used for the drill?

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A stand for the stand Ankor 50429

  • A video about the stand for the Sparky drill SP-43

Stand for making a rack for an Sparky drill Stand

A stand for making a Sparky drill stand for a Sparky drill

stationary device to which drilling tools are fixed. Most of the holders produced are limited to the size of the drill's neck, and do not exceed 43-45 mm. Through the use of such devices, absolutely accurate and even drilling of wooden materials, metal, plastic products and so on is possible. In addition, the holders absorb vibration, making work easier and more comfortable. Make a stand for a drill and you can do it yourself.

What is the holder

If the material being drilled is very hard, it is extremely difficult to make a straight hole. Especially difficult to drill at an angle, for example, 45 °.The drill bit can slide off or break the hole, making it larger. For these purposes and used drill stand for drills. The holder together with the tool turns into a small machine. The quality of the work they do, it depends entirely on the rack.

Before you purchase a holder, you should carefully inspect all moving parts for play. You also need to pay attention to the diameter of the neck and the stroke, as it depends on the last possible depth of drilling.

The more massive the holder for the drill is made, the more reliable it will be. Included can be a vice to hold the processed material, or they are purchased separately. This device not only fixes the workpiece, but also makes the work safer. When choosing a stand, make sure that there are holes in the base( fasteners) for installing the vice. Most holders are compact, so they are convenient to use even in a small room, for example, in an apartment. The size of the bed for the drill can be 15x20 cm, and the height is about 50 cm. The mass ranges from 2 to 6 kg. Drilling depth from 6.5 to 7 cm.

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models The stands are mainly collapsible, and the assembly and disassembly takes only a few minutes. Some models of holders are made in such a way that they can be modified to the necessary requirements( to increase the depth of drilling).

If any part has got a play in the rack, you should tighten the tightening screws or put rubber pads in the problem areas. This will immediately improve the quality of drilling holes, even in fragile parts.

What to look for when choosing a holder for the

drill Before you buy the stand, you need to inspect the drill if it has a landing neck. For some models of unstressed tools, it may be missing, and without it, the mount in the holder is impossible. The neck is a cylinder, several centimeters long. Located near the cartridge. Most drill models have a standard neck diameter of 4.3 cm. The drill stand is equipped with a special ring in which the tool is fixed with screws.

The next important detail is the base plate. From what material it is made of, what size and weight it depends on, how well it will absorb vibration. Racks with a base made of cast iron do a better job with the reduced task than those made of aluminum alloy. The plate must have holes or fastenings for installation on the worktable, as well as a place for the clamping vice.

The greater the distance between the center post and the drill axis, the larger the material that can be processed.

To keep the drill going smoothly, the holder is equipped with a spring. One has only to loosen the pressure on the handle, as it automatically raises the tool. Many models of racks have a function that allows you to adjust the depth of drilling. This not only helps not to exceed the required depth of immersion, but also makes the work easier, especially when you need to make many of the same holes. There must be a scale on the stand body for the drill to determine the level of immersion.

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Sparky SP-43 holder overview

Sparky SP-43 is designed for drills with a neck size of 4.3 cm. The base plate is poured out of cast iron, which makes the operation more convenient and safe, and also increases the life of the holder. In addition, a large weight reduces the likelihood of shear stance during use. The legs of the plate are covered with rubber, so the holder can be mounted on a smooth finish. There are holes for clamping vice. All parts of the holder fit perfectly, so that the appearance of backlash is completely eliminated.

Sparky SP-43 racks specifications:

  • height - 55 cm;
  • working stroke - 7 cm;
  • dimensions - 16x16 cm;
  • maximum weight of the used tool - 3 kg;
  • distance from the stand to the drill axis - 12.5 cm;
  • holder weight - 6 kg;
  • manufacturing country - China.
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The lowering drive is made in the form of a large rubberized grip that makes the work more accurate. Rack for drill Sparky SP-43 can be used for metal, wood, ceramics and so on.

The holder of any model is best securely fixed to a fixed surface, this will not only make the drilling accurate, but also safe.

Stand Review Enkor 50429

The Enkor 50429 model works on the same principle. Represents the metal basis with the pipe fixed on it and the mechanism. Thanks to the latter and the movement of the device. Rack for the drill Encore version 50429 allows you to move the tool smoothly and only in one straight line. This holder can be used both at home and in production. Included is a hex key and instruction manual.

Specifications holder Enkor 50429:

  • the neck size for the installation of the drill - 4.3 cm;
  • working stroke - 6.5 cm;
  • height - 50 cm;
  • dimensions - 21x21 cm;
  • weight - 4.7 kg;
  • manufacturing country - China.

The stand can be converted into a machine for the drill. To do this, fix a separate motor to the holder and complement the necessary details. The do-it-yourself rack has many advantages over purchasing. For its assembly, you can use the materials at hand, and it is also possible to make an adjustable fastening mechanism for drills with different sizes of the neck.

Video about the stand for the drill Sparky SP-43

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