How to set up a satellite tuner

TV shows can not get anywhere. The heights of the Ostankino tower are enough to cover the whole of Moscow, why then the transmitting antennas will not be placed there? Smog makes adjustments. The signal is not able to overcome high-rise buildings. You have to install repeaters. But the satellite can be seen from any roof. Install the dish, tune the satellite antenna tuner yourself - see the transmissions.


With English tuner - "receiver".The device is capable of extracting information from surrounding electromagnetic waves. Inside a whole range of devices that perform the necessary operations.

A typical receiver consists of main cascades:

  1. A trimming filter. The cascade operates on the basis of a resonant circuit: like a gate, it passes one channel of the range.
  2. The filtered signal is amplified to the level required for the correct operation of subsequent stages - a high-frequency amplifier. The next stage reduces the frequency to a standard value that can be recognized by the detector.
  3. Local oscillator lowers the received frequency to a fixed value( 465 kHz).
  4. The new frequency is amplified in the intermediate frequency amplifier.
  5. Detector extracts information from a received signal. The specific implementation scheme depends on the encoding method used.
  6. A low-frequency booster adds energy to the information signal. The viewer, the listener perceives the result of the efforts of the tuner.

Such a scheme is typical for superheterodyne tuners. Most modern devices handle the signal this way. A TV tuner for a TV has two separate reception schemes for sound and image. Satellite information is encoded: if the reception to the tuner is from a dish, an access key is needed to enable the signal to be decoded.

Tuner is sold as a separate device( as an expansion card for a personal computer), but more often it is included in the equipment:

  • player with FM tuner for receiving broadcasting;
  • home theater with TV tuner for watching programs from the satellite;
  • plasma TV with TV tuner.

TV tuner is able to come out as one with the FM tuner. More often concerns expansion cards for personal computers. Electronics is the same as playing: video, music. The popularity of TV tuners has fallen: servers for online programs have appeared on the Internet. But paid channels are only available via satellite.

How to use the TV tuner

A digital code is required to watch programs from a dish. Otherwise, the TV tuner is a set of iron. The digital code to decrypt the information from the TV tuner is at the provider. It is permissible to purchase a special key - a microcircuit that allows to decrypt the video. But differs in a number of inconveniences:

  1. The key is not cheap. Not every TV tuner owner is happy to pay.
  2. Sometimes the provider is far away: delivery of the key is possible by mail of Russia. In addition to negligence makes adjustments shipping costs, waiting time. Watch a TV tuner like now.
  3. The contract is terminated - the key turns into a pile of waste metal. New use is not possible.
  4. If the key is accidentally damaged or burned out - the TV tuner stands until you receive a new "certificate of authenticity".

No one wants difficulties, with a guarantee for the equipment, too. It is enough for a provider on a server on the Internet to periodically publish the necessary code in order for the devices of subscribers( users) to decipher the signal received by the antenna for the TV tuner.


  1. The key changes after a certain period of time: units-tens of minutes.
  2. Internet connection must be uninterrupted. Otherwise, the TV tuner, having received the next portion of the key, will work until the information is updated, will rise.
  3. Provider provides good network bandwidth on its side.

Payment is permissible to be made over the network through electronic payment systems — conveniently, serves as an additional stimulating factor for viewers. Any TV tuner can work with any provider, nothing depends on the type of satellite dish. It is important if there is a desire to watch the transfer of several providers simultaneously.

Setting up the TV tuner

A satellite antenna tuner setup under the provider is necessary to indicate to the device, from where to receive the code, the action algorithm. Please note: no one will force you to buy a cat in a bag. To improve the equipment performance, there is a free trial period for those who wish. During a certain time( from several hours to days) the broadcast is conducted in combat mode.

This gap should be enough to set up a TV tuner: detailed information is provided on the provider's website. Going to the equipment configuration section, we see extensive tables of links for download. Each belongs to one of the TV tuner types or several models at once.

At the specified address are a file, a small instruction. Variations are possible. Any TV tuner has software. If you took the device with your hands without an installation disc, download the necessary package from the Internet by performing a search. After installing the software, a number of methods appear for accessing the program.

The main thing in the installation directory is the TV Tuner Initialization File( .ini) - you need to edit it. What to change is indicated in the information downloaded from the provider's website.

In the right place is inserted the address of the site provider. TV tuner software can have built-in tools for editing ini-file. To perform actions, you will need to start the editor( otherwise, actions are performed from a standard Notepad of the Windows operating system Notepad).

Provider programs are packaged with different bundles. For example, read the information on the website "Tricolor-TV".Before choosing a provider, read the reviews left within the thematic forums. It will help to avoid difficulties.

It is difficult to aim a plate for a TV tuner at the desired point of the sky. The provider’s website indicates the name of the satellite from which it is being broadcast. In general, the place is everything at the equator, but an artificial body can hang everywhere. The provider's website provides a calculator for calculating the angle of inclination of the dish. But you should not count on it: creating a widget( calculator) requires considerable mathematical knowledge and programming skills. Buying on the side is expensive.

Smart satellite owners post program code on their websites to access their own online calculators via the network. By upgrading the page( by the providers), the seller of TV programs supplies TV tuner owners with the necessary calculator. It remains to substitute the latitude, longitude of the location of the plate, in order to obtain aiming angles.

Cable TV

Cable TV works on the principle of a tuner for a satellite dish. The difference in the signal coming through the wires, laid underground, between the pillars. Other options are possible, but so simple to implement: it has a ready-made material base. The plate is not needed if no Internet connection is made through it.

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