Tomato juice, the benefits and harm of the drink

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All vegetable products used for nutrition can be sources of juices. However, each composition has its own characteristics, we investigate tomato juice, the benefits and harm of the drink. For a good mastering of the product, it is important that its capabilities are known to the consumer, and the contraindications are protected from trouble.

Ingredients of tomato juice, preparation and storage conditions

Tomato juice is made from tomatoes using a juicer or meat grinder. The skin is removed completely, if the fruit is poured with boiling water, the seeds are removed in advance or after grinding. Preparing a glass of fresh tasty drink is easy.

From the point of view of science, a tomato should be attributed to berries, which was considered as such until 1893.The European Union in 2001 classified tomato as a fruit. In Russia, tomatoes have always been considered vegetables.

The benefits and harms of tomato juice are due to the composition:

  • in a glass of juice as much beta-carotene( provitamin A) as in 100 g of carrots;
  • calciferol or vitamin D - 5 μg( 400-800 IU);
  • tocopherol or vitamin E - 0.4 mg;
  • cyan cobalamin or B12 - 2.6 mcg;
  • pyridoxine or B6 - 0.12 mg.

The mineral composition of tomatoes is represented by a set of easily digestible salts: calcium

  • - 10 mg;
  • copper - 0.1 mg;Phosphorus
  • - 24 mg;Zinc
  • - 0.2 mg;Magnesium
  • - 11 mg;Potassium
  • - 237 mg;Sodium
  • - 5 mg;Iron
  • - 0.3 mg.

The richest set of salts and minerals is harvested in a sunny vegetable. Organic acids are well absorbed, iodine, selenium and fluorine are present in the composition of the drink. What is useful tomato juice? Low-calorie drink with constant use fills the body with vital force. Lycopene in the amount of 10 mg, present in the concentrate, is the strongest antioxidant, and the serotonin produced increases the emotional background.

Tomato mask on the face helps to get rid of acne, narrow pores. Tomato juice can be used to nourish hair, using it as an air conditioner, after washing.

There is nothing in tomato juice freshly pressed and without preservatives that could harm a healthy body. But since it activates biochemical processes:

  • in case of poisoning will accelerate the absorption of harmful substances;
  • in acute inflammatory processes, it will stimulate them, cramps and colic will begin;
  • stones can move to the exit, which threatens to attack.
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Tomato juice should be drunk without salt. If the drink seems to be bland, you can add a spoonful of olive oil to it for better absorption of the B vitamins, or a bit of garlic, or onions for flavor. Canned juice factory-made contains few nutrients, but still contributes to the formation of kidney stones. At home, the product is stored for storage with heat treatment, but without chemical additives.

Incompatible tomato juice with protein and starch. Therefore, it should be drunk half an hour before meals. Little use in tomato juice from the freezer.

Health Drink

Already proven and confirmed by scientific research - regular intake of the drink by cancer patients reduces cell growth, there have been cases where the malignancy has degenerated into a benign one. Proved by clinical studies the effect of tomato juice in several directions:

  • eliminates fermentation processes in the intestine;
  • prevents salt buildup by normalizing balance;
  • has a diuretic and choleretic effect;
  • strengthens blood vessels, is a prophylactic against atherosclerosis;
  • has a pronounced antimicrobial effect.

Low calorie tomato juice and high saturation of useful components adopted by nutritionists. Include the product in the development of menus for diabetics, hypertensive patients, with a weakening of memory.

What is tomato juice good for women? In an effort to be beautiful and desirable, a woman resorts to the most incredible diets. Tomato juice can do a lot. Regular intake of a glass of juice in the morning half an hour before meals will help to avoid health problems for many years. A healthy woman is always beautiful.

The result of the action of tomato juice will be on the face - the rejuvenating effect of melatonin. Vitamins of group B give health to skin, hair. Serotonin will help you to feel toned without mood swings and will help you easily cope with a stressful situation.

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For women who work in offices, there is a terrible stagnation of blood in the limbs associated with a sedentary lifestyle, uncomfortable shoes, illness. Tomato juice for weight loss underlies many diets. However, doctors warn that the effect would be better if the product had been a favorite food before. You should not overpower yourself, but before you start, you should consult with your doctor. A healthy diet will be consuming low-calorie cooked foods.

Before each meal for half an hour you should drink 100 grams of drink, not more than 500 milliliters per day. This is a diet on tomato juice.

Its stiffness can be calculated on different caloric content, but the effect is always. But the weight can quickly return if there is salt, fried food and a lot of carbohydrates again. Ideal if a glass of tasty drink becomes a constant companion.

Tomato juice during pregnancy is able to compensate for the lack of elements that are fed to two organisms. If there is an avitaminosis in the first period of pregnancy, it leads to an abnormality in the development of the embryo. In the middle of the term, the lack of the necessary elements will be taken from the mother, the fetus will slow down the development, and the expectant mother will be tired. Lack of proper collateral at the end of gestation can lead to premature delivery.

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Tomato juice introduces the necessary substances into the body without excess calories and reduces bloating. The product acts to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing blockage, gives a good mood to the expectant mother.

When feeding a baby, take care of the drink. With all its usefulness, it can cause an allergic reaction in the baby. Children can be given tomatoes from 3 years old.

The male body is much more vulnerable than the female. B vitamins strengthen the nervous system, help make the right decision in a stressful situation. It is tomatoes that will reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack - companions for making responsible decisions.

Even smokers will support their health if they regularly consume tomato juice. In hazardous production, a glass of milk is laid, but if you add a glass of juice to it, the effect of removing harmful substances will increase.

Reproductive system is affected by the presence of vitamins A, E in the drink, which affect the amount of testosterone. All other elements of the juice, one way or another, work to preserve men's health.

Completing the study, it should be noted, everything is good in moderation.

One glass of juice per day is a prophylactic dose, half a liter is already a treatment.

It is unacceptable to neglect the warning of experts and to take tomato juice, in spite of diseases. Juice will be useful when it is drunk with pleasure. If you do not like tomatoes, a diet on tomato juice is contraindicated.

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