What model of Makita power saw to choose?

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Makita saws are power tools that are used as power tools for Makita saws, power tools that are used as a power tool, as for power tools, Makita saws are considered to be power tools for power tools, Makit saws are as power tools,

saws the power tools of the Makita

  • .Makit's power saw differs in accuracy of work, durability, it is executed at observance of care of the smallest details.

    Makita creates its own tools, spare parts for Makit saws, including circular saws, taking into account safety, both for the user and for the tool itself. The reliefs and additions with which Makit's saws are equipped make working with these tools comfortable and efficient. Currently, electric saws are one of the most sought-after power tools on the market. Depending on the model, saws of this brand offer:

    • cutting angle adjustment;
    • system for blowing chips;
    • illumination of the work area or the ability to work with the guide bus.

    The history of

    The history of Makita began almost a century ago in Japan. Its name comes from Mosaburo Makita, who was the initiator and owner of the plant. The company began its activities with the production of the first power tools, which was a plane for the tree. Then the company took up the sale and repair of electric motors. The breakthrough in the company occurred in the 70s, when the company began international expansion and engaged in the production, sale and distribution of electrical tools.

    At the end of 2000, the company could boast of sales in 100 countries and 39 subsidiaries. The company worked and is working on its brand very effectively. This can be seen from the fact that products with a return address and a Makita brand can be found throughout the world. A wide range of products, high quality execution of tools led the company to the top. Today, the brand is the undisputed leader in the production of tools in the world.

    Makit UC3520A power saw, price

    Thanks to its shape and design, it provides the user with comfortable control. Among its advantages, it is worth noting that the change and tension of the cutting chain is carried out without the use of tools. Moreover, the optimally located handle provides tremendous convenience, also during the execution of vertical cuts.

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    The Makit UC3520A power saw is equipped with automatic chain lubrication and a large reflector located in the oil tank to ensure easy control of its level. The saw is also equipped with a "Safety-Matic" brake, which is started by inertia. Among the main technical parameters of the equipment, its power is 1800 W.The length of the cutting part is 35 cm, the chain pitch is 3/8 ″, 1.1 mm. The device weighs 3.7 kg. The price of Makit UC3520A electric saws is the most affordable of the entire range of models of this brand.

    Tool Benefits:

    1. The shape and design provide ease of management.
    2. Change and tension of the chain is made without the use of cutting tools.
    3. The ideal positioning of the handle ensures excellent portability, cutting vertically.
    4. Anti-slip rubber grip handle.
    5. Automatic chain lubrication.
    6. Metal teeth provide precise machining during cutting.
    7. Large viewing window in the tank for oil, which makes it easier to control its level.

    Makita UC4030A

    The Makit 4030a professional chain saw is designed for difficult cuts, for example, for the construction of wood. Balanced weight distribution and perfect handle position ensure maximum comfort and precise control while cutting. The saw is equipped with inertial start-up and a Safety-Matic brake that can stop the circuit in 1/10 of a second. High quality, sealed bearings and a continuously lubricated gearbox ensure long life without requiring additional maintenance. It is required only occasionally to add oil for electric saws of Makit. The advantages of the saw 4030a are:

    • overload clutch system;
    • ergonomic design;
    • maintenance cutting without tools.

    Handle elements coated with anti-slip material. The width of the groove is 1.3 mm, the oil tank has a volume of 0.14 liters. Included is a sword, chain, knife, protective cover for the cutting part and a universal key SW13.

    Which Makit saw to choose?

    What is the difference between chains of saws offered by one manufacturer - Makita? Compare the following models:

    • chainsaw Makita DCS230T;
    • Makita UC3530A Chainsaw;
    • Makita UC4020A power saw.
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    Chainsaw DCS230T

    Let's start with the chainsaw DCS230T.This equipment is designed for home use, ideal for cleaning work in the garden, garden or preparing wood for the fireplace. The undoubted advantage of the chainsaw is its lightness and small size, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment, as well as work in hard-to-reach places. In addition, maintenance of the DCS230T is not a problem, the operator has free access to the spark plugs and the air filter.

    For some, this is an advantage; for others, it is a disadvantage - depending on the user's expectations, the chainsaw is equipped with an internal combustion engine. Thanks to this solution, the operator receives absolute mobility, he needs to worry about the distance from the power source. On the other hand, it is necessary to remember about the preparation of the corresponding fuel mixture. In addition, the internal combustion device works louder and gives off an unpleasant odor.

    Chainsaw UC3530A

    Makit's chainsaw UC3530A is popular not only among fans. The advantages of the UC3530A electric saw were also noticed by experts. We are pleased to work with her, carpenters, roofers and professionals involved in the construction of houses from a bar.

    Model UC3530A stands out a long guide - 40 cm, which allows you to cut logs of large diameter.

    The advantages of the saw should also include mounting the chain and efficiently regulating its voltage without the aid of additional tools. As in the previous model, the manufacturer made sure that the operator could carry out the maintenance. The only drawback of the UC3530A saw is its dependence on the power source.

    Chain saw electric UC4020A

    Makit UC4020A power saw, as well as the previous model is powered by electric current. The undoubted advantage of the saw is also toolless replacement of the chain. Transverse engine placement is what sets the UC4020A apart from the two previous models of the Makita brand. This innovation reduces power loss, simplifies assembly and disassembly of the saw, and also allows you to work in an upright position. However, it is worth noting that this solution distinguishes the model with a wider body compared to the DCS230T and UC3530A models, which limits the equipment maneuvering capabilities.

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    Once again, the manufacturer has made every effort so that the operator can independently carry out any maintenance procedures, such as cleaning and sharpening the saw. The only pity is that chainsaws are not sold in a set with a file for sharpening the chain for the Makit electric saw and bearing oil.


    Chainsaw DCS230T is addressed to supporters of free, unrestricted work thanks to an internal combustion engine. However, this affects its price, a more complicated way of use, the need to prepare the fuel mixture and such disadvantages as: noise, exhaust emissions.

    In turn, the UC3530A model stands out with a long guide, which makes it possible to cut thick trees. But limited operation with an extension cord also has its drawbacks. In the case of the UC4020A model, an innovation is applied - the transverse mounting of the engine, which increases the power of the saw, but has a negative effect on ergonomics.

    When choosing a suitable model for yourself, it is enough to answer the questions, for what works will the saw be used? What is the most important? Chainsaw or electric model? Less power and more maneuverability? Or more power, but limited opportunities to work in hard to reach places?

    One thing is clear - Makita made sure that the user himself could easily choose the most suitable option. The parameters of Makit's electric saws are given in the instruction manual.

    Video-review of the saw Makit

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