Radio with good reception

Grundig receivers showed true German quality. No joke, from the end of the Second World War conquered the market. The oldest, respected brand of the European market, worldwide fame. There were no US conditions for a breakthrough after the depression, there was devastation divided by Berlin in two parts, an unfavorable political situation. Grundig rose to his feet, began to release electronics. Curiously, the aggressor countries developed rapidly after the war. Grundig. .. There is hardly another radio with a good reception, so well-known among professionals.


The oil crisis did not affect the development of German industry, competitors were slowly growing on the other side of the continent. Today, Asia has factories of world famous brands. The exception was Grundig, one workshop is Chinese, the rest is Europe. The situation could not suit the rapidly developing Asians, in the 90s of the last century, Grundig began to sink. First, the brand was purchased by Philips, then sold in parts, seeing solid losses amounting to millions of dollars.

The oldest brand died, went bankrupt, bought by the Turks. Today, 4,000 people are working, collecting the once famous radios, dealers mistakenly praise the praised German quality. Grundig is still considered a good brand, change of ownership has not gone unnoticed. An endured metamorphosis will show the future.

Need a radio with good sound, take Grundig, the brand is famous for not domestic models. Attracts the attention of professional equipment, equipped with:

  • sturdy heavy case;
  • regulators, not afraid of leakage of moisture;
  • special handles transporting the device, protecting the front panel from falling;
  • large size;
  • amazing reliability.

Instruments are designed for sailors, moving equipment, aircraft, search teams. Grundig radios will not fail, will not fail, if a difficult minute happens.

Radios today

Summer has come to know the times when the Moskvich frame radio was sold in inconceivable quantities. Two million products purchased over 10 years of existence of the brand. With respectable age, Moskvitch teases with Grundig, by the 60th year, the Moscow Radio Plant began producing other products, until the restructuring started in the 80s did not finish off. Today, most high-tech enterprises are covered by the defense industry. Radio equipment massive factories produced little.

Times have passed, when a special magazine Radio came out, they bought a set for the radio in the store. Today, pastime is of little interest to people, values ​​have changed. An expert in the field of electronics is deprived of the opportunity to receive a good salary, mastering native land. Leisure in assembling an own radio receiver, which is obviously worse than a run-down Chinese model, is unlikely to deceive young people. Destiny pensioners income below average.

The state of affairs is a prerequisite for the decline of domestic industry. Factory workers worked well, the secret services lost the competition. Suvorov was surprised at the “naivety” of foreigners. Perestroika dotted i. The border is closed with an iron curtain - the consumer takes what is offered without thinking. Free competition gained rights, imported radios successfully ousted domestic. No wonder. Collecting radios is more profitable for the Chinese; conditions are created:

  1. Cheap labor( salaries of 400-600 dollars).
  2. Tax concessions to high-tech industries.
  3. Special economic zones located at the intersection of transport routes.

China has taken a series of measures to stimulate smart industries. It was mentioned that the Grundig radio manufacturing plant is located on the territory of Mao's followers. It is not surprising that China’s profits are growing faster than the population. Metropolitan areas are flourishing, cursing products made by tea’s homeland - cursing, and taking willingly. Shortwave receivers are produced predominantly by China, like most electronics.

The German name for the brand of radio receivers, Chinese workshops. It resembles the domestic brand Vitek, registered in Europe( factories mainly in China), in order to arouse the interest of the domestic buyer, who was trusted by the efforts of his own industry.

Radios lose popularity

Competition, lack of production capacity are not the only reasons for the drop in the volume of production of radio receivers. The radio was the only entertainment( besides the village clubs).There was no television, the towers are irregular. With radio receivers, things were much more fun. Confident reception meant the latest news, interesting educational programs, concerts, favorite tunes. People went, bought radios.

As the science of entertainment became more and more, therefore, the need for old loyal friends began to disappear. Everyone saw his old grandmother's old tube radio, dusty on the shelf. They were afraid to throw out, they remembered the times when he saved his family from boredom.

The last milestone, which has become the gravestone of radio, is high technology. BIS became crystals with a technological cycle, measured in units of nanometers. Element base gave the prerequisites for the release of personal computers, mobile devices, optionally introduced radio functions. This explains the massive development of broadcasting frequencies VHF.The ranges of the antennas become small: the radio will fit in the smartphone.

The need for radio receivers, separate devices simply disappeared. The main factor. Mini stereos with radio may attract attention, not the receiver. The Chinese have created multifunctional radio receivers, devices, which is today the overwhelming number of electronics. Analyzed the market situation( against the backdrop of a bankrupt Grundig), a number of measures were taken to stabilize the segment. We believe that special commissions were established to consider the feasibility of the further release of radio receivers. Business remained, the device added features.

What is important in nature during a hike, on a long trip - energy! Detects a tendency to run out, charge a mobile phone while traveling is not easy. Radio decided to supplement the dynamo machine. The handle, having twisted that, it is possible to charge the device. .. The novelty was of little interest to people who had the opportunity to buy a spare battery for a smartphone with a receiver inside.

A key decision followed that allowed antediluvian devices to survive. Radio receivers equipped with special USB-ports that allow you to charge any mobile device. It has become unprofitable to take the battery. Weight more, you can not hang a tree to play. In a word - gravity. Radio receivers remained on the market, since when the river is paddled by kayaks, it is much preferable to see a device that resists moisture within reasonable limits, and the gentle smartphone rests. Phone to take easier, good source of charge is now found.

Modern radios

A radio in the form that visited the market began to make sense, bringing additional benefits. Charging handheld human-powered mobile devices.

Found a fashion sports lifestyle. Jogging, happy to listen to the sounds of your favorite gear. I saw the light of another hybrid - headphones with a radio. It is possible to argue - the player is better. Only a true athlete knows how to prolong training hateful compositions. The radio looks advantageous. There are many stations that broadcast mainly music.

Radio today everywhere: smartphones, players, headphones, computers, home theaters, radio. In the previous understanding, the device lost its value, found vocation as an integral part of other devices.

Choose your radio by analyzing your own needs. Track range, sensitivity. We will attach an external antenna to selected models, which is convenient when traveling to nature, living in a remote area.

Radio with good reception

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