Ce se întâmplă dacă scurgeri ale cazanului?

  • Causes of
  • problems Troubleshooting options
  • Is it possible to repair a leaking boiler?
  • Conclusion

With each there are situations when the equipment fails. This is especially true of electrical engineering. These moments, often unforeseen, trouble entail financial costs, a lot of effort and time. In particular, the problem is even more unpleasant when it comes to frequently used household appliances. In this article we will talk about how what to do if the boiler to heat the water flowed.

Causes of

problems First, you need to find out the reason why the boiler started to flow and choose a solution that would be suitable in this situation for correction. Before starting work, an important aspect is the selection of the necessary tools for repairs. Here is a rough list of what might be needed when servicing a water heater that has become unusable:

  • tubular and socket wrench set, adjustable wrench, screwdriver;
  • multimeter;
  • a pair of water hoses;
  • may need a knife if necessary.

The above tools must be in possession of any owner. If, however, some of them are missing, be sure to purchase them at any hardware store.

At first glance it may seem that working with such a unit as a boiler will not be difficult, but alas, this opinion is wrong. At least for a newbie in this industry. But having gained certain knowledge, even a person without work experience will be able to cope with this problem, especially if it means that is running from the bottom of the boiler.

Troubleshooting options

So, if you noticed that your water heater is flowing, you need to do two things: disconnect it from the power supply network and conduct a thorough inspection of the place where there is a leak. There are several reasons for the appearance of stains:

  • possible factory marriage, violation of technical rules during assembly;
  • during prolonged operation of the unit, during which proper preventive maintenance was not carried out to maintain its working capacity;
  • the absence of a magnesium rod in the tank;
  • water has a lot of impurities or is very hard;
  • during initial installation the device was not grounded.

In any of the above cases, the tank can be dismantled and repaired, or completely replaced with a new one. When water flows through the thermostat cover, the problem is quite serious and the devices are out of order. If the smudges come from the joints of the water pipes, this means only one thing - the tightness of the device is broken. In this case, the tank can not be repaired, it must be replaced.

It also happens that if the heater is not properly installed, the housing can be deformed, which often leads to leakage. The problem can not immediately notice, but if you notice it, you must take the following steps:

  • stop using the heater;
  • to inspect the proposed deformation site( most often it is a safety valve);
  • empty the tank and attempt repair. Or call the wizard from the service center, in order to find out for sure what the problem is and eliminate it.

In case the Termex water heater flows somewhere from above, and no deformations are detected, and the tank is regularly serviced and in perfect condition, it is recommended to hand it over for the warranty period. If the magnesium rod has not changed for a long time, then the tank, if it is not enameled inside, is rotten through, and then it must be replaced without fail.

Water flows through the pipework, which indicates poor installation when the boiler is connected to the water supply. Many set themselves plastic pipes, but do not put safety valves, which, in the end, leads to water hammer. If you encounter such problems, you need to redo the water supply system. If the valve itself flows, the tank is in good condition.

In the event of a leakage of the tank cap below, it is necessary to check the heater. After all, precisely because of the formation of scum on it can flow. Sealing or sealing on the device may also be affected. Repair consists in replacing the heating device, as well as fixing the holder of the latter.

Is it possible to repair a leaking boiler?

In most cases, when a leak is formed in the tank itself, it is almost impossible to repair it, because the boiler is a monolithic structure, covered inside with enamel, which, if damaged, cannot be fixed except to replace the boiler with a new one.

When it comes to boiler tank leaks, it can be repaired in several ways:

  • can seal the holes that have appeared on the tank body. This will save the tank, but for a short time, then you still have to change it;
  • to seal water leaks, which will also help, but not for long;
  • if there is the same tank, but with a faulty heater, you can replace it.


We painted all the options for you, why the boiler is leaking, and described options for how to fix its malfunctions, but in some cases it is better to call the wizard, since during repair work you may accidentally damage the integrity of the tank or enamel coating. If you are confident in your abilities, then you can get to work.

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