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  • Rating of the best manufacturers of top-loading washing machine machines
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Such units fit well into a small room. Without them, simply can not do where you need to save some space. According to the functional characteristics of the "vertical" in no way inferior to their "horizontal counterparts."The main thing is to choose a quality model that best meets all your requirements. Today we present to your attention the ranking of the best washing machines with a vertical load in 2018, which is based on consumer feedback, expert advice and sales statistics for each firm.

Rating of the best manufacturers of washing machines with a vertical load

To date, the production of "home laundresses" are engaged in almost all companies that produce household appliances. It would be wrong to arrange them in any particular order, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. That is why our review of manufacturers will not award the place, but only indicate the merits of a company.


This company produces a range of home appliances. They can meet as a fairly low-cost, and very expensive models. At the same time, the quality always remains at a decent level and corresponds to the parameters price - quality.


A popular German manufacturer - one of the world market leaders. Technique from "Bosch" is always of high quality build and reliability. Regardless of the model and configuration, these devices rarely fail.

Ariston, Indesit

The technology of these brands is a good choice for those who do not like to overpay. Models differ in quite good functionality, compact dimensions and, of course, reasonable price. These manufacturers are more likely to have interesting new items.


Those who do not want to save on washing quality, it is best to choose this particular manufacturer from Italy. In its price range, these are the best machines with a vertical load.


A fairly large multinational company that produces good quality washing equipment. Virtually all models of this brand are very affordable and different build quality. The company produces its own equipment, including in Russia, so you can find a sufficient number of budget options in the model lineup. But if you rely on the build quality, it is better to choose the production of Italy.


The company produces many household appliances, and has manufacturing facilities in 20 countries around the world. But all the "washers" they only Slovenian production. Technique Gorenje different bright design, reasonable price and good functionality. The only drawback can be considered that the service center of this company is not in every Russian city. True, the quality of the models is such that it may not be needed.

There are many more companies that produce high-quality washing equipment. But the overwhelming majority of them specialize, nevertheless, in the production of front-loading automatic machines.

TOP 10 best models

It is enough to choose the right unit for washing and a reliable and simply indispensable assistant will appear in your house. And so that the choice was not too heavy, we present to your attention the TOP-10 of the most popular models. Our rating is based on feedback from real users and specialists.

Electrolux EWT 1064 ILW

One of the best models with the top loading type opens our rating. Despite the rather modest size( 40 * 60 * 89 cm), it holds up to 6 kg of linen. Moreover, the "washer" independently analyzes the number of things in the drum and calculates the optimal duration of washing.

The unit has 14 modes, which is quite enough to work with things of any type. There are special modes for woolen and denim fabrics, silk, down jackets and sportswear. A special feature is the presence of a quiet night wash mode, eco-mode and stain control system.

The energy efficiency class is beyond praise - A +++, and the water consumption per cycle is only 47 liters.


  • variety of programs;
  • super quiet night mode;
  • increased light and water savings;
  • delay in commencement of work up to 20 hours;
  • control using the touch panel;
  • removable powder cuvette;
  • quality and reliability of a popular brand.


  • leak protection - partial;
  • when spinning likely increased noise;
  • not too comfortable boot handle;
  • relatively high cost.

Indesit ITW A 5851 W

This machine costs a little less, but its characteristics are a bit more modest. The unit is designed for 5 kg of linen and has as many as 18 washing programs. The dimensions of this “washer” differ in height only by 1 cm, but the energy consumption class is slightly lower - A. True, this is also quite enough for excellent economy.

The machine has a spin speed adjustment and maximally accelerates to 800 rpm. If necessary, the spin function can be turned off altogether.

A special location of users uses the function of express laundry. It allows you to quickly update not very dirty things. And also there are special modes for jeans, wool and delicate fabrics. You can jointly wash things from different fabrics, choosing the most optimal mode.


  • large selection of programs;
  • foam control system;
  • quiet operation;
  • can be added to the laundry after the start of the cycle;
  • convenient and intuitive menu;
  • excellent economy.


  • short hoses;
  • vibrates slightly on the spin;
  • does not show the time until the end of the wash.

Zanussi ZWY 51024 WI

An excellent model designed for a large family. It has a high class of energy consumption( A ++) and is capable of simultaneously washing up to 5.5 kg of laundry. The design provides reliable protection against leakage, drum balancing and foam control. The unit can be blocked from children. The special technology guarantees the absence of mold, even if you keep the tank completely closed.


  • compact size;
  • quick wash function;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • excellent maintainability;
  • assembly reliability;
  • cost is slightly above average.


  • not a large selection of programs( 8 in total);
  • badly takes the powder out of the container, is not pulled out for washing, only the lid is removed.

Bosch WOR 16155

Washing machines of this manufacturer do not need praise. One name says about the build quality and excellent functionality. But the size of the body and the spin speed is slightly inferior to previous models. For installation you will need a space of 40 * 65 * 90 cm, and the rotation speed of the drum will not exceed 800 rpm. Electricity consumption is also slightly lower - A +.But in the pre-installed programs, the hostesses will find everything that is needed: express mode, stain removal, additional rinsing, washing delicate items.

This is one of the few models in which the water temperature can be set independently. An Active Water system is also provided. She independently recognizes the type and volume of linen.


  • excellent washing quality;
  • wide range of installations;
  • drum imbalance control;
  • foam control system;
  • the ability to load clothes after the launch process;
  • protection from the intervention of children;
  • delay timer for 12 hours;
  • easy operation.


  • weak spin speed;
  • is quite expensive.

Candy EVOT 10071 D

This “washer”, unlike its competitors, has a stainless steel tank. This increases its strength and durability several times. The highest class of consumption of electrical energy( A +) allows significant savings. The capacity of the machine is up to 7 kg, and the spin speed is up to 1000 rpm.


  • electronic control system;
  • a wide range of wash programs;
  • compactness;
  • Acqua + function - extra rinse;
  • delayed start up to 24 hours;
  • automatic drum positioning.


  • in some cases may clog the detergent compartment;
  • makes a little noise.

AEG L 56106 TL

A good model with energy class A ++.The machine holds up to 6 kg of things and develops a spin speed of up to 1,000 rpm. There is an automatic drum positioning system, which is very convenient. Among the available programs, you can distinguish washing in the "economy" mode and protection against tissue crushing. The design provides a container for liquid soap, which is very convenient. If you wish, you can manually set the spin speed or disable this feature altogether.


  • powder cuvette easily removed for washing;
  • is quiet;
  • has a reliable foam control system;
  • child protection;
  • easy control.


  • is not the most affordable price tag;
  • quite strong vibration during spinning;
  • long automatic wash cycles.

Gorenje WT 62093

High-quality washing equipment from a European manufacturer. The machine is designed for 6 kg of linen and has standard sizes for “verticals”: ​​40 * 60 * 85 cm. The energy consumption class leaves much to be desired - A +.But there are as many as 18 modes of washing, including many special ones: for children, wool, sports, delicate things. The model has a self-cleaning function that allows you to keep the tank clean. The SensoCare option and the auto weighting system of things allows to achieve the best result when choosing a program.


  • wide range of programs;
  • manual spin speed correction;
  • high-quality and fairly quiet operation;
  • special design heater to reduce the formation of scale;
  • European build quality;
  • average price category.


  • is not too good spin( up to 900 rpm);
  • short hoses;
  • powder may not fully leach out of the compartment.

Whirlpool AWE 6516

According to experts, Whirlpool is one of the best manufacturers of washing machines in the world. It is quite possible to believe this by looking at the presented model. The unit is designed for six kilogram loading and can spin clothes at speeds up to 1200 rpm. Efficient power consumption A ++ allows you to save.


  • informative digital display;
  • presence of delicate and "wool" modes;
  • adjustable spin;
  • smooth opening of the door loading boot;
  • quite economical;
  • delay timer up to 24 hours;
  • is not too "transcendental" price tag.


  • makes a little noise at maximum speed.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTF 601 L

Wonderful machine from the Slovenian manufacturer. It has 18 preset washing programs, quite enough for any occasion. Very economical, for one cycle spends no more than 48 liters of water. Class of consumption of electrical energy A ++.The motor rotating the drum has additional protection against overheating.

Capacity - up to 6 kg, spin speed - about 1000 r / min, equipped with the function of "auto-parking" of the drum.


  • a wide range of washing programs;
  • motor overheating protection;
  • delay work( 24 hour timer);
  • function "easy ironing";
  • smooth opening of the valves in the drum;
  • automatic parking drum system.

Negative moments:

  • is quite expensive.

Assol XPB50-880S

And finally, a semi-automatic model for those who do not want to spend too much money or erase infrequently. This small “washer” weighs only 18 kg. This makes it possible to conveniently transport the unit, for example, to the country. Nevertheless, it holds up to 5 kg of linen and has all the necessary functions. The washing machine has 2 separate tanks: one for washing, the other for spinning.


  • high-quality washing in two modes;
  • function "Wash" allows you to wash several things in one water sequentially;
  • excellent spin( 1320 rpm);
  • compact size;
  • does not depend on the connection to the water supply;
  • easily transported;
  • is very cheap.


  • lacks all the "bells and whistles" inherent in more modern models;
  • does not have full automatics - you need to shift the linen manually from one tank to another.


Today we tried to answer the question of which top-loading washing machine is better. There are still quite a lot of quite decent options on the market. Therefore, when choosing a washing machine is best to focus on purely personal needs.

It is worth analyzing how much and often you are going to erase, which modes you will need, and for which you should not overpay. And also it is worth paying attention to the volume of the drum and the class of energy consumption. And, of course, it’s worth deciding how much money you are ready to allocate for the acquisition of a quality “house-laundrywoman”.We hope that our hints helped you to make the right choice.

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