Setting up the antenna Tricolor TV do it yourself

Readers have questions about how to watch cable and satellite TV.There are many standards for broadcasting. But Wikipedia articles contain little material on this topic. How can we fill the gap, while the organizers of the electronic resource get to this. Setting up the antenna Tricolor TV with their own hands is no different from installing any dish. And in order to understand how to make a connection, it is necessary to have information about the purchased equipment.

Standards for television broadcasting of the DVB family

We believe that ordinary people are familiar with the abbreviation DVB, but few understand what exactly means. This is a group of digital broadcasting standards developed by the same group of people. These are true professionals fighting for the quality and quantity of broadcasting.

If there were a certain number of channels in the first frequency standards, today they are trying to increase and transmit this figure without the slightest error. To do this:

  • implements redundant code to correct incorrectly received packets;
  • is used adaptive coding, when one program can give a frame to the second, if, for example, a black or monochromatic screen is present at a particular point in time;
  • special signal structure makes it possible to receive a low signal-to-noise ratio;
  • adaptive coding will allow to occupy an excess of band for frames for error correction, which makes the transmission more reliable.

The mentioned features relate to DVB-S2.They belong to the second generation of digital satellite broadcasting, backward compatible with the previous one. But the DVB-S TV will not accept the modified DVB-S2 signal, since it does not support mpeg4 compression and other qualities of the new standard. TVs are produced without DVB-S, regardless of the first or second generation. This means that there are no receivers inside.

For reference. A receiver is a device engaged in decoding a received signal and converting it into the form of a conventional analog television. Transfer to a plasma or LCD panel is recommended to lead through the SCART connector, if available. But she will receive the broadcast and the input of the UHF and the old Soviet TV.Set up the receiver to issue information on the desired channel. Modern can take all channels, and the old - some programs are caught.

So, we figured out the receiver. Needed if not embedded. Indicated as:

  1. DVB-S for the first generation of digital satellite broadcast standard.
  2. DVB-S2 for the second generation digital satellite broadcast standard.

Modern equipment can do a lot. This coding by mpeg4 and everything that has already been described above. To move to the new standard, you need to buy a receiver that supports DVB-S2, or a TV with a built-in receiver. The point is still in the provider. For example, domestic in the process of transition to the DBV-S2.This means that if you buy a modern TV, then both the old and the new broadcasts are caught. And the owners of old devices with DVB-S of the first generation will have to buy an external receiver, but already the second generation and start on the SCART or the UHF input, which was already mentioned above.

I don’t know if it is possible to flash DVB-S receiver to DVB-S2 reception. This will have readers learn from the seller or manufacturer. And for new satellites or broadcasting systems, for example, DRE software has to be re-flashed. That ensures the accuracy of the database. So does Tricolor TV in Siberia with its own new satellites Express AT-1 and Express AT-2.Before you set up the Tricolor antenna yourself, make sure that the receiver’s software version is the freshest. Information can be found directly on the site provider.

TV sets with the new DVB-S2 receiver no longer need an external unit, the dish is connected via a drop cable to the entrance on the back of the plasma panel. Viewers can watch DVB-S and analog TV broadcasts. But how to ensure the decoding of paid channels? There are special cards in the store, for example, DRE CAM modules, they need to be inserted into the corresponding slot of the TV.It usually has a PCMCIA interface. This also ensures the protection of paid content. If there is an external receiver, protection is made through it. And in some cases, the key is distributed according to the method of carding sharing, but Tricolor TV does not do that.

If we talk about Tricolor TV, they have at least one free channel on the broadcast frequency in the frame. It hone the position of the plate. Self-tuning of the TV Tricolor antenna is performed using the receiver software according to the instructions or the internal menu of the TV( if there is a built-in receiver).The latter case is convenient because we can handle the system with a control panel. Now, when it is known where and how to connect the equipment, we proceed to work on the correct positioning of the satellite dish Tricolor TV.

Targeting a satellite TV Tricolor at a given point in the skyInitially, you need to select a satellite that broadcasts. This information is known and there is no other choice. But this is true for the satellite dish Tricolor TV, installed by no means in all regions. For example, in the longitude of Kazan one can see, rather, the points of the sky at 36 and 56 degrees above the equator. Consequently, broadcasting is caught on both sides. It is necessary to decide on which satellite the tricolor TV satellite antenna will be tuned.

You need an online satellite position calculator or a special computer program. We will find it on the Internet. For example, SMVLink. Please note that you will not find this manufacturer’s website on the manufacturer’s website, but you’ve found an email address valid for April 2014.Here: /smvlink/ Download the archive and go ahead. The interface language is English, intuitive. They will be asked to enter geographic coordinates, determine using a smartphone. Phones are now all with GPS function. Or use the geographic map to indicate the position of the Tricolor TV satellite dish.

The program will display two angles, an azimuth and the so-called elevation, showing how high the plate is to be raised. The polarization angle is also given, deviating from the norm, the stronger, the further the satellite is located from the location of the installation of the Tricolor TV satellite antenna in longitude. Above the planet, the satellite hangs strictly vertically. But the Earth is spherical, so we will see a satellite tilted through a telescope. Do not forget to rotate the illuminator as necessary to achieve the maximum signal. Otherwise, part of the power of the satellite dish will be lost.

for reference. Today Tricolor TV uses circular polarization, for it the angle of inclination is not important. It is permissible not to take into account during installation.

Now let's get started. Take a compass and a protractor, they are the primary tuning of the antenna Tricolor. We believe that the program is already running and there are corners. The first person drills the wall under the bracket, the second one can estimate by compass and protractor whether a satellite is visible from a specific place. In the case of a negative answer, you must choose another place. Now is the time to position the product.

Use the protractor and compass, but with the condition. The elevation angle of the antenna depends on the design. If the irradiator is displaced relative to the center, then the “pitch” changes accordingly. There is a chance that you have to select experimentally. You will need the software of a TV or receiver, as already mentioned above. Move the TV Tricolor satellite dish and see if the signal level is increasing on the selected channel. In order for a new satellite to appear in the menu, for example, Express AT-1, it is prescribed to update the firmware. Either act on fear and risk, manually setting the frequency, polarization, coding method, and other parameters( if the equipment, of course, allows this).

Self-tuning antenna Tricolor TV is conducted in this way. There are special devices for these purposes, but they are not at home at all. It is difficult to set up an appliance on the roof yourself, with the apartment located on many floors below. It is usually not necessary to coordinate this device, but it is required to supply it with an electric current from the adapter.

This is interesting! On the official website of the provider posted instruction /help/connect/ how-to-connect-and-configure-the /.The coordinates of the azimuth and elevation angle for pointing the converter to the target are given. If the settlement is not in the table, select the nearest ones and calculate the values ​​from the distance of the connection point from the specified geographical objects.

Now readers know how to set up the Tricolor TV antenna on their own.

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