Cele mai bune frigidere ieftine, în funcție de cumpărători


Among the wide variety of household appliances on the market, refrigerators occupy a special place. These units are in each house, because you can store food in them for several days. Refrigerators differ in price, design, size, efficiency, built-in functions and manufacturer. If we talk about cost, then most buyers want to buy a quality, reliable, but at the same time inexpensive device. To make it easier to choose, we compiled a ranking of the best low-cost refrigerators in 2018, which is based on consumer feedback, expert advice and sales statistics for each company.

This article presents the top-best low-cost but high-quality refrigerators that can satisfy the needs of any buyer. The reliability of these devices is guaranteed not only by the manufacturer, but also by the owners of such units.

ATLANT XM 4008-022

This two-chamber refrigerator has a low cost, because it does not have any special or unique options. Judging by the feedback from consumers, it has been working without complaints for 15 years. This model has long existed on the market and is still in demand.


  1. Class A power consumption.
  2. Capacity - 244 liters( freezer 76 liters, refrigerator - 168).
  3. Ability to move the door.
  4. In standalone mode, maintains the temperature for 17 hours.


  • Manual defrost.
  • One compressor.

ATLANT XM 4208-000

The model with two cameras, where the freezer is located at the bottom, is affordable and buyers will like it.

  1. Interesting design.
  2. Maintain temperature for 14 hours offline.
  3. You can outweigh the door.
  4. Good cooling and freezing products.
  5. The warranty period is 3 years.
  6. Class A power consumption.


  • Manual defrost.
  • Small capacity - 185 liters.
  • Work is accompanied by noise.

Liebherr CUsl 2811

This model is full of compromises. On the one hand, its cost cannot be called affordable, but on the other hand, there is a noticeable energy saving. The refrigerator is able to maintain the temperature during a power outage for 25 hours; there is an option for quick freezing. In these matters, it is only buyers who decide whether they will put up with such compromises or not.

  1. Electricity consumption class - A ++.
  2. Availability of an inverter compressor.
  3. The handle is equipped with a pusher.
  4. The temperature offline lasts 25 hours.
  5. Silent operation.


  • Expensive.

Bosch KGN39XK18

Refrigeration units from the German company Bosch are distinguished by high-quality assembly. Management is clear and accessible to everyone, and the interior is well organized. This device has options: temperature display, supercooling, super-freezing. Note that the latter function is very useful if you often load fresh food in large quantities into the refrigerator, autonomous cold preservation - up to 18 hours, freezing capacity - up to 14 kg / day.


  1. Special functions for storing products.
  2. Bright and even light inside the fridge.
  3. Capacity - 315 liters.
  4. Climate class - SN, T.
  5. Energy consumption - class A.


  • Price.

ATLANT XM 6025-031

Refrigerators of this brand are manufactured and assembled in Belarus. This model is perfect for those buyers who want to become owners of an inexpensive, but productive and roomy unit. The total volume of the refrigerator is 384 liters. The reliability of the ATLANT XM 6025-031 is guaranteed by two compressors. The freezer is able to “process” about 15 kilograms of fresh produce per day. But at the same time electricity is consumed in large quantities.

  1. Spaciousness - 384 liters.
  2. Two compressors.
  3. Super freeze option.
  4. Affordable price.


  • Large consumption of electricity, compared with competitors.
  • There are not enough shelves on the doors.

Samsung RB-30 J3000WW

This model of the refrigerator can be bought, but only at a discount or as part of various promotions, because this unit has few advantages. High quality components, inverter compressor, good freezing are probably all that can be said about this product of a South Korean manufacturer.

  1. Work is carried out using an inverter compressor.
  2. Cost Effective.
  3. Good freeze option.
  4. High-quality assembly.


  • Expensive.

BEKO DS 333020

The units of the BEKO trademark are not in such demand as the models listed above, but despite this, the refrigerators of this brand are pretty good. The first thing that attracts attention is the affordable cost, electricity consumes a little about 266 kWh / year, but the freezing capacity is small - only up to 4 kg / day.


  1. Excellent combination of price and quality.
  2. Capacity - 310 liters( 73 liters freezer and 237 - refrigerator).
  3. Almost no noise.
  4. A lot of space inside for such sizes.
  5. The successful ratio of the volume of the freezer and refrigerator.
  6. Illumination.


  • The side wall is very hot;
  • Low freezing capacity - 4 liters per day.

Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4200 W

This model of refrigerators is unique because it has no flaws. We list the most advantages of this device:

  1. Affordable price.
  2. Capacity - 324 liters.
  3. No Frost.
  4. Availability of freshness zone.
  5. Antibacterial coating.
  6. Climate class N, ST.
  7. Energy Efficiency.
  8. Noiselessness.

Vestel VDD 260 VW

This model of a two-chamber refrigerator is sold at different prices, so you need to look for a store where you can buy this unit at the most reasonable price.


  1. Spaciousness - 235 liters.
  2. Keeps the temperature for 15 hours without electricity.
  3. You can rebuild the door.
  4. Noiselessness.
  5. Good freezing and cooling.


  • Difficult to get the capacity for fresh produce.
  • Manual defrost.
  • Class A power consumption.

If you have not bought a new refrigerator and are looking for the ideal option for your budget, we hope that this article will help you make the right choice, which you will be satisfied with.

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