Ideas of campfire bowls for summer cottages

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Bowls for the fire are rapidly gaining popularity. They extend the time that we can spend in the open air, providing coziness and warmth in the cool evenings. People have always been attracted by the security, the heat, the atmosphere and the wide culinary possibilities that the bonfire gives. The use of campfire bowls in the gardens is a modern and more convenient alternative to conventional bonfires.

How to use the bonfire bowls

Today, people use garden fires for gatherings with their families and friends, cooking On the grill, as well as to create an unusual object to emphasize the originality of the landscape design.

Sometimes the bowl is placed for ease of movement between the main zones of the garden. For example, guests will be pleased to move from the dining area or pool to the campfire and back.

Tips for creating

If you decide to build a bonfire in the backyard, think carefully about the size and location of the fiery hearth. Despite the fact that you can make the design quite large, the average diameter of the bowl used in garden, is about 1 m. These dimensions include both the outer edging of the bowl for the fire, and the area incineration. The most comfortable distance from the fire to the feet, lying on the edge of the outer wall, is 25-30 cm.

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If the bowl is arranged in such a way that it is on a level with the ground, people will have to crouch around it to feel the heat. Therefore, if you want the outer wall of the bonfire to serve simultaneously as a seat, make it about 50 cm tall.

Do not make the cup too high, because people will not feel comfortable leaning on the fringing, and the hearth can not radiate enough heat to heat the rest zone.

Location and weather

Further recommendations for the construction of the bowl for the hearth concern the distribution of free space around it, as well as weather features:

  • the dimensions of the area around the bowl;
  • Rose of Wind;
  • Fire safety.

How big should be the area that you allocated to the seats? Some owners of fire bowls believe that distances of 2 meters are enough to allow people to move away if they become hot. In the case where the diameter of the structure is more than 1 m, we recommend leaving up to 5 m of free space around.

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Check with the wind rose for your area. It is not recommended to install a bonfire where the wind is always blowing: firstly, it will be difficult for you to kindle a fire, and secondly, guests will constantly have to dodge the smoke that flies into the face.

If you are planning to make stationary benches or chairs, do not put them too far from the fire. Arrange them so that you feel comfortable and warm.

Note that in some regions it is forbidden to build open fire to avoid fire or air pollution. You probably need permission from the fire department, because she wants to make sure that you do not installed a bonfire on a wooden porch or too close to flammable overhanging branches or foliage.

Ideas for campfire bowls

There are many types of fire cups for the garden. The simplest and most budget option is to buy a ready-made design in a local store. As a rule, it is made of light metal and is equipped with a grid with a cover from sparks. The design is mobile, and it can be easily moved around the garden.

If you decide to make the cup yourself, nothing can limit the flight of fantasy. You can use brick, concrete, stone, metal, or a combination of all these materials.

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A bowl of smooth concrete in the form of a hemisphere is also a popular option. They look modern and expensive.

You can also make a table with a fiery cup in the middle. This design has a campfire area and a wide edging around which plates and cutlery are placed. The table can be square, rectangular, round and even L-shaped. You do not need a wood stove. There are all kinds of gas and propane options that serve as an excellent alternative and easy to use.

Many experts in landscape design specialize in the construction of garden bonfire bowls. They know all the building codes and how to make the construction safe for you.

If you decide to build a fire cup yourself, you must be extremely careful not to let the flame and sparks hit the surrounding objects. Use refractory brick and fireproof caulk on the bottom and side walls of the bowl. Follow the drawings and instructions drawn up by professionals, then your creation will become a source of warmth and coziness, where you want to return again and again.

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