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It seems that the area has no free space, but spring comes, and then it is impossible to pass by the plant, especially, such as spiraea. After all, this beauty is noticeable from afar. It attracts with its color range, tenderness and accuracy.

What a miracle is growing in the courtyard of the

Before you talk about a particular form, and there are about ninety, you should learn general information about this plant. Below is a photo and description of the spirea. Look what a beauty it is, isn't it worthy, take pride of place on your backyard?

The plant forms are varied. It is impossible to list everything, but here are some of them:

  • look like pyramid;
  • resemble hemispheres;
  • upright;
  • have a cascade;
  • spread along the ground;
  • weeping and others.
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The height of the spirea does not exceed two meters. A plant of one species from another plant differs only in the shape and color of the leaves. Most varieties change their color by autumn. Green leaves turn purplish red, yellow or orange. As can be seen in the photo, the spirea in the design of the garden is a real decoration of it. And if it is also correct to pick up and plant several species of this plant on a plot, then it will delight you with its flowering from spring to late autumn.

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Spirea flowers are small, but their number is huge and they are combined into inflorescences of different shapes:

  • are paniculate;
  • spiciform;
  • are corymbose;
  • pyramidal;
  • single.

The color of the flowers can be pure white and gradually turn into crimson.

Division into

groups In order to ensure the correct fit and care of the birchwood spirea, you should know to which group it belongs.

According to the location of the place where the flowers are formed, the plant is divided into two groups:

  1. The first group includes bushes that bloom in May - early June. Flower buds are formed along the entire length of the past shoot.
  2. Co. second, plants that bloom in July - August. On these bushes flower buds are formed on the shoots of the current year. The spiraea birch plant belongs to this group. The following will be discussed in more detail.


Plant this bush in a clean or mixed way with other plant species. It is suitable for creating a hedge with higher bushes, and for rockeries.

In a hedge, the distance between spireas should be fifty centimeters, and between rows forty. If arranged in groups, it is desirable that the plants from each other were at a distance of about seventy centimeters. Planting of bushes occurs in September, most often in cloudy and rainy weather. Pit planting should exceed the size of the root by thirty percent. The depth of planting is fifty centimeters, the root neck is at ground level. Be sure to use the drainage of sand and broken bricks.

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Pruning shrubs

Each year in early spring, as soon as the plant is agitated from winter sleep, pruning should be carried out. It is done this way:

  • escape is shortened to developed buds;
  • the smallest shoots are removed completely.

After proper pruning, powerful shoots are formed. If you do not remove shoots, then from the fourth year the top of the bush begins to shrink gradually. The stem of the spirea birch-leaved lives for about seven years, but due to the formation of root shoots, the plant can be considered durable. After four years of life, each year should be cut off the top of the bush at a distance of thirty centimeters from the ground.

If even after pruning, weak shoots develop and flowering is not pleasing to the eye, get rid of this plant, replace it with younger ones. Usually such a procedure for spiraea birch-leaved "Top" is carried out in fifteen, twenty years.

In order for the bushes not to deplete during seed formation, all ottsvevshie inflorescences should be removed.

Reproduction and care

There are several ways to breed spirea:

  • seeds;
  • cuttings( spring and summer);
  • layering.
    Seeds are sown in spring. The soil is mixed with foliage or best of all if it is ventilated riding peat. Immediately sown in boxes, the ground should be well moistened. Mulch with a thin layer of peat or earth.
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Nowadays, most often reproduction occurs by cuttings.

When using this method, high humidity must be ensured.

When breeding by layering, it is worth remembering that the branches, due to which a new bush will appear in the spring, should be covered with leaves for the winter. Only if the correct planting and care of the birchwood spirea are ensured, can we hope to get a beautiful intensively-flowering plant.

Do not forget to feed the bush. In the spring, immediately after pruning, try to fertilize the soil, and somewhere closer to the middle of June, the plant itself should be fed. The fertilizer is prepared as follows:

  • takes five buckets of water;
  • added one bucket of fresh manure;
  • per one bucket of the resulting solution is added five grams of superphosphate.

Now, how does the spirea birch-leaved "Top" relate to the winter cold. It is frost resistant, does not need shelter. Places for planting is best to pick the sun, the soil should be well drained with a large amount of organic matter.

The plant does not tolerate drought, it begins to disappear. Water it should be moderate. In the summer hot days it will be quite enough for fifteen liters of water under a bush once every two weeks. When compacting the soil, it is imperative to loosen it and do not forget the plant to weed systematically.

Trimming Spirea - Video

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