How to use the multicooker

  • What are the advantages of the multicooker?
  • Are there any downsides?
  • For a Snack: Counter-Facts “Minus” vs. Facts “Plus”
  • How to use it?
  • How much to choose?
  • Let's talk about coatings of the bowl
  • What to look for when buying
  • Where to put the slow cooker?
  • In brief and skeptical about the modes of the multicooker

If you still do not know how to use the multicooker, you have lost a lot! We decided that, to begin with, we’ll tell you what this beast is, and you yourself decide whether to regret that you have never used it. Because the opinions of housewives vary dramatically and, in principle, both are right.

What are the advantages of the multicooker?

Probably, you are now waiting for us to start broadcasting on the fact that it is a slow cooker, this is such a miracle of technology that is preparing by itself! Like a magic pot from a fairy tale. He clapped his hands, said the cherished phrase: “Pot, boil!” And he took and cooked.

Funny? And nothing funny, by the way, no. That is how most men argue that they are very far from the kitchen. Surely, and you have often heard the reasoning in the style: “Yes, my wife does almost nothing at home! Erases for it - the washer, prepares - the slow cooker, cleans - the vacuum cleaner ".

So I want to knock, with something heavy such theorists, honestly! But, by and large, they are not to blame. This is all the work of cunning advertisers.

And in fact, before the magic pot lid is slammed, you need to perform exactly the same product manipulations as for putting it in a regular saucepan:

  • Wash
  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Cut the
  • Once again, apply the powder, apply the powder, apply the powder, and then apply the powder;Multicooker
  • Salt, pepper

And then the "magic" begins. Therefore, as you understand, the advantages of the multicooker are not at all in that it cooks on its own and this will be faster. The benefits are completely different.

For example, in the fact that. ..

  • The food in it comes out more healthy, thanks to the fact that cooking goes at low temperatures. That is, the product is not cooked, but simply languishes, while maintaining the maximum flavor and vitamins.
  • Dish does not boil away, do not run away. And this is a plus, agree. Again, do not wash the stove.
  • You can cook a dish and leave it on the heating mode for many hours. This is better than wrapping a saucepan in five blankets, retaining heat to the desired time. This is especially convenient when you go for a walk with children. He set to boil, he returned, and you are already waiting for the finished dish with heat, with heat.

And on this, perhaps, the pluses are over. Frankly, of these three advantages, only the first is really attractive. Indeed, the destruction of vitamins in it is smaller than at a boiling point of 100 ° C.The slow cooker cooks when heated to 60 degrees in most of its modes.

And plus to this, it can use much less oil, thanks to a coating that does not burn. And still, cooking goes without access of oxygen, which oxidizes fat. And the oxidation of fat - a thing not at all useful. In the process of roasting on a conventional, hot and open skillet, fats are converted to aldehydes and lipid peroxide. And they contribute to the development of cancer cells and the development of cardiovascular diseases. ..

Therefore, if you are a supporter of healthy food, you can purchase such a thing. Moreover, those who monitor their health, always eat a lot of meals from cereals. And porridges - the fad of multicookers! They go into them just amazing. But, this is discussed below, in a separate block.

Are there any downsides?

Well, what about it? They are not so little, frankly. But, for the sake of justice, as for the cooking process itself, these disadvantages are felt only by those who deftly handle the cooking of food on a regular stove. But for children or very young housewives, use a slow cooker - the most it.

But, back to our sheep, that is, cons:

  • The fattest minus is that the dish cooked in a slow cooker should not be left in it, cooled and refrigerated. It must be poured from the bowl. And this, the pleasure is still that. Food is not very convenient to take out, especially if it is hot.
  • Again, the multicooker consumes electricity, and not at all. If you had an electric stove before that, then you have absolutely nothing to lose. And if you used gas, then what's the point? Gas will be cheaper.
  • Wash it completely uncomfortable. The cup is quite fragile, and if you damage or drop it, you fly into a large penny, it needs to be urgently changed. In addition to the bowl, you need to wash the silicone ring, cover, valve. And this is all - does not understand much. Of course, there are models with a removable lid, but still, the hassle is more than washing smooth, metal pots.
  • It looks, to put it mildly, uncomfortable in the kitchen. Some kind of mini-vacuum cleaner, not a saucepan. Even the food does not look as appetizing in it as in ordinary dishes. And our visual perception is all, as they say. ..
  • If the process is already running, then it is already impossible to influence the result. And, opening the lid to try, you only lengthen the cooking process, which means you put on extra watt-another electricity consumption.
  • Food cooks on the stove much faster than in the slow cooker! Twice-exactly. This is because the temperature there is low.
  • Baking in a slow cooker does not have a brown crust, no matter how hard you try.
  • The taste of the dishes is quite specific. And not everyone will like the food from the multicooker.
  • The impossibility of cooking a large amount of food. That is, for a large family, this device is absolutely useless.
  • Also, the downside can be considered the fact that she needs to allocate a separate place in the kitchen. For convenience of preparation, the multicooker should have a stationary place, since getting it out is not very convenient to hide it. This is not a small blender.

There you have it, dear hostesses. Let's just say: if you have an antediluvian, electric stove that heats up for a long time, cools down for a long time and “eats” electricity, then it makes sense for you to buy a slow cooker. If things are different for you, then we would not advise you to get excited. Moreover, you have not yet read the following block. ..

For a snack: counter-negatives against the facts plus

  • If you want to cook healthy food, at low temperatures, then nothing prevents you from using ordinary oven and dishesclosing lid.
  • If you do not want to consume aldehydes formed during frying, then you should not choose the right fats and close the lid on a conventional stove. Google the right fats, because this is a topic for a separate article and here it is inappropriate.
  • If you want food with the heat of the heat, nothing prevents you from heating it for 3 minutes in the microwave. Again, this will take less electricity. Either three minutes of warming up, or an hour or two or three or five. Is it worth it?
  • If you want to not run away, just follow the process! No, well, if you have sclerosis, then the slow cooker in your kitchen is an indispensable item, you can not argue here.
  • If you want to use less fat, then buy ordinary, ceramic or teflon dishes, there is also not much needed.

How to use it?

It is necessary to use, according to the instructions. In general, all multicookers are almost identical and there are no special differences.

How to enable multicooker? To do this, there is a “start” mode, “heating” and several programs with specific, predetermined temperature conditions for various dishes: rice, soup, buckwheat porridge, frying, baking, and more.

Absolutely no secrets here. The only thing is to strictly adhere to the dosages of water indicated in the recipes, which are included as an annex to the instructions, and which are different for all models of multicookers.

But, of course, this is not a panacea. Anyway, the water may be a lot or a little. Everything is learned by experience, otherwise - in any way.

How much to choose?

If you have a large family, then take a bigger bowl. And do not forget that the actual volume will be per liter - one and a half less than the specified one. If the multi-cooker is 6-liter, then the soup will be barely 4.5 liters, if 3-liter, then 2.

In addition, do not forget about the additional features. For example, a fryer, in a six-liter bowl, is a stupid and unprofitable thing. Oil will go too much, and the products fit a little.

A, double boiler in a three-liter, will accommodate exactly 2-3 manta. And they will prepare for a long time. So, before buying, it is advisable to determine for yourself exactly which dishes will be cooked in it in a preferential set.

Talk about bowl coatings

There are three types of bowls:

  • Teflon
  • Ceramic
  • Steel

Nothing special to say about teflon, everyone already knows the properties of this coating. It needs little oil, does not burn, it is useful. .. But, apart from this, do not forget that if there is at least one scratch( and it will soon appear, do not even hesitate), then all the benefits will instantly turn into great harm. And you need to change such a bowl as quickly as possible.

Ceramic bowls are good in all respects. Durable, environmentally friendly, they also do not burn food. But, if she accidentally slips out of her hands while washing, then write letters. And buying a new one is expensive. These are the most expensive bowls.

Steel bowls are ideal for soups and other liquid dishes. The furnace in them will not work, it will burn. But, but such a bowl is eternal.

In general, the most ideal option is to have two bowls. For example, one stainless steel for soups, and a second pottery for baking and stewing.

What to look for when buying an

  • Try to choose a model with a removable lid
  • Choose a model with a removable bowl. Although it is rare now, but still come across models in which you can not pull out the bowl. Of course, they are cheap. But - disposable in the end. Since the bowls there are Teflon.
  • Bowl must necessarily be with handles. Without pens completely uncomfortable. Need to buy special tongs for removal. And small things tend to get lost at the most inopportune moment.
  • Pay attention to whether the delay start function is provided. It's comfortable.
  • Do not take a slow cooker that does not have the function of disabling the automatic heating mode. Very inconvenient function in practice. It is disconnected, but continues to wind energy and to dry dishes. And the hostess, usually, just forget that she still works. Therefore, it is much wiser to manage it yourself. It is necessary to warm up - set. No - so disconnected.
  • The lid should have a condensate collection tank. Otherwise, draining condensate when opening the lid, often spoils the finished baking.

Where to put the slow cooker?

Multicooker should be put on a stationary place, at the level of the desktop, so that your hands are comfortable when cooking.

It can not be placed directly under the wall cabinets, since it produces hot steam from it, which over time will damage the furniture.

Briefly and skeptical about the modes of the multicooker

Cooking - more convenient and more profitable on the stove, though. There at least do not need to pour. And to store 5 liters without overflowing is unreal.

Quenching - here the multicooker is good, does not burn. But do not forget that the coating of the bowl, after 3-4 months, loses its non-stick properties, and the bowl will need to be changed.

Frying - uncomfortable at all. The width of the area is too small.

Baking is also very, very controversial, despite the fact that the crust never comes out.

Now you know exactly how to use the slow cooker! We hope that this information will be useful to you.

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