How to make and install a swing garage door with your own hands

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The garage hinged gate will be the best choice for a garage owner who values ​​high reliability for a low price. It is this design that will allow the car enthusiast to be calm for the iron horse left in the garage and save as much as possible. And what is more important - such a gate is easiest to mount and install independently.

What do the swing gates look like?

The simplest design of swing gates for a garage consists of:

  • frame by the size of the doorway;
  • two leaflets;
  • loops;
  • fittings - locks, handles, alarm systems and various limiters that hold the gate in the desired position.

Very often in one of the wings have a gate. Also, for convenience of use, the gate is equipped with automatic control with remote control, which makes it possible to open doors without leaving the car. Most often, the swinging garage doors are made of metal - the frame is welded from the profile, the hinges and door leaf of a steel sheet 3-5 mm thick are welded on it. If the safety for the car owner is not so important, the steel sheets are replaced with corrugated board, panels or wood.

Over time, the doors on the swing gates may begin to sag. Most often this happens because of weak loops. Therefore, before buying accessories for garage doors, it is necessary to calculate the mass of the leaflets in the assembly and select the hinges with a margin for strength.

How to make a swing gates with your own hands

To make garage doors with your own hands, you will need drawings that contain all the necessary information about the location, size of the gate, fastening points for loops and locks. Useful experience with the welding machine and locksmith skills.

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Make sure that there is enough space in front of the garage for the car when the doors are completely open. When everything is taken into account on paper, prepare the following materials:

  • profile pipe with a section of 60x40 mm for the frame of the doorway;
  • corner for the manufacture of the frame of the leaflets;
  • steel sheets up to 5 mm thick;
  • loops;
  • all necessary fittings.

You will also need tools:

  • building level;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • roulette.

If the gate will be equipped with automation, pre-select the set of equipment and think over the electrical wiring to the installation site.

Separately take care of the acquisition of protective equipment - mask and suit welder, goggles and a respirator, gloves.

When working with a bulgarian and welding machine, there is a great risk of damage to the eyes, so do not neglect all necessary protective measures.

We make a metal frame of the doorway

Since all the necessary drawings are already available, the dimensions for all the elements of the garage gates need to be taken from them and carefully measured with tape measure before cutting. Cutting the Bulgarian with four frame parts, they are laid out on a flat surface, avoiding any distortions. The frame is welded in corners, constantly controlling the level of the horizontal structure of the whole structure and its shape. It must be strictly rectangular. To the walls of the garage the finished frame is fixed with anchor bolts.

We weld the frame of leaflets

Frames for both leaflets are made in the same way as the frame of the opening itself, observing the dimensions and shape of the frame. In the course of work, it is necessary to check the compliance of the dimensions of both frames - the inner one must enter the outer one smoothly, without forming cracks and inconsistencies. For the free movement of doors, the optimal gap between the frames should be 5-7 mm. When welding and fitting between frames insert wooden liners of appropriate thickness.

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To give the whole structure the necessary rigidity, the frame is reinforced with diagonal elements. Typically, the diagonal parts come from the attachment points of the upper loops and converge together down the center of the gate.


The door frame is welded to the finished frame - steel sheets. It should be noted that the gaps between the frames of the doors and the frame must be covered with steel sheets.

If desired, a gate is arranged in one of the doors.

After welding, the frame should be polished and painted over all the seams. In this case, the burrs at the seams will not interfere with the free running of the doors, and the welding places will not rust.

Welding of hinges and hanging gate leafs

Standard hinges for hinged gates consist of the upper and lower parts. The lower part, on which the finger is located, is welded to the frame of the gate, and the upper part to the door leaf. Since the swinging garage doors have a lot of weight, they need to be hung with assistants. At this stage of work, high accuracy is also required. From the correctly installed loops depends the smoothness of the flaps and the serviceability of the entire structure.

If the leaflets are very heavy, hang them better in a horizontal position. In this case, the frame of the opening after the manufacture is attached to the garage walls in the last turn.

Automatic swing gates

The use of automatics for swinging garage gates has long surprised no one. On sale there is a large selection of automatic systems and drives that can make the arrival and exit from the garage as comfortable as possible. In addition to comfort, the automatic gate drive provides:

  • increased operating life of loops;
  • stable load on the supporting frame;
  • smooth operation in all weather conditions.
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The higher the gate and the greater the weight of the doors, the more it is necessary to equip the gate with automation, especially if the gate is regularly used by women.

Automatic gates are convenient in that it is not necessary to lock them manually. Automation blocks any attempts to open the doors with hands until the signal reaches the control sensor. The downside in this system is the dependence of work on the presence of electric current. Without light, the mechanic simply will not work. To solve the problem, an unlocking system is installed. Most often it goes as an additional option to the drive set. An alternative is to connect the automation to a source of backup power - a battery or generator.

Currently, two types of drives for automatic swing gates - lever and linear - are common. The latter is preferable, since it is designed for a large weight of the leaflets and strong gusts of wind.

Painting and warming of the gates

Before painting, the surface of the metal should be cleaned with a grinding machine. Then the gate is covered with a two or three coat of primer and paint for metal, suitable for external work.

For most car enthusiasts, the presence of insulation in the garage is a must, so that all car maintenance work is carried out under normal temperature conditions. In addition, the garage is often arranged workshop. As a heater for swinging garage doors, polystyrene, mineral wool, felt, cork boards, foam insulation, extruded polystyrene are usually used.

After installing the fittings, warming and painting the swinging garage doors can be considered completely ready.

Independent manufacture of garage swing gates - video

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