Why the rose does not bloom - the main mistakes of florist

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Sometimes it is difficult for even experienced growers to say why roses do not blossom. Knowledge of the elementary rules of care for a beautiful flower will allow you to enjoy its splendor of colors and delicious aroma.

Being engaged in the cultivation of roses you need to be prepared for the fact that theoretical recommendations from specialists and the actual situation in practice may have some inconsistencies among themselves. Therefore, it is very difficult even for experienced flower growers to determine why a rose does not bloom. The reason for the lack of buds on the bush can be as a lack of air humidity, impurities in the soil, the composition of local water, and insufficient knowledge of the basics of caring for this beautiful flower. Let us analyze the main mistakes florist.

The rose does not bloom: the wildness of the bush

In most cases, the growing roses in our area are grafted, not rooted-rooted. Therefore, you can not notice the appearance of wild shoots from the stock of the bush, which is grafted cultural rose. Such wild shoots weaken the bush, and it gradually loses its varietal properties. To avoid this, it is necessary to promptly remove this insidious growth, which is located at the very bottom. It is easy to identify by very small leaves and a large number of thorns. As soon as you see such a whip, tear off the ground and cut it off safely at the very base.

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Soil quality

Often a rose does not bloom due to improper soil structure or improper treatment. To avoid this, do not plant it in a dense heavy soil. To get a lighter composition, you can add sand under the bush and gently loosen it to a depth of 5-7cm.


The reason why the rose does not bloom at the site may be a shortage or an excess of fertilizer applied to the soil. The main sign of an excess of nitrogen supplements is the active growth upward of lush foliage without the formation of buds. You can correct the situation by applying phosphate-potassium fertilizer or ash.

Roses should include low-level fertilizing from the infusion of liquid organics or mineral fertilizers. Nutrient mixtures are introduced alternately, alternating them every two weeks.

In the period of the appearance of buds on the bush, as a dessert, you can serve an infusion of wood ash( for 1 l or 1 tsp. Ash), which will provide the plant with potassium.

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Pruning a rosebush

The purpose of pruning a bush is its rejuvenation, which allows you to increase the flowering rate. The event is held every spring, thereby saving the plant from weak, diseased and unproductive shoots, and the rest will receive impulses for further development.

First of all, pruning removes all weak, diseased frosts and diseases of the branch. Further shoots are cut, which are directed inside the bush.

This will ensure the ventilation of the inner part of the rose and eliminate the possible accumulation of pests and fungal diseases.

Then all unproductive shoots, which include branches older than 3 years, are removed. They are easy to identify by heavily lignified trunk and dark color. It is on such branches that, in most cases, the buds do not appear, since their vessels have lost their elasticity and are completely clogged with salts. The remaining shoots are shortened in accordance with the grade of roses. Pruning can be done up to 3-4 buds( short), 5-7 buds( moderate) and up to 8 buds( weak).

Wintering Rose Bush

Rose also does not bloom as a result of improper wintering. To avoid frosting and moisture before the onset of cold weather, the rose bush should be covered with rotted peat, covered with protective material or fallen leaves. Also experienced gardeners make special cones of expanded polystyrene and cover them with plants.

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In addition to the above reasons, when choosing a variety, pay attention to its features. Since the reason why the rose does not bloom may not be the compliance of the conditions of your site for its full development.

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