Cum să alegeți un felnic electric: sfaturi de specialitate

  • In which cases you should not buy a slicer
  • What safety features should be in the slicer
  • Important factors when choosing a slicer
  • Top-5 best slicers

In this article, you will learn how to choose this helper for the best slicer

In this article, you will learn how to choose this helper for home appliances

    • houses.

      Slicer can not be called a necessity, of course. But despite this, he is becoming increasingly popular and is taking root in the kitchens of housewives who are not indifferent to technical progress. Moreover, it is possible to cut not only sausage and cheese on it, but also vegetables, moreover with rings. And this is a very demanded cutting form for many dishes, but not every food processor can cope with it.

      But the main thing - the slicer perfectly chops cabbage! For lovers of borscht and other dishes from this vegetable, such a device is a godsend.

      In which cases the slicer should not be purchased

      Any slicer is a mini circular compass. And no matter how protected it is, it is still a high-risk technique. And, if you have children under the age of eight in your house, you should not make such a purchase. Moreover, the slicer device is quite large and it is desirable to install it permanently, rather than putting it in the cabinet after each use.

      Also, it is not very necessary, if you are not fond of sandwiches. If such snacks are rare for you, then buy a slicer for cutting bread and vegetables. By and large, cutting a loaf of bread is a matter of five minutes; it is also better to cut the vegetables with a knife than to disassemble and wash the slicer.

      Here is sausage and cheese - yes, it is not so easy to cut them thinly. And with a slicer - just beautiful! Cut a lot at once, put it in a container and use it. And convenient and the products are consumed more economically.

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      What safety functions should the slicer have

      • Lock, in case of unintentional activation
      • Rubber feet, since without them the slicer can move in the process, which will lead to seriousinjury
      • Protective guard on the knife
      • Special support for hands, because without it there is a big risk of injury
      • Studded pusher products( if present, you do not need to hold the product in your hands at all)

      EIf these features are not in your chosen model, it is better to abandon the purchase.

      Important factors in the selection of a slicer

      The quality and shape of the knife

      The quality of steel in a circular knife is the most important thing. If he is quickly blunt, then such a slicer will bring you too much trouble. First, sharpening is not cheap, and secondly, very often the quality of the sliced ​​slices will not be very good, to say the least. The bread will crumble, the sausage will come out with torn edges, the pieces of cheese will break. And why then the slicer?

      Therefore, there is no need to save on steel. It is desirable that the knife was self-sharpening, with wavy edges.

      And the best blade manufacturing company is Solingen. This is an old, German brand specializing in the production of kitchen knives and they are, indeed, eternal. Reputable firms for the production of household appliances, and they are completing the slicers, and this is necessarily indicated in the instructions for the device.

      In addition, the form of sharpening is important. Normal, straightforward, with time blunt and copes with cutting only solid products( cheese, sausage, vegetables).But the wave-like sharpening ensures perfect cutting of bread, soft ham and other products that tend to crumble.

      Cutting thickness: an important aspect

      All slicers have the ability to adjust the cutting thickness. Be sure to pay attention to this when choosing. The greater the range, the greater the maneuver. That is, you can cut not only cheeses and sausages, but also bread, as well as various vegetables.

      Usually the gap is from 1 mm to 17 mm( 1.7 cm).The thinnest gaps are good for dry sausages, and wide - for bread or fruit.

      Adjustment of the switching speed

      If this function is not provided in the model, then no value will have the shape of a knife sharpening. If it is consistently high, then a wavelike knife will not cut soft bread.

      High speed for hard products, and low speed for soft products. Therefore, we do not advise you to take a slicer with a fixed speed.

      Power of the device: how to stay

      The slicers are quite economical in terms of power consumption. Most models produce only 100 watts of power and this is quite enough for home, infrequent use. If you understand that you will be using the device more often than a couple of times a day, then it makes sense to look at models that consume 200 watts. Such slicers are more durable and can cope even with frozen lard, which is inaccessible to weaker instruments.

      It is also very convenient if the slicer is equipped with a tray for folding pieces. Also, do not interfere with the presence of a storage compartment cord. Another very good thing - the possibility of embedding in the tabletop, special bolts.

      Top 5 best slicers

      Ritter E 16 is a well-established brand. Slicer in a metal case, has a special holder for small products. Power 160 watts. Speed ​​adjustment is present.

      mile EFS 980 is a foldable model, which is very convenient for small kitchens. The knife with a wave-like sharpening, there is an adjustment of speed, the range of slices is from 1 mm to 15 mm. The minus of this model is that it is not stable enough due to its low weight. Power 150 watts.

      ZELMER 294.6 - heavy and solid slicer, also made of metal. It has a protection against switching on, a cutting range from 1 mm to 15, there is a protection against accidental switching on. But the speed can not be changed and this is a big minus. Power 200 watts.

      Bosch MAS 4201N - this brand produces the safest models. There is a casing and protection for the fingers and a special button that prevents accidental starting. The knife is undulating, and the slice thickness is from 1 mm to 15 mm. Power 100 watts.

      Gorenje R506E - a large, stationary slicer, weighing almost 4.3 kg. Power 110 W, cutting thickness from 1 mm to 15 mm, speed control is absent. In our opinion, not the most successful model for the house, since its width is about 50 cm, it will take up too much space.

      Now you know how to choose a household item such as an electric slicer for the house. We hope that the information will be useful to you!

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