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contentOne of these plants, which will take root in the garden, is barberry. And, if you want to admire its beauty all year round, then your task is to plant correctly and create the necessary care for the barberry of Ottawa.

A bit about the plant

This shrub can rightly be called a garden decoration. Its height reaches two meters. It quickly grows to its final size. It will take no more than ten years. The plant is not afraid of frost and is not whimsical in the care. Blossom barberry begins in May. Crusiform inflorescences have a strong aroma. Looks great in:

  • single landings:
  • hedges;
  • Ornamental Groups.

There are also no problems with cutting the plant, although the crown is sprawling and large. The leaves are purple - violet with a metallic tint in the summer, and in the fall they become bright red. True, at this time of year the bush is not painted all.


Shrub Varieties Barberry Auricom

It grows very quickly and has a bright red leaf color. This ornamental shrub will decorate the backyard for the entire period of its growing season. It blooms in May, at the end of September the fruits ripen that can be used as food. Shrub looks beautiful in hedges, rock gardens, single landings.

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It is best to plant this plant where there is a lot of light, but if it is not possible to find such a territory, then you can define it where there is a slight shading. This plant is not demanding to the soil, but an excess of moisture affects it negatively. Requires good drainage. It is advisable to hide the shrub from the wind. In winter, the ends of the shoots may be damaged, but this variety is considered to be frost-resistant.

Barberry Superba

Now the conversation will be about planting and caring for the barberry Superba. Immediately dwell on the fact that it differs from its relatives in size. Its height can reach up to four meters. In the summer, the leaves have a purple-violet color with a metallic tint, and in the fall they become bright red. The bush blossoms in May, and bears fruit in September - October. Fruits can be eaten.

The plant loves light, but can grow in partial shade. Easily tolerates heat and lack of moisture. Stagnant of the water does not like, should be good drainage. Although the soil is undemanding, but grows better on alkaline. He tolerates cold easily, but sometimes annual shoots may die in frosty winters.

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Care for the barberry Superba should be as follows:

  • should be at the root level when planting;
  • good drainage;
  • in spring - trimming a bush, cutting to shape, is undesirable;
  • for the winter it is desirable to shelter young shoots;
  • pest control.

Barberry Silver Miles

This is a powerful shrub, sprawling, two and a half meters tall, with purple leaves with a metallic shade. Does not require special care, does not like to grow in places of stagnant water, any soil will do, but good drainage should be provided. You grow well in open sunny places. In case of their absence, you can land it in a slightly darkened area. It is subject to such diseases as:

  • powdery mildew;
  • rust.

Pests who love to eat this bush:

  • aphid;
  • moth.

Barberry Silver Miles easily tolerates cold, but in winter it is necessary to shelter young shoots. Dry weather also does not harm him, it is drought-resistant.


All the plants listed above are Ottawa barberry species. Planting and care are identical everywhere, it remains only to figure out how they multiply, and sum up.

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Several types of reproduction:

  • bush division;
  • seed;
  • summer cuttings;
  • root shoots.

The most commonly used are: seeds and grafting. Before sowing, seeds are poured into a bag of nylon and put in a damp place. In this way are stored until the month of May. After that, they are sown either directly in the garden or in the greenhouse.

  • If the soil is acidic, it is desirable to lime. The shrub will grow beautifully in neutral soil. Optimum acidity should be from 6 to 7.5.Only with properly prepared substrate the plant will delight you with its beauty. The substrate must be light and nutritious.
  • Feeding starts from the second year. In the spring nitrogen fertilizers are applied. The frequency of application once every four years.
  • Frequent loosening.
  • Permanent weeding.
  • Watering preferably once a week.
  • The first two or three years for the winter should be covered: peat, dry leaf, and spruce branches.

Barberry easily tolerates pruning, but in no case can one strongly shorten branches. The reason - the flowers and fruits appear on the annual shoots.

Barberry Ottawa Auricom - video

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