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You can increase the yield on your plot with the help of a special black film for mulching. Such a shelter will create a favorable microclimate for the plant. The root system of each of them gets enough moisture. The earth remains loose, and weeds have no chance of existence. Moreover, this film is used to protect crops from severe frosts, as well as drought. At the same time, you can freely grow seedlings for planting. Right now you need to think about buying it.

Advantages of the film

In nature, mulching occurs naturally. Around the trunk of the tree leaves are laid in layers, which rot and serve him as fertilizer. Unfortunately, in many suburban areas there is a shortage of such natural raw materials. Therefore, tinted film for mulching from China will save time and energy gardener. This material has the following advantages:

  1. Waterproofing properties. Thus, the excess moisture does not penetrate inside, and evaporation will accumulate evenly on the walls of the shelter.
  2. Thermal Insulation. Retains heat and repels cold.
  3. Environmentally friendly product. In contact with soil and water does not emit harmful substances. This also applies to exposure to high temperature or a sharp decrease.
  4. Protects from sunlight. The shaded surface reduces the UV exposure to zero.

When buying should pay attention to the thickness of the film. Experts advise using canvases of 200 microns. Such materials are quite dense and elastic.

The use of the film protects the fertile soil from weathering. Agricultural land is often invaded by pests. Among other things, cultures suffer from various diseases. Therefore, the film for mulching will be a reliable protection against such troubles.

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The nuances of using

Gardeners use it to save money they would spend on fertilizer and watering. Also, they do not need to weed the weed beds very often. However, you need to remember to make holes for crop growth. At different times of the year, the PVC fabric performs useful functions:

  • warms the ground in early spring;
  • in summer it is necessary to control the level of humidity and temperature;
  • is used in the rainy season in the fall so that the earth is saturated with moisture;
  • protects against freezing in winter.
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When concealing the beds, it is important to ensure their tightness. To do this, use special plastic nails from China. Of course, ordinary stones are also an option, but they do not provide an excellent result.

Since the material has an opaque structure, the ground will warm up a little longer.

Sellers on Aliexpress offer to buy a film for mulching( 2 m per 10 m) for only 509 rubles. However, it is very thin.

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In other online stores, this material costs from 1 000 to 4 000 rubles. Sold per square.meter or kilogram.

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