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D Aromatheme and artwork for your room. This is sea buckthorn with honey. Two of the most powerful ingredients, which include whole vitamin complexes and dozens of trace elements, has a truly healing character. This matchless mix is ​​successfully used against viral, infectious and other diseases.

Grapes, apples, pears, pomegranates, plums, pumpkins and other gifts of autumn can be added to jam or preparation.

The useful effect of

The versatility of this tandem of natural components is striking. With the help of such a folk remedy treat diseases of a different plan. The presence of vitamins B and C has a strengthening effect on the body's defense systems: immunity and the thyroid gland. Organic acids and sugars of all kinds are easily absorbed in the body. The useful properties of sea buckthorn with honey experts also include the following features:

  • healing;
  • rejuvenation( stimulates the regeneration of tissue fibers);
  • antiseptic effect( the destruction of viruses, fungi and bacteria);
  • cleansing( contributes to the removal of toxins, cholesterol, radiation and toxins).

Among other things, this product should be taken by pregnant women. The body of the future mother is saturated with chemical elements and vitamins that support the immune as well as other systems. It is also used as a miracle remedy for preventive purposes and as a therapeutic syrup in oncology, urology or gynecology. As with any other drug, the harm and benefit of sea buckthorn with honey always goes hand in hand. Both of these gifts of nature are dangerous allergens. Therefore, before starting a course of therapy( prophylaxis) it is important to consult a doctor.

Sea buckthorn fruits have a very high percentage of acidity. In this regard, it can not get carried away suffering from peptic ulcers or gastritis.

The art of making honey sea buckthorn

In folk medicine, not only the fruits of the shrub are used, but also its leaves, bark, and branches. So, properly prepared collection restores the hair structure and improves skin condition, cleansing it. And it becomes incredibly smooth and silky. Use the product of golden berries in the following forms:

  • tea;
  • juice;
  • syrup;
  • , frozen or fresh;
  • oil;
  • cocktail;
  • infusion;
  • jam;
  • decoction;
  • as a mixture.
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Many of these mixtures treat urolithiasis and chronic kidney disease. Housewives include such as the main recipes for cooking sea buckthorn with honey.

Recipe # 1:

Juice The following ingredients need to be mixed thoroughly until smooth. To all completely dissolved, you can put the resulting drink in a warm place. So, the main components:

  • freshly squeezed juice of berries( from 3 to 5 glasses);
  • 2-3 Art.lacacia honey;
  • 250 ml of water( only not raw);
  • mint decoction( 0.5 cups).

Store the drink you need in the refrigerator. Before use, it is desirable to warm up so as not to catch a cold throat. Drink a cup a day.

Recipe # 2:

cocktail A drink mixed with alcohol and spices is considered a restoring agent. Therefore, before making sea buckthorn with honey, it is important to buy spices, wine, vodka or brandy in advance. Now you can safely create a cocktail of such ingredients:

  • two teaspoons of honey;
  • lemon juice( from several lemon slices);
  • 50 g of fruits( pre-grind and pour boiling water - 250 ml, leaving to infuse for half an hour);
  • half glasses of any alcoholic beverage;
  • season with a pinch of cinnamon, a sprig of vanilla( mint) or ginger.

Mix the ingredients you need in a jar. For the best effect, it is covered with a capron lid and shaken 5-10 times. Drinking such a fragrant cocktail is advised after a hard day at work to relieve fatigue. Influenza, avitaminosis and ARVI - a good reason for such an essence. Such a great drink will be suitable for the winter, because the sea buckthorn with honey is combined with “fiery water” according to the prescription, which means that the healing effect will increase 4 times. Cocktail can be safely frozen even in disposable cups.

At temperatures above 60 ° C and exposure to direct sunlight, honey loses almost all its beneficial substances. Therefore, it is not recommended to boil or steam it.

Recipe number 3: decoction

Radiation - the scourge of society. It affects the intestinal walls, which are destroyed by its action. Toxins enter the bloodstream and poison the entire body. The result is malignant organ tumors. Sea buckthorn with honey, and especially the leaves of this shrub, is a unique cancer prevention tool. For such a decoction, the hostess will need to take the following steps:

  • take two handfuls of dried( fresh) leaves of the shrub, as well as 20 berries and rub with 3 sprigs of mint;
  • pour boiling water over the collection( 3-4 liters);
  • let it settle for 7-8 hours;
  • strain the mixture using a sieve( cloth);
  • add honey 2-3 tbsp.l( to taste).
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If possible, drink consumed within one month. Some drink it, not water. Each of these sea-buckthorn recipes with honey can be extended with other ingredients. For example, a few drops of oil made from these berries are added to juice, decoction or cocktail.

Winter preparations

Frozen winters bring with them not only frosts, but also viral infections. During this period of the year, the body is most susceptible to the influence of viruses and it needs an extra supply of vitamins to combat them. All the necessary composition of protective elements is contained in golden berries and bee products. Make sea buckthorn with honey for the winter, recipes blanks are listed below, an excellent investment in family health.

It is very useful to eat frozen sea buckthorn, because when it freezes it retains more than 85% of nutrients.

Option 1


  • peel and chop 10 walnuts;
  • 2 glasses of ripe berries grind on a blender, and the resulting substrate is wiped through a sieve to remove waste;
  • mix 250 g of flower( preferably liquid) honey with juice and nuts;
  • pour into trays and shake a little( knock capacity on the table);
  • pack in the freezer.
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For the refinement of taste, the great masters of cooking offer to add a little orange peel and cinnamon. They will make the drink more aromatic. Vanilla is also a great addition to the dessert. In almost all recipes for cooking sea buckthorn with honey for the winter you need to use liquid ingredients. Therefore, candied nectar is not suitable for freezing.

Since it’s easy to cook sea buckthorn with honey, you can make such desserts from fresh fruits throughout the autumn. After all, the maximum period of storage of such jelly in the refrigerator is 30 days.

Option 2

In the epidemic season, the miraculous sea buckthorn honey, the well-known berry and sugar based syrup, cannot be avoided. For its preparation you will need:

  1. 1 kg of fruit pulp. To do this, get rid of the bones. I grind years in a meat grinder. Then select the seeds and separate the pulp from the meal using a sieve. However, it is worth pre-rinse the crop and dry the fruit on a towel.
  2. The resulting puree must be ground with sugar( from 2 kg).You can take the usual potato masher.
  3. The mixture is left for several hours( 3 or more) until the sugar is completely dissolved, stirring occasionally;
  4. The mixture should be placed in a saucepan( preferably enameled) and brought to a boil. After let it boil down for 5 to 8 minutes.

Pour hot product in jars, roll up or close with European lids. The luxurious taste of this jam will complement many desserts and cakes in an original way. You can also just drink it with tea. You can enjoy the magnificent sea buckthorn with honey all year round. It is beautifully stored both in the refrigerator and in the pantry. At the same time, it rarely deteriorates and almost never becomes covered with mold.

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