Different ways of planting and rules for the care of Mirabilis in the open field

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Mirabilis - a truly unique plant, a native of America, proudly bearing the title of "night beauty".Flowers have a various coloring, proceeding from a separate look. Night beauty can attract attention and give an incredible aroma in the dark. Planting and caring in the open field of Mirabilis is not difficult, which is why the plant is ideal for beginner gardeners.

Varieties of Mirabilis

The “Night Beauty” has one peculiarity - from time to time the buds of not one, but a wide variety of shades grow on one stem. The growth of such a plant can reach up to 80 centimeters. Mirabilis is well propagated, because the seeds retain their quality for three years.

The following varieties of Mirabilis are worth highlighting:

  1. Mirabilis Serenade is ideal for a street garden. In height, the flowers reach 6 centimeters. It blooms from the first month of summer to the second month of autumn.
  2. Mirabilis Marble is distinguished by its bright flowers and dark veins. The plant is suitable for flower beds.
  3. Mirabilis Cavalier is great for decoration flower beds. It has yellow and red color buds.
  4. Bush 50 centimeters high - iolanthe. The flowers can be multi-colored; a yellow flower with a single purple petal looks especially unusual. Iolanta blooms from July to December.
  5. Mirabilis White candy - exclusively white flowers with a diameter up to 5 centimeters.
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Each type has its own characteristics. Based on the type you choose, properly plant and care in the open field of Mirabilis.

Rules of planting and care in the open field for Mirabilis

Before landing, it is worth remembering about the features of our climate. Unfortunately, we do not have comfortable conditions for growing this flower, so it can only be used as an annual.

View of Jalapa - the only one who can comfortably grow in our climate.

The plant comes from warm edges, so it needs enough heat and sunlight. Requires maintenance of moisture, will not tolerate its absence."Night Beauty" is ideal for people who have their own greenhouse. Pots with Mirabilis you can put there.

Planting Methods

In the presence of an adult plant, seeds are the most practical method of planting. The ideal time to plant and leave Mirabilis in open ground is summer. At this time, the plant itself begins to accelerate its growth, and fertilizer will make it stronger. If your region has a mild climate, planting Mirabilis using seeds is the best option. In addition to seeds, you can use cuttings and tubers.

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For the landing of the “night beauty” the period from late March to early April is suitable. Landing is carried out in special boxes. It is necessary to germinate in greenhouses. Observe the temperature in the region of 18-20 degrees above zero.

There is an ideal way to accelerate growth. It helps to see significant results in just 15 days. You need to take the seeds and put in a damp napkin. Leave them for 6 hours. After that, you can engage in landing. The result is not long in coming.

Growth stimulants can be used. We take a container with a growth stimulator, put the seeds and leave for several hours. After that, we get seeds and plant them. The whole process helps accelerate growth in 14 days.

It is practiced immediately by planting and leaving Mirabilis in the open ground with roots, for this the period from May to June is best suited.

Tuber reproduction is carried out with the help of planting material. This method is common in stores to quickly obtain beautiful seedlings. Therefore, the purchase of the instance you like is almost always possible and will not take you much time. Prices are a bit overpriced, but there is an alternative option - the purchase of roots or seedlings on the market. Storage is performed at a temperature of 5 degrees and above. Observe the temperature regime is necessary, otherwise the plant you will not last long. If you plant in the spring, do not forget to germinate the tubers. However, this method of planting and care of Mirabilis in an open field with a tuber is extremely rare due to its drying in winter.

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Planting by cutting is the most time-consuming way and effort. At the same time, the process has practically no effect, as a result it will have to be supplemented by the methods described above. Be sure to dry the cut immediately after preparing the shoots.

Care for the night beauty

The plant requires minimal care, because it is not capricious at all. For a start, it is worthwhile to choose the right place for planting, after which it is necessary to feed, timely and dosed watering, removal of weeds. The flower is not suitable for the urban climate, so planting and leaving Mirabilis in the ground must be practiced in the Moscow region.

“Night Beauty” is favorable for fertilizer, so you can use it 3-4 times per season. Comprehensive fertilizer is best for strengthening and growing plants. The process of watering is easy, it is enough to do it regularly, but not overflow.

Planting and care of Mirabilis in the open field is simple, without taking much time. Despite the minimum of effort, in a short amount of time you will get a fabulous night plant with a pleasant aroma.

Video about landing Mirabilis

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