Planting and care of girlish grapes at their summer cottage

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video Cottage, country house, rural ownership - everywhere there is no place to make an eyeDrain the old barn of the girl's grapes to help decorate the veranda and the facade with greenery to drape the old barn. Planting and caring for the plant is simple, and the decoration effect is exceptional.

Introducing the

girlish grape A decorative vine of the grape family can create any composition. Its vines stretch up to 20 meters, and the annual growth of 2-3 meters. Rough tenacious antennae find any unevenness and attract escape close to the support. On the vertical stone, wooden surfaces the liana rises independently, as seen in the photo. Girlish grapes grow over the years and cover the wall with a carpet of very beautiful leaves with five lobes extending on long petioles.

Bright green, never sick leaves create a carpet on any plane. In the fall, this landscape becomes purple and remains so until late autumn leaves the foliage. On the branches are visible small blue berries, resembling grapes, but they are inedible. They can stay in the winter, as a treat for the birds.

The homeland of this amazing plant is North America, East Asia. Use to decorate his steel in 1622.In culture, there are five-leafed grapes and its ivy-shaped form. The use of girlish grapes in landscape design can be recommended for many reasons:

  • culture is hardy, does not require shelter for the winter;
  • plant does not get sick and does not become food for pests;
  • grapes is undemanding to the soil and location;
  • is decorative and rapidly growing;
  • breeds easily.

Whom can leave indifferent the picture girlish grapes in landscape design, the photo was taken 4 years after planting the cuttings.

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Use the plant to create a hedge on a chain-link. With the help of fast-growing creepers cover arbors. Of great importance is the constant decorativeness of the plant. It does not need to be treated against pests, and therefore violate the environment. Its branches can safely tolerate any frost, and in the spring the created composition comes to life and pleases the young with fresh greens. Caring for a plant consists in regular pruning, after which the leaves become larger, the carpet is denser. Fairy-tale characters live in parks, if the artist’s skilled hand was able to create a frame for the plant. The photo of the girlish grapes in the landscape design in this picture is unlikely to leave the gardener indifferent.

Girlish grapes do not need a special support. All he needs is the roughness of the walls and the ability to create a hold. Liana clings to adventitious roots, is corneal.

Propagation of girlish grapes

The choice of planting place is simple. Liana will grow to any degree of shading. But if girlish grapes grow on the north side, then there will be no autumn purple leaf. In autumn, the leaf will remain green until dropped. The liana grows better on the lit place. When planting a plant, one should know that appending roots attach to the surface so firmly that it is impossible to tear off a branch without causing injury to it.

Propagated girlish five-leafed grapes easily. Several methods are used, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • layering;
  • cuttings;
  • seeds.

From the breeding experience, the fastest with a good survival rate in the summer can be propagated with a whip that you borrow from your neighbors. A lash laid with a poured shallow groove in the ground with a raised top is sure to take root. There are other ways of laying to form waves, with one kidney to be in the ground, one on the surface. Rooting in several places with layering will be obtained. However, getting a live seedling directly from the bush will happen even faster. To do this, lay two years of cuttings in the ground, strengthen it there, and before rooting, it will feed on the mother plant.

When rooting a green vine, the ground should be wet. Covering the soil from drying out with geotextiles will be useful so that the air exchange on the surface of the hole is not disturbed.

Reproduction of maiden grapes by cuttings is possible immediately, with freshly cut pencil-thick material. At the same time on the scape should be 5 buds, three of which deepen. Constantly damp earth and covering the top from the rays of the sun will ensure 100% survival of the plant. Growing vines from cuttings can be conducted at any time during the warm season. If you can not get planting material, it can be purchased.

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Unpretentious plants quickly take root and start to grow. However, for rooting a weak plant, at first, good conditions need to be created:

  • dig up the soil a week before planting and remove weeds;
  • to dig a hole 50 cm deep, create a drainage, on top of a sand pillow;
  • top layer of fertile soil should be from garden soil, compost with the addition of sand.

The main pruning with formation is done after cessation of sap flow in autumn or early spring on a sleeping bush. Pruning is done on the kidney, leaving a stump no more than 0.5 cm so that the knots do not break the decorative effect.

The seed propagation of vines is almost not used. Seeds should undergo stratification within one and a half months at a temperature of 5 0. Shoots will appear in a month. Seeds remain viable for only one year. Autumn sowing is also possible. But in this case, the seeds will germinate in a year.

Moments that should be considered when breeding girlish grapesThe fast growing plant weighs down the structure and it may fall. If the wall is plastered, the plant can tear out a piece and fall along with it. Therefore, the wall must be monolithic, brick, concrete or wood. Well, when the support frame. The grid chain-link, fittings perfectly approaches.
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If the plant is to be planted on the roof, then it should not be tiled or slate - the vine will break or lower the sheets. The twigs will braid all the irregularities that will meet on the way, whether it is an antenna or a chimney. Therefore, the formation of the crown will allow the object to give a neat appearance and prevent the plant from forbidding parts of the structure.

Creating beauty with the participation of various ornamental plants, a gardener receives not only pride in his well-kept garden and artistic taste. The girlish grape has the ability to kill some fungi and bacteria. The microclimate in the house twined with lianas will become more pleasant, since the heating of the room is regulated in summer. Liana becomes a barrier in front of the sun and it is cool in the house on a hot afternoon.

The statement that the facade of the house under the cover of greenery is not ventilated is not confirmed. Leaves protect walls from oblique rain. But we should not forget about the roots of suckers, which take away moisture. Therefore, the use of girlish grapes for decorating the estate complete with other plants will create a unique look.

The ability of the vines to tolerate winter conditions without additional shelter is attractive. In especially frosty regions, experts advise the first years to warm the young plants a little, covering them with a protective film.

Useful and beautiful girlish grapes - video

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