Eight toxic plants that can not be used in poultry farming

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Most herbs benefit the health of humans and animals. Therefore, many of them are used to treat and prevent various diseases. I breed chickens and use a variety of herbs in my farm. Plants are not only food for birds. They are also a component of its life environment. I prefer the well-known culinary herbs - absolutely safe and edible.

But some plants are toxic to chickens (as for humans). There have been cases when the use of medicinal and useful herbs in too large doses led to illnesses and even deaths.

I do not do scientific research, I do not have a veterinary or medical education. So I decided that caution would never be superfluous. I completely abandoned the use of materials and tools in the poultry industry that could provoke problems with my pets.

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If on any commodity we see the label "vegetable" or "natural this does not mean that it is absolutely safe. Chicken is a rather small poultry. It will not take too much effort to harm her health.

Be careful with essential oils

Essential oils are often used not for their intended purpose or in too large quantities. Especially if a person does not have information about their use and precise dosages. Therefore, I always prefer fresh or dried herbs.

Some of the unsafe plants can be found in many types of poultry products. Therefore, it becomes necessary to always carefully check the list of ingredients before buying vegetable food supplements for chickens.

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I avoid the use of tools and materials for the construction of poultry houses, which contain any potentially harmful ingredients. Since chickens can peck even inedible objects, harmful substances in their composition can harm the health of the bird.


Here is a list of some toxic plants that I refuse to use. They can cause symptoms of quite serious diseases in the bird, and in the worst case - lead to death.

8 potentially harmful plants

Comfrey is an herb that often causes diarrhea, liver failure. It is better to give preference to the external use of this plant for the removal of edema, wound healing. Although many owners mistakenly convince that the comfrey is a chicken feed.

Eucalyptus - not dangerous in itself. But it may be present spores of aspergillosis - fungus, which leads to the extinction of various species of birds, including chickens and ducks. In addition, concentrated eucalyptus oil is toxic to humans and animals.

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Digitalis is an herb that can lead to heart failure.

Horse nettle - a plant from the family Solanaceae, has a negative impact on the central nervous system.

Mint swamp - is toxic to the liver, leads to kidney failure, sometimes - to death.

Tansy - can provoke diarrhea, liver disease, death.

Grushanka - the cause of endocrine disorders in the body.

Wormwood affects the nervous system and can lead to seizures.

Confetti for a house is an aromatic mixture. It includes calendula, rose petals, chamomile, mint, echinacea and other safe herbs. With this mixture you can keep a pleasant smell in the henhouse. It allows you to scare off pests, favorably affects the bird.

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