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In the tropics and subtropics of South America, where bougainvillea grows, the culture can climb to many meters in height and braid the walls of houses. Some species of this spectacular plant take the form of lush flowering trees covered with spikes of powerful vines or modest shrubs.

In a warm climate, the tops of the shoots are covered with flowers almost all year round. True, the corollas of real flowers of bougainvillea can only be seen at close range, and the multicolored hats in which the foliage and stems are buried are modified leaves. Bracts differ in color, shape and size. There are two-colored varieties, as well as plants, the color of the bracts which over time changes intensity or tone.

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Of the species of bougainvillea found in nature, the most popular among the lovers of ornamental plants is bougainvillea, the most beautiful and bougainvillea naked. In addition, there is a mass of interspecific hybrids, as well as cultural forms and varieties of the most amazing colors.

Bougainvillea is beautiful( Bougainvillea spectabilis)

This type of plant has an incredible growth rate and often looks like a large, up to 15 meters high vine. As with all types of bougainvillea, the leaves of this species have a heart-shaped, pointed shape. The back side is covered with a small nap, the leaf plates are autumn dense, durable. In the photo bougainvillea, except for leaves and curved thorns, bright bracts are clearly visible. Bougainvillea flowers, opening from April to mid-autumn, are collected in paniculate inflorescences at the ends of the branches. A group of two or three stipules surrounds from 1 to 3 true flowers.

Bougainvillea naked( Bougainvillea glabra)

This type of bougainvillea, in the photo, is much smaller. Its maximum height is only five meters, which makes it possible to use the plant as a room culture. This is facilitated by the fact that the plant almost painlessly tolerates pruning and can be formed at the request of the owner.

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An example of this is the Sanderiana bougainvillea pictured in the photo, an old variety tested by gardeners around the world.

Unlike the beautiful bougainvillea in this species, the leaves are completely smooth, and flowering occurs in spring and early summer. The gamma of colors is incredibly wide, which is promoted by active selection work. It was the bougainvillea naked, cultivated as early as 1861, became the basis for obtaining a great variety of hybrid and varietal plants that now adorn gardens, parks and window sills.

Another variety is Alexander's bougainvillea, ideal for compact indoor compositions and creating original garden sculpture. However, in the Russian conditions in the open ground, this beautiful liana takes root only in the southern regions, because it does not tolerate frost below –8 ° C.

Bougainvillea Peruvian( Bougainvillea peruviana)

This species is not so often found in decorative plantings, but the bougainvillea discovered in 1810 became known thanks to hybrids with other plant species. Breeders have attracted the unusual ability of the culture to bloom several times a year after a natural or artificial drought.

In nature, plants of this species are extremely reluctant to branch, therefore, bougainvillea, as in the photo, often forms spectacular cascade shoots.

Most modern bougainvillea varieties are derived from a hybrid accidentally spotted in the garden. The plant was named after its owner by the bougainvillea × buttiana and classified as a hybrid of bougainvillea naked and Peruvian.

Popular bougainvillea varieties

Varietal bougainvilleas are strikingly different in size, shape and color of bracts.

The most simple, but very spectacular and popular among gardeners, are bougainvillea varieties with ordinary monotone bracts and rich green foliage.

One of the most common varieties, Sanderiana's bougainvillea is pleasing to the eye with lush purple bracts, is amenable to shaping and is quite unpretentious at home.

Vera Deep Purple bougainvillea varieties presented to her. The plant stands out densely crimson bracts, tightly covering the end of the young shoots. No less impressive is the appearance of the bougainvillea flowers of the cultivar Glabra Donker and New Violet, also revealing large violet-purple bracts.

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Boupenvillia varieties Cypheri, Australian Pink and Donya are a find for the grower who prefers plants with pink bracts. And in the latter case, the flowering does not stop almost all year round.

All shades of red, purple, crimson and burgundy fascinate presented in the photo bougainvillea varieties Crimson Lake, Black India Red and Tomato Red.

b Golden Tango blooms with large yellow bracts and very small true flowers look unusually sunny against the background of green foliage.

A bougainvillea group with simple white bracts is represented by the Jamaica White variety, distinguished by its abundance and duration of flowering, as well as by Mrs Alice and Penelope.

The original Bouquet of Lateritia can not be overlooked due to the bright salmon color of bracts shimmering in the sun with all shades of orange and pink.

Terry varieties of bougainvilleas

Terry varieties are known for their particularly dense caps at the ends of the shoots and exceptional decorativeness. Photos of bougainvilleas from the Double variety group, including plants with white, salmon, pale pink, purple, red and orange stipules, are always a cause for admiration and envy of many gardeners.

Double Lilarose bougainvillea varieties are amazingly sensual shades of pink, salmon and lilac in combination with a long flowering period and relative unpretentiousness. Also interesting is the Double Pink bougainvillea, which differs from the first representative of the group in its more delicate tones and slightly greenish basis of stipules.

Luxurious hats of juicy crimson bracts on the Double Red bougainvilleas will be a discovery for beginning flower growers and will not leave indifferent the connoisseurs of this tropical culture.

Terry flowering is not the limit of a unique flower.

Photos of bougainvillea with colorful bracts

Today at the disposal of fans of indoor and garden flower growing varieties, which fully reveal the ability of the bracts of this plant to change color over time.

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The bracts of the bougainvillea varieties Bois De Roses are orange at first, but gradually change their color, becoming saturated pink. A similar picture is observed during the flowering of the Thai Gold variety. This pictured bougainvillea in the first days seems golden-orange, but at the time the bracts wither, they turn completely rosy-pink.

Similar metamorphosis occurs with many varieties and plant hybrids. Initially, white bracts acquire pink tones, red-orange become crimson or purple. By skillfully combining instances with such extraordinary properties, it is possible to turn a garden into something constantly changing, but always beautiful.

Bougainvillea varieties, in which two-colored bracts appear simultaneously or on different branches their shades differ significantly, are even more surprising.

The Strawberry Lace variety is a plant of white and pink stipules that can only be compared with fresh strawberries and cream. On stipules, Mary Palmer bougainvillea shades are more subtle and blurry. On a mostly white background, strokes of purple and lavender color look very nice.

Variegated varieties of bougainvilleas

A special place is occupied by varieties in which, besides bright and sometimes multicolored bracts, the foliage combines two shades.

Most of these plants are the result of spontaneous mutation; therefore, the progeny can be obtained from them only by vegetative means using cuttings and cuttings.

The San Diego Red Variegata bougainvillea has red bracts that look even more flashy and challenging against the background of bright golden-green foliage.

The salmon or golden bracts of the bougainvillea variety Delta Dawn look like real gold with a bluish-green background and bright white edging of foliage.

In addition to the golden or white spots on the leaves of bougainvillea can be seen and pink tones. An example of this is the beautiful Raspberry Ice variety with carmine bracts and ornamental foliage, as if browned around the edge.

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