How to choose and install a fan in the bathroom + how to connect the fan to the switch

forced ventilation device - one way to ensure a comfortable microclimate in the private house or city apartment. Simpler devices - fans - eventually were pushed split systems and air conditioners, but remain relevant in the bathroom or toilet.

We try to understand how to select and install the fan in the bathroom for the most effective cleaning and deaeration.

The content of the article:

  • The reasons for setting domestic fan
  • How to choose the right equipment
    • Types of domestic ventilators
    • Technical characteristics of the devices for the bathroom
    • The calculation of the performance by the formula
    • Modern additional devices
  • Schemes fan connection in the bathroom
  • Instructions for installation of the fan with a timer
    • Checking installation conditions
    • Important nuances in electrical wiring
    • fan assembly and connection timer
  • Useful videos on the topic

The reasons for setting domestic fan

Maximizing the level of humidity in the house is just in the bathroom or in combination bathroom - where the active and lots of water is used. Small room sizes, particularly facing walls, a sharp change of the air temperature are additional factors in which high humidity becomes more dangerous.

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There is the risk of the spread of mold and mildew - unpleasant microorganisms which form colonies and are potent allergens.

The fan in the bathroom
Even if the bathroom has a large area and has a window (direct access for natural ventilation), a device for drawing used air may be required in the winter, when open windows in the room in the process of taking water treatments risky

The occurrence of black dots in the seams between the tiles or the condensate does not have time to dry on the mirrors, plumbing fixtures and pipes - the first signs that the natural ventilation system is broken. The reason may be a lack of fresh air through the window openings (frames, transoms, special holes under the window). In a private house problems it can arise due to ill-conceived device air ducts or air supply valves in the walls.

The need for ventilation
Properly equipped ventilation - it is not only the protection of health against colds and allergies, but also the extension of wiring service, plumbing, furniture, wall decoration

The simplest solution, allowing to provide forced air circulation in the bathroom, a fan assembly. Modern instruments have an attractive sleek design and convenient operation, have low noise levels and performance, sufficient to create a comfortable atmosphere. If there is the experience of wiring devices, select and install the fan can be on their own.

How to choose the right equipment

To buy a good fan, you can simply visit the supermarket and find out all the secrets of the seller consultant. However, hope for a fair and accurate information on all of 100% is not necessary, since one of the objectives of that seller often is the implementation of stale, or the most expensive product. It is better to err and to explore important aspects of pre upcoming purchase.

Types of domestic ventilators

In contrast to the production units, appliances, small in size, they have less power and are less industrialized. Typically, stationary devices are used for exhaust ventilation, built into a wall or ceiling (mobile portable system used at construction sites, in shops, etc.).

Zone fan girth
Devices for the bathroom have a small zone girth. It is slightly larger than the point-type equipment (eg kitchen range hoods located above the hob), and much less than the general exchange systems for maintenance shops, sheds, swimming pools, etc.

By way air intake structure domestic ventilators are divided into two types:

  • axial, disposed in said housing and equipped with vanes, and drag exciting air parallel to the axis;
  • Radial used to change the airflow from axial to radial variant during the passage through the working wheel device.

The first type of demand much more from the simplicity of the design and installation in a dwelling.

At the place and method of installation are also identified two groups:

  • overhead, having a square or circular shape, mounted in a hole ventkanala (usually on the ceiling wall);
  • channel, more powerful and quiet, that is placed inside the ducts.

For a city apartment only fits the first category, but there are options for private homes.

Scheme channel fan device
Constructions duct fans left - unit of conventional type, on the right - a device with snap-action flow, the hallmark of which is the presence of the impeller (+)

Often when choosing a fan for the bathroom are guided solely on the design. Appearance is important, but without suitable technical properties of the instrument will not cope with its task. Consider the parameters that play a decisive role in the purchase.

Technical characteristics of the devices for the bathroom

At the fan is much less nuanced than in the refrigerator or a washing machine, but for a comfortable stay important each feature:

  • performance of the device, showing the speed and volume of air exchange in the room;
  • noise level;
  • security (water repellent).

Performance necessarily contains the technical description of the device. Averages - within 50-250 m³ / h.

Indicators of noise vary from 25 to 50 dB. The lower figure is the noise level, the quieter the fan is running, respectively, the calmer situation in the house. The ideal parameters are 25-30 dB. They are required if the device is working in night mode. Treat carefully to the choice of high-performance models, in which the noise level reaches a maximum.

Fan PRO-150
Powerful and robust metal fan PRO-150, having a capacity of 730 m³ / h (the number of revolutions - 2800 ppm), but having a high noise level - 48 dB

Fan relates to electrical devices, and so is important degree of protection. Bathroom suitable equipment marked with IP 44 and IP 45.

The calculation of the performance by the formula

Find the device performance is easy - it is listed in the passport, but how to determine whether the fan is suitable with these characteristics for your bathroom? One solution - to make calculations using the ready-made formulas. But should first calculate the volume of the bathroom and find the optimum air changes.

The formula for calculating the volume is known from school:

V = a x b x h (length must be multiplied by the width, then the result - the height)

For example, the bath length - 2 meters, the width - 1, 8 m, the height -. 2, 5 m All multiply obtain the volume of 9 m³.

Further parameters required air changes for the bathroom.

norms of air exchange
Table, which reflects the air regulations in premises according to snip 31/01/2003 (n. 9.2) and GOST 30494-96. This minimum value is necessary to more accurately calculate separately for each room (+)

According to the building regulations, for a family of 1-3 people multiplicity (number of fresh air changes per hour) is equal to 6, if staying for more than 3 - 8 then. Multiply the resulting volume of 9 m³ to 8, we obtain 72 m³ / h. Consequently, when the instrument purchase pay attention to the samples with the capacity of 75 m³ / h, or slightly above.

Modern additional devices

The simplest modifications rotating screw fitted noisy and uncomfortable control method of the past. Today fans bathroom equipped with devices that extend their functionality and even lets you program the process air. Consider some of the improvements:

  • The check valve. This is a special automatic valve, eliminates ingress of exhaust air back into the room. Once the fan is shut off, the flap closes.
  • Motion Sensor. Technical device responsive to the appearance of a person. Its use is not always justified, as short periods of time during which a person is in the bathroom, it is not enough for ventilation.
  • The humidity sensor. The apparatus automatically adjusts on / off depending on the percentage of moisture content of the air. According to requirements Sanitary (5179-90), moisture in the room should not exceed 60-65%. Ate component above - and starts the triggered hydrostatic fan.
  • Timer. A device that allows to delay for a certain period of time turning on the fan. Suppose tripped a motion sensor or a button is pressed off the light - and exactly 15 (30, 45) minutes, the fan is turned on.

Additional function "ventilation" - the ability to constantly maintain the most comfortable microclimate in the bathroom. The device is constantly running at low speeds, but is included at full capacity when needed.

Driving hydrostatic connection
Driving hydrostatic connection. If the humidity level rises above a specified value (setting is made manually) hydrostatic fan drives into action, which automatically switches off when the set parameters (+)

Connection of several electrical appliances in a network - no easy task. Consider some of the most popular options extraction equipment.

Schemes fan connection in the bathroom

Possibility to use several ways to turn on and adjust the fan poses before choosing the right scheme. When connected should focus on the design features, the presence of additional devices and the recommendations of the manufacturer. The most simple scheme - the fan assembly with built-in on / off switch.

Driving the fan connection
To install only requires the fan itself and electrical network 220 V. Powering performed manually press a button disposed on the housing, or to pull the string (useful for devices attached to the ceiling high)

The following diagram shows how to connect the fan in the bathroom to a separate switch. management process becomes easier, but it is necessary to lay a couple of extra cables.

Driving the fan connection with switch
Normally the switch for the hood is mounted next to the switch for the light. The most convenient place - on the wall near the door, in front of the bathroom or toilet

Setting the timer complicates connection process: need one extra phase conductor.

Driving the fan connection timer
The timer will ensure that the device in time delay - after 5... 30 min. Comfort in the fact that the fan does not stop to take water treatments and works at a time when free bathroom

Driving the fan connection with the lighting is convenient from a management point of view, but ineffective. It turns out that the room is ventilated only in the period until the lights are on. This leads to incomplete or aeration, an overrun or electricity. More suitable option - installing dvuhklavishnogo switch.

Wiring diagram with a switch dvuhklavishnym
The use of two- or three-key switch enhances the functionality of the ventilation and lighting systems. Circuit can be improved by connecting a timer or two sources of light - ceiling wall and (+)

Before selecting circuit, make sure that there is a possibility shtrobleniya and laying of additional electrical wiring.

Instructions for installation of the fan with a timer

For self-assembly we recommend to buy overhead fans, which is attached to the ventilation outlet. should examine the accompanying technical documentation carefully before installing the device. Timer to buy separately is not necessary, it usually comes together with diagrams and installation instructions.

Silent fan
Very popular low noise fan Silent, well-known modern design and long battery life (over 30 tys.chasov)

Similar models - Era, CATA, Migliore, VENTS, VULKAN.

Checking installation conditions

To the installation took place seamlessly, you should check whether there is air draft in obschedomovoy mine (or duct private home), correspond to the hole in the wall for fixing the chosen model, whether the wiring diagram corresponds to connection.

Fan with a check valve
Choose a convenient appliance with a check valve, remember that when you turn off the automatic vent is closed, that is, consider the options for natural ventilation, or select a mode to increase uptime Device (+)

The old houses have air vents in the bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Typically they are located high up in the ceiling and have the same diameter (shape). However, after an overhaul when erecting additional walls, partitions and suspended ceilings, there is a probability of transferring the installation location of the fan, but with an additional channel unit, all leading to the same hole.

Location of the ventilation holes
Typically, the plan is due to the typical location of the ventilation holes - in front of the door. It is the best solution in terms of effective ventilation for all ventilation systems

If you want to make the installation process as fast as possible, in advance, prepare tools and materials that may be required for the installation:

  • tape measure, pencil, square;
  • punch for shtrobleniya walls;
  • screwdriver, hammer, pliers;
  • sealant or liquid nails (if necessary);
  • fasteners (dowels, screws).

When selecting a circuit breaker as a control device and it is necessary to acquire as well as the electric wire.

Important nuances in electrical wiring

If the fan is set for the first time, be prepared for construction work required for wiring electric cable. You may have to remove the plastic ceiling, make a hole in the tensioner, Stroebe walls and remove the tiles.

If it is too difficult or expensive, you can choose a simpler way - external wiring in the cable channels. It is not as aesthetically pleasing, but the inexpensive and fast.

Ventilation for bathroom and toilet
Option device combined ventilation system for the bathroom and toilet. Two fans are attached to the same air ducts, which is equipped with a tee and a pair of check valves (+)

to the wires and sockets requirements:

  • cable section must correspond to the load;
  • Do not install the wire in a metal sheath;
  • All cables must be isolated;
  • Outlet protection class - at least IP 44;
  • You need to think about safety shutdown or grounding.

Strictly prohibited ground wires through heating or sewer pipes.

fan assembly and connection timer

Assembling device usually occurs together with installation have been first mounted body, and then the wires are connected, and in the end of decorative panel is latched.

The vent hole in the wall
It looks like the ventilation hole in the wall with painted wires. It uses the most secure closed wiring diagram - cable held still while the walls and hidden under a layer of plaster

With the housing rear wall which is secured directly to the wall, we produce markup.

Mounting of the rear wall
There are several options for fixing the fan housing. This model is mounted with screws, but some use liquid nails or glue

When the working part of the fan is securely fixed to the wall, a supply wire and attach to the terminal device.

To avoid mistakes in connecting wires and quickly find the clips inside the case, it is better first study the technical documentation to the device

If other devices will not install the decorative cover.

Installing decorative cover
Decorative panel that covers the internal "working" part of the fan, usually made of plastic. It provides full protection of the device, but one condition: if it will be located at a sufficient distance from dripping water

To connect the exhaust fan with a timer you must select one of the schemes. Ideally, if the fan is connected also with a circuit breaker requires a 4-wire cable. Lived, which is commonly used for grounding, is applied to the timer.

Driving the fan connection timer
Wiring timer (marked with a cross). For lighting and fan used dvuhklavishny breaker protection is organized via machine installed in the housing plate

After installation of all equipment and necessary to make testing devices to check the fan is operating. Together with this is normally adjusted and timer - put a time interval which occurs after switch-drawing.

Useful videos on the topic

Video instruction about installation very simple model:

Detailed instructions for installing the hood with a check valve in a private home:

Instructions from the manufacturer quiet Silent 100 model:

Installing the fan switch:

As you can see, adjust exhaust ventilation can own, without the involvement of professional electricians, but under several conditions. To connect the fan (simple, with timer or switch) is necessary to understand electrical circuits, carefully study the fixture during installation into account technical and sanitary norms.

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