8 sfaturi pentru alegerea ferestrelor din aluminiu


  1. №1.The main advantages of aluminum windows
  2. №2.Cold or warm aluminum profile?
  3. №3.What should be the glass?
  4. №4.
  5. No. 5 Profile Design. Which seal is better?
  6. №6.Accessories aluminum window
  7. №7.Ventilation systems
  8. №8.The best manufacturers of aluminum windows
  • Schuco
  • Provedal
  • Reynaers
  • Profilco
  • ACG Windows &Doors
  • Realit
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  • Until recently, aluminum windows were inferior in popularity to plastic and wooden, but today numerous design and innovative technical solutions have allowed them to confidently compete in the window market. Today, aluminum windows are practical and durable structures that are lightweight, but can withstand solid loads, so they are indispensable in cases where large-scale glazing is required. In addition, aluminum windows are commonly used in public, industrial and residential buildings. The range has now expanded to such an extent that it has become difficult to choose an aluminum window without preliminary theoretical preparation.


    aluminum windows main advantages Aluminum window profiles are made using the method of hot pressing from an aluminum-based alloy, which includes additives such as magnesium and silicon , the latter is sometimes replaced with copper. Thanks to these components, the finished material acquires the necessary indicators of strength, stiffness and the ability to withstand heavy loads. The wall thickness of the aluminum window profile is typically 1.5-2 mm , but there are also lightweight systems with walls 1.2-1.3 mm.

    Widely popular aluminum windows owe to a huge number of advantages:

    • strength .Through the use of the additives described above, it is possible to obtain a profile that can withstand double-glazed windows of almost any weight and configuration. It has become a competitive advantage of the aluminum profile;
    • reliability .The profile bears shock well, it is resistant to abrasion, it is easy to care for it, and in the case of dents it is easy to eliminate them, so you can talk about a high degree of maintainability ;
    • resistance to negative environmental factors .Aluminum profile is not afraid of rain and snow, sunlight, temperature changes, and even acid precipitation does not damage it. Coating with special paintwork compositions only increases the stability of the material;
    • lightness .Sometimes the weight of the window construction does not allow to implement bold design solutions, since it creates an excessive load on the bearing pillars. With an aluminum profile, you can safely install the largest windows;
    • durability .Many manufacturers give guarantees on aluminum windows for 50-80 years. According to this indicator, aluminum profile is ahead of other materials;
    • fire safety ;
    • environmental friendliness .Aluminum is a natural element, the production technology does not include the use of toxic materials, so the finished profile will not emit any harmful substances into the air;
    • ductility .This property of aluminum allows making windows of any shape. It can be oval, round, polygonal and other fantasy constructions;
    • good design .More recently, aluminum windows are rarely placed in residential premises because of their low aesthetics. Today, the situation is diametrically opposite. The profile can be painted in any color by powder coating or anodizing, it can be decorated under a tree, and very precisely.

    Among the main drawbacks are:

    • cost .The price of aluminum windows is not the lowest, , but given the durability and structural strength, such expenses are more than justified by ;
    • high thermal conductivity of aluminum .This means that on a hot day, the profile heats up quickly, and the cold one freezes. This problem, fortunately, has long been solved by - manufacturers use the layer of heat insulating material , due to which the design receives excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics;
    • aluminum profile does not allow air, so you need to take care of a reliable ventilation system .

    №2.Cold or warm aluminum profile?

    Aluminum profile, depending on the version, can be of two main types:

    • cold;
    • warm.

    Cold is a single-chamber aluminum profile that does not use any insulating materials. Such structures have the lowest possible weight and are used only in non-residential premises of : parking lots, verandas, unheated loggias, utility rooms, etc. Since the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum is 1000 times higher than that of plastic and wood, such a profile is instantly cooled or heated, so a warm profile has been developed for residential premises.

    The warm aluminum profile is already a more complex system. An layer of polyamide 1.5-4.5 cm thick is placed between the two profiles. This is an excellent heat insulator. The design is assembled on special rolling devices, polymer ridges tightly fit into the profile grooves, and later they are spiked. The two external aluminum profiles are not interconnected anywhere to ensure maximum thermal insulation for the room. Insertion of polyamide in the people is often called thermal break, which rather accurately reflects its function. It turns out that in the warm profile there are three cameras, but sometimes the heat insulator is additionally divided into several cameras, due to which the manufacturer increases the level of insulation and strength.

    Polyamide is an laminate composite containing up to 25% fiberglass. The thickness of the thermal break determines how aluminum profiles will be separated from each other, which directly affects the degree of insulation. For most regions of Russia, the polyamide layer must be at least 2.5 cm.

    Manufacturers continue to improve the design of aluminum windows to make them even more energy efficient. On sale you can find designs in which aluminum profile is filled with polymeric foam material .Polyurethane is often used. Thanks to this technique, convective currents inside the profile are reduced and it is possible to increase the level of sound insulation.

    №3.What should be the glass?

    In aluminum windows, a particularly important role is assigned to the double-glazed window, which must reliably isolate the room from thermal and noise effects. That is why aluminum windows are often supplied with 3- and 4-chamber double-glazed windows, because the more cameras, the better thermal insulation and noise protection the design provides. Do not confuse the number of cameras with the number of glasses: the camera is the space between the glass panes. Usually the glass thickness is 4 mm , but in double-glazed windows with two or more cameras, the external glass can be 6 mm thick to improve the sound insulation of .For the same purpose, double-glazed windows are used, in which the distance between the panes is not the same.

    In order for the window construction to be even more reliable protection from external negative factors, in the glass units can be used special glass:

    • triplex consists of several glasses laminated with film. Triplex is difficult to break, it has good sound insulation properties;
    • ; selective glasses differ from the usual ones by the presence of a low-emission layer, due to which it is possible to keep warm in winter and cool in summer;
    • tempered glass obtains additional strength characteristics due to thermal or chemical treatment. Even if such a glass is broken, there will be no sharp fragments;
    • colored glass is colored in bulk and allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment. Such glasses are recommended to be installed when the window faces south, as they reduce light transmission.


    profile design. The profile surface is factory painted with powder coating. It does not use any solvents, so this technology is completely safe. The coating is so durable that no atmospheric effects are not afraid of him, and the original color is preserved for years.

    The profile can be painted in any shade , have a matte or glossy surface. Moreover, using powder coating, you can to imitate the texture of any wood species : first, apply the main color, and then the texture drawing. In the same way, a profile can repeat the structure of a stone or any other material.

    Another way to decorate a profile is electrochemical anodizing .The technology involves "growing" on the surface of the profile a thin oxide film, which literally grows into the material itself and therefore has high strength. Before compaction, the film is amenable to tinting, thanks to which you can get a golden, black coating, imitate the color of old birch, etc.

    As previously aluminum windows were scolded for their primitive design, today manufacturers are trying in every way to drastically change the perception of these structures, and they are good at it. One of the most popular solutions at the moment is the aluminum profile, trimmed with wooden lining : such windows are very difficult to distinguish from wooden ones, but the lightness and durability of the aluminum construction are preserved. To create such aluminum-wooden structures used high-quality wood of expensive breeds.

    №5.Which seal is better?

    Seal provides complete tightness of the entire window design, protects against drafts and heat loss. The following seals are used for aluminum windows:

    • Natural rubber-based EPD seal is the most popular option used by most manufacturers. It is resistant to negative environmental factors, normally behaves when temperature drops, in cold and heat, does not lose elasticity, and is inexpensive. The shape of its section is not so important, it is better to pay attention to the use of not only the inner and middle contour of heat insulation, but also the outer one;
    • rubber rubber seal, although cheap, but at low temperatures, its elasticity and, therefore, its basic properties are lost. For domestic conditions of a harsh winter, this option is not very suitable;
    • silicone sealant is a leader in performance, it is durable, is not afraid of frost, temperature changes, sunlight, but is very expensive, therefore it is used extremely rarely;
    • thermoplastic elastomer has properties similar to rubber, but softens at high temperatures. It is used infrequently, since its performance is far from ideal, and the cost is higher than that of a rubber compactor.

    №6.Accessories of aluminum window

    Accessories in aluminum windows are fixed either in the cavity of the Europaus or inside the profile. Despite the external similarity of such windows with wooden and plastic, fittings here have a number of features .Since the aluminum profile is more rigid, durable and reliable, a smaller number of locking elements can be used, making the mechanism easier, easier and cheaper.

    The features of the used fittings for aluminum windows allow the to implement several ways of opening the flaps: this is not only the traditional swing, folding, tilt-and-parallel, and parallel-sliding, but also mid-turn. In the latter case, the window leaf rotates around an axis passing through the middle of the window. A similar option is often implemented for opening round and oval-shaped windows.

    handles belong to the fittings. They can be executed in any shade, have both the most common and non-standard forms. As for the functionality, you can choose the most ordinary handle, responsible only for opening and closing, and if necessary, you can stop the choice on the handles with a lock or removable handles, which will become an element of safety for families with small children. Anti-burglary handles are used to protect against unauthorized access.

    Loops can be executed in a standard overhead way or be hidden. Since the ease of use of a window largely depends on the hardware, its choice should be given sufficient attention. It is better to give preference to fittings from well-known manufacturers: Roto, Savio, Siegenia and others. Some major manufacturers of aluminum windows have their own production and all the necessary fittings.

    №7.Ventilation systems

    High-quality aluminum windows have a high level of tightness, in fact, thanks to this characteristic, they are widely used in houses and apartments. Old wooden windows due to the presence of cracks provided the inflow of the required amount of fresh air, and when installing a new aluminum window will have to take care of the ventilation system. As a rule, uses one of the following systems:

    • ventilation limiter with fixation in a certain position. This is something like combs, which are used for plastic and wooden windows, but for aluminum windows the limiter has a slightly different shape, since ordinary combs do not fit the design and mounting method. As a rule, such limiters can be installed in 10-12 different positions, providing the necessary level of ventilation;
    • vents , which were used for ventilation everywhere a couple of decades ago, today can be part of the construction of an aluminum window. This is a simple and reliable option, but due to the presence of additional profiles and shutters, the flow of sunlight into the room will be reduced;
    • air intake valves type Air-Box Comfort S are located at the top of the window, let in fresh air, but retain dust and provide reliable protection from noise. Such a system is regulated by turning the knob, so that you can control how much fresh air will flow into the room.

    №8.The best manufacturers of aluminum windows.

    . The production of aluminum windows is a rather complicated technology that requires the use of specific equipment, so it is better to trust your choice only to proven manufacturers. They provide a guarantee for their products and, moreover, they are constantly pleased with innovations that increase the functionality and energy efficiency of the structure. Let us dwell on the best manufacturers of aluminum windows.


    This German company is the market leader in aluminum windows. It has been operating since 1951, it was at the beginning of the production of aluminum profiles, and today Schuco windows are used all over the world. These are convenient, most thoughtful and practical designs that have an excellent design, can be painted in any color using an RAL card. Aluminum windows companies have energy efficiency at the level of a passive house. By production double-glazed windows and accessories of the checked producers are used.


    The well-known Spanish company , , has also been on the aluminum window market for a long time. The main feature is that the production uses anodizing, so the coating is obtained as durable as possible. The company's windows are in high demand in dozens of countries around the world.


    Reynaers - company from Belgium , which is constantly expanding its product range. The manufacturer is distinguished by the widest range of profile colors, high product durability, its functionality and thoughtfulness. Not so long ago, wood-aluminum windows were introduced into the assortment, which are in great demand in the domestic market.


    The Greek company Profilco has been working since 2001, but during this time has managed to establish itself as a reliable professional who quickly responds to market demands and is ready to constantly present new solutions. The company includes a large research and development center, all products meet the most stringent international quality and safety requirements. The network of sales offices is widely developed, so domestic buyers can order products from a leading European manufacturer.


    This is one of the largest aluminum extrusion companies in Southeast Europe. Production facilities are located in countries such as Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia. The holding includes affiliates and sales offices throughout the world. The research and development center is constantly working to improve aluminum systems, and strict product quality control is conducted. The company offers several variants of aluminum windows and a lot of color options for profile execution.

    ACG Windows &Doors

    Chinese leader in the production of aluminum windows has long been widely represented in the domestic market. The company's products have an affordable price and a high level of quality. The profile can have any color, so it will fit into any interior style. Products are in demand not only in the domestic market, but throughout the world.


    The Realit aluminum profile plant has been operating since 2002, it is equipped with the most modern technological lines, and today it can offer a high-quality aluminum profile, which is used later for the production of aluminum windows. The range has profiles for cold and warm windows. Profiles for warm aluminum windows are supplied with two heat insulator inserts.

    In conclusion,

    Every year, the demand for aluminum windows is growing, because all over the world they realized that these are the most durable, reliable, safe, lightweight and functional designs that provide a comfortable microclimate and ease of use. The main thing is to make the right choice, and it will be possible to forget about the problem of installing and repairing windows for decades.

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