15 cele mai bune hote de bucătărie în funcție de cumpărători

  • Criteria for choosing the “right” hood
  • TOP-5 built-in kitchen hoods
  • TOP-5 suspended models
  • TOP-5 fireplace extracts
  • Conclusion

It's hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a powerful and beautiful hood. A wide variety of models and manufacturers sometimes brings sadness, because from the good it is so difficult to choose the best.

Without going into details of the design and functional content, the main goal of this kitchen accessory is the qualitative removal of products of combustion, soot and odors. But which kitchen hood is better for the kitchen? The answer to this question depends on how often you cook, and how much space you can allocate for the installation of such a useful unit.

We offer TOP-best cooker hoods in the kitchen, in which each housewife will be able to determine the model with the most appropriate parameters for themselves.

Criteria for selecting the "right" hood

We divided our ranking of the best kitchen hoods in 2018 into 3 large categories, depending on the type of installation. But whatever fastening option you prefer, be sure to pay attention - these are some parameters:

  • power;
  • mode of operation;
  • dimensions;
  • noise level;
  • backlight capability.

Each of these factors is incredibly important. Only a comprehensive assessment of all these parameters will allow you to choose the most successful model of a proven company.

TOP-5 built-in kitchen hoods

Technique that can “merge” with the surface of kitchen and other furniture is very popular. These home helpers are invisible to the eye, but perform their functions perfectly. Such hoods are a great choice for those who have to save space. Similar units can be built in just at the level of the cooking surface. They will collect soot and soot, not giving them the slightest chance of spreading.

Bosch DFS 067 – K50

Opens a top-class extractor hood rating from a well-known German company. The unit can be embedded in a 60 cm wide niche. Fat-catching filters are made of aluminum and do not require frequent replacement. They are fairly regularly washed in the dishwasher. For better performance, the hood is equipped with a retractable mesh panel made of metal.

The model is equipped with a brushless motor that provides quiet and fairly economical operation. Operated by touch buttons. The backlight is provided with LED lights. Its level can be changed smoothly and efficiently.

The hood is equipped with a special sensor capable of automatically adjusting the power depending on the level of fumes. There is a “smart” intensive auto mode, self-deactivating after 6 minutes of work. For the final elimination of residual odors, the device continues to operate for 10 minutes after switching off. The pollution level of the filters is determined using special indicators. The hood itself will inform you that it is time to clean it.


  • automatic sensor for the level of air pollution;
  • high functionality;
  • quiet operation;
  • recognized German quality;
  • intelligent control.


  • very high price.

AEG DGB 1530 S

Model of the middle class and price category. The hood is built in completely, you will not see any projections except for the control module. Silver metal casing has standard dimensions, the duct is normal, with a diameter of 120 mm.

Engine provides good air traction. The extract can be operated in the mode of circulation and blowing. Three options for the speed of work are switched by a mechanical slider. A single filter that absorbs various fumes changes in just a few seconds.


  • reliability;
  • attractive appearance;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • economical work;
  • standard dimensions;
  • silent operation;
  • simple and convenient control system;
  • quick change filter;
  • ease of installation.


  • quite high cost;
  • insufficient lighting.

Elikor Integra 45 cream / cream

Hood initial price segment afford even very economical housewives. Due to the use of an improved turbine in the construction, the unit works fairly quietly, while significantly saving energy. The device qualitatively cleans the air in the room, and also provides its recirculation.

The model has miniature dimensions, the width of the device is only 45 cm. At the same time, it is very light and suitable for installation even in very small kitchens. Built-in additional lighting provides comfortable use in the dark.


  • compact size, light weight;
  • ease of installation;
  • easy care;
  • high-quality grease filter;
  • comfortable backlight;
  • mechanical control;
  • very low price.


  • only 2 speeds;
  • quite comfortable, but not too low noise level.

Kronasteel Kamilla Sensor 600

This model can compete with more expensive counterparts. At pollution of the filter the special indicator will notify on it owners. Replacement is not necessary; filter panels can be washed in a “dishwasher”.The device is equipped with a timer that allows you to set the automatic switching on and off of the device according to your desire.

The device is able to function in the mode of exhaust or recirculator, it has 3 operating speeds.


  • high power;
  • filter savings;
  • bright lighting with smooth power switching;
  • programming system, touch control;
  • nice design;
  • timer;
  • quiet operation;
  • average price category.


  • halogen backlight is not very economical;
  • touch control requires training;
  • in the intensive mode noise amplifies.

Zigmund &Shtain K – 003.71 W

The TOP is completed by a fairly popular model in 2018 from the proven company Zigmund &Shtain. The device belongs to the budget price range. The cost in various retail outlets does not exceed 10 000 rubles.

The model is oversized: width - 70 cm, the installation diameter of the exhaust corrugations - 150 mm. The body is metallic, the color is white gloss. The device is equipped with a powerful engine capable of providing recirculation and extension mode. The control system is mechanical, the backlight of 2 halogen bulbs, 50 watts. Although the filter is only one, it is very easy to clean it, and as needed it can be replaced. Consumer is standard for many models and the search for an analog will not take much time.

Positive qualities:

  • standard design;
  • huge power;
  • profitability of work;
  • bright lights;
  • simplicity and reliability of operation;
  • mechanical control;
  • standard filter;
  • normal noise level;
  • proven brand;
  • affordable price.

Visible flaws:

  • filter quickly clogged;
  • white body quickly gets dirty;
  • non-standard dimensions can cause difficulties during installation.

TOP-5 Suspended Models

If you are not ready to spend a lot on the hood, you should buy a suspended version. Although they do not possess superpower, they can afford any family and take up little space. Such models are attached directly to the bottom panel of the kitchen cabinet, located directly above the hob. Such units can be located strictly horizontally or have an inclined structure.

Gorenje DU5345 – W

Excellent suspended extractor for compact kitchens. Its width is only 50 cm, so it is suitable for those who prefer compact gas or electric hob. The unit can rather be attributed to the category of air cleaners, as it is equipped with a replaceable carbon filter and works best in recycling mode. Nevertheless, the DU5345W copes quite well with drawing out the polluted air flow into the ventilation system.


  • aluminum filter grease catcher;
  • 3 fan speeds;
  • built-in 28W halogen lights;
  • light weight;
  • is a fairly popular brand;
  • reasonable price.


  • unit works quite noisy.

Kronasteel Jessika PB – 600 slim

Compact standard size hood - 60 cm. It stands out among competitors with an interesting design and low cost. As a bonus, the manufacturer offers not only a reliable metal grease filter, but also as many as 2 carbon filters that effectively clean the air from unpleasant odors.

The hood is capable of cleaning 350 cubic meters of air per hour, which is quite good for models in this category. The control is mechanical, the fan has 3 work speeds that can be switched using the slider. There is a built-in light on 40 watts.


  • non-trivial design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • replaceable carbon filter kit;
  • exhaust and recirculation modes of operation;
  • reasonable price.


  • rather thin metal of the case may rattle a bit in intensive mode;
  • lighting standard incandescent lamp is not too economical.

Electrolux EFT – 531W

The low-cost model from the popular European brand Electrolux continues its rating. Strict appearance and almost silent operation put this hood on a decent level of many TOP lists. Performance is not too high, even for suspension models. But still, the operation of the engine is sufficient for high-quality removal of polluted air in the exhaust mode as well as free circulation.

Mechanical control allows you to choose one of three options for work. Due to its “budget”, the device does not have an intensive level of operation, but it has quite decent characteristics. There is a built-in 40-watt incandescent bulb. The noise level is not very high, quite comfortable for perception.


  • is a well-known trademark;
  • reliable operation;
  • small size and weight;
  • low power consumption;
  • built-in lights;
  • ease of management;
  • high maintainability;
  • ease of installation;
  • rugged case;
  • is a very nice price.


  • filter often has to be cleaned;
  • filter design is inconvenient for dismantling;
  • is not very economical lighting;
  • noise level is high;
  • dimensions are non-standard.


Another budget model of decent quality. Standard sizes, classic design and quite powerful engine will delight any buyer. Performance is much higher than the previous model. For the illumination of the workplace meet 2 lamps of 25 watts each.

The hood is quite capable of “processing” a kitchen of standard sizes. For this there are 2 modes: circulation and blowing. The control system is mechanical; there are 3 fan speeds. The design provides 2 filters: mechanical and coal. The latter requires regular replacement.


  • well-known manufacturer;
  • classic rigorous look;
  • simple fastening system;
  • proven reliable engine;
  • double filtering;
  • optimal power consumption;
  • 3 speeds;
  • great price.


  • performance is not too great;
  • substantial weight;
  • quite noisy at work.

ELIKOR davoline 50п-290-п3л

The small hood is mounted directly on the wall and is only 50 cm wide. Capacity 290 m3 / h - quite an average figure for suspended units. There are two modes of operation: blowing and recycling.


  • low weight and small size;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • reliable engine;
  • rugged case;
  • interesting design;
  • bright lights for the work area;
  • ease of installation and maintenance;
  • power, calculated on a medium-sized kitchen;
  • is very low cost.


  • instead of an aluminum grease filter, thin special fabric is used;
  • replaceable carbon filter cleaner is difficult to find in retail outlets.

TOP-5 fireplace extracts

Fireplace type exhaust hood - an air cleaner, similar in design to the exhaust system of a conventional fireplace. Its distinctive feature is the dome case, through which polluted air enters and is discharged into the vent. Due to the unusual appearance of the fireplace hoods are becoming difficult device for air purification, but also a real decoration of the interior.

There are several types: wall, inclined, angular and island. Each of them has its advantages, disadvantages and features of installation.

Asko CW4924B

Opens the TOP-wall model from a leading Swedish manufacturer. Hood refers to the premium class and, therefore, is quite expensive. The mere mention of the brand says about the reliability, quality, stylish design and high level of performance. At the same time, the hood does not have any super-functional features and an excessively large capacity.

Positive aspects:

  • proven brand;
  • stylish appearance( stainless steel + glass);
  • wide "capture" - 90 cm;
  • productivity is 612 m3 / hour;
  • touch control system;
  • four speed fan;
  • built-in timer;
  • economical LED backlight;
  • washable aluminum filter;
  • bracket for installation included;
  • virtually silent operation.


  • is very expensive.

Elica Shire BL – A90

An elegant unit with a beveled design can harmoniously fit into almost any interior. Performance is almost twice as high as the previous model, 3 speeds. Able to work on blowing and in continuous recirculation mode. For installation, you will need a niche with a width of at least 90 cm. The electronic sensor control system.


  • high-tech development;
  • huge power;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • reliability of the engine and the whole structure;
  • halogen lighting workplace;
  • intuitive touch control;
  • ease of use;
  • harmonious design.


  • is quite expensive.

MAUNFELD Plym Touch 60

Judging by the user reviews, this is a reliable, stylish and very high-quality device. The stylish design allows this inclined model to become a real decoration of the kitchen. The coarse filter is covered with high-strength glass, so there will be no problem with maintaining cleanliness. The design provides 2 operating modes: circulating and traditional exhaust.

The capacity of the unit is 1050 cubic meters per hour, which allows serving the kitchen up to 40 m2.At the same time, the level of noise produced is so comfortable that it makes the operation of the device almost imperceptible.

Electronic touch control, using a built-in digital display. The backlight is represented by two energy-efficient LED lamps. There is a timer and 3 preset modes of operation.


  • very quiet operation;
  • low power consumption;
  • high power;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • stylish design;
  • timer;
  • built-in diode lights;
  • touch control system.


  • short power cord;
  • on the protective screen can remain "shots" from the fingers.

Candy CCE 16 X

Among the dome hoods, there are good inexpensive options. This model is just one of them. Remarkably fits into a small kitchen and easily copes with its responsibilities. Productivity up to 450 m3 / hour "for the eyes" is enough for a food processing unit with an area of ​​less than 10 m2.Simple control and 3 ventilation speeds will certainly please the unpretentious hostesses.


  • average performance;
  • low noise level;
  • good maintainability;
  • low-cost components;
  • reasonable price.


  • design from the series "nothing superfluous."

Cata Podium 600 bk

This inclined unit boasts a strong and at the same time practically silent air intake. The control system is sensory, very convenient and understandable. The grease catcher perfectly copes with its function, it is easily removed and cleaned. Maximum capacity of 740 cubic meters per hour. The working area is highlighted, and the brightness can be adjusted independently. For automatic shutdown the built-in timer is provided.

Positive aspects:

  • ease of management;
  • quality performance;
  • does not require effort during installation;
  • interesting appearance;
  • powerful exhaust fan;
  • timer;
  • several speeds of work;
  • backlight adjustment;
  • very quiet operation;
  • average price range.


  • , when cooking for a long time, the buttons may slightly mist over and react badly to pressure;
  • rather large size.


Different models are included in our ranking of the best kitchen hoods. Listening to the recommendations, you will definitely find the optimal solution for yourself, based on the technical characteristics of the devices and the feedback from other customers. Nevertheless, there are still dozens of models on the market of household appliances that are worthy to take the leading positions of your personal TOP-5.

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