9 modalități de a găsi un contract de construcție, comandă sau subcontractare pentru lucrările de construcție


  1. №1.Exchange subcontract
  2. №2.Relations with major players in the market
  3. №3.Word of mouth
  4. №4.Ads on billboards and pillars
  5. №5.Distribution of flyers and business cards
  6. №6.Publication in newspapers and magazines
  7. №7.Promotion on the Internet: your website and online advertising
  8. №8.Visiting construction sites
  9. №9.Services of intermediaries

Competition in the field of construction services is the highest, and to find a favorable order for the construction team or a small construction company, sitting in one place will not work. Even the highest quality of work and responsibility is not enough - it is necessary to actively and independently search for customers. Experts joke that this problem has only one solution - just to become famous, i.e.earn a name, but there are plenty of ways to do it. Find a construction contract, subcontract or an order for construction work can be a conservative means( through newspapers and ads on poles), and more modern( online promotion).All methods work in one way or another, and ideally use several at once.

№1.Subcontracting Exchange

The most obvious way to find an order is to contact the target audience, to study its habitat. This principle is based on advertising in newspapers, on poles, distribution of leaflets and other methods, which, unfortunately, do not always have the desired return, because a specific proposal will notice only a part of passers-by or readers, and only a small percentage of them at the moment reallyThe services offered are required. You can act differently.

The method lies on the surface and seems to be known to everyone - contact the large construction companies , which have received a large order and obviously need help. It remains for the small - to find such companies, and it is precisely this that often becomes an obstacle to obtaining a “fat” order. But this problem is also easily solved - today you can find a subcontract on the stock exchange, a special service that accumulates information about the winners of the state building tenders worth hundreds of thousands and millions of rubles. If previously these data were scattered and it was necessary to study a lot of sources, now the has collected all the necessary information together - it remains only to correctly use them.

The service “Everyone in a row” provides small and medium-sized construction organizations with the broadest database of companies that have won the competition and entered into a large state contract. Large amounts are at stake, the conditions for the fulfillment of government orders are fairly strict, and compliance with these deadlines is the most important requirement. To complete the work on a planned date, the winner of the tender often uses the services of subcontractors, therefore the service is in fact the basis of potential customers of who now, rather than once in an uncertain future, need a contractor, and this is a real chance for a small construction company to getorder.

Benefits for the construction organization :

  • access to the contact information of companies that have received the right to fulfill a large order, the ability to directly contact and offer their services;
  • convenient search by region of the country;
  • search by type of work, which, together with the regional reference, allows you to quickly identify the most interesting companies for yourself;
  • up-to-date and constantly updated information;The
  • service allows large companies to place a subcontract request for and find a contractor that for small organizations becomes invaluable information about real orders - even calling around and wondering if a subcontractor is needed or not needed.

It should be understood that the database provided by must be able to use .First, not every organization that won a tender needs help. Secondly, if she needs help, there may be several companies among potential applicants, potential subcontractors.

In order to get a profitable order with a high probability, carefully study the contract, and when calling, try to briefly and vividly describe the advantages of working with your organization. The customer must be convinced that the organization is worthy to cooperate with him. It is better to prepare in advance all the necessary data on the price of services, qualifications of specialists, and experience of similar work. A personal meeting and a conversation with the person who makes the decision, not the secretary, is much better than a commercial offer sent by mail. You may have to make more than a dozen calls, but you will have only with the target audience , which may need help now - much depends on the ability to provide information, persuasiveness and perseverance.

№2.Relations with major players of the

market. This option is somewhat similar to the previous one, but rather involves establishing relationships, so that will be in the base of a large organization and, if possible, be invited to do some work. The construction organization will have to look for contacts of large construction companies and contractors, to be interested in their current projects and options for cooperation. Plus is that you can declare yourself and be taken into account in case of anything. Minus - it is not known when the company will need your services, because it’s not a fact that it just received a large order, as is the case with the subcontractors' exchange.

Nevertheless, the establishment of contacts with large construction companies is a necessary and important stage of activity. Sometimes they donate work for subcontracting, because they do not have time to complete the order on their own, but they don’t want to lose the client. Of course, part of the profits will have to be given to the general contractor, but high-quality and timely execution of work is practically a guarantee that in the future you will have regular customers.

№3.Word of mouth

The good old-fashioned way today also works, although not as effectively as in the old days. At the heart of "word of mouth" is quality and punctual performance of work .If finishing work, wiring replacement, redevelopment, and other work are done right, the customer or your team will most likely recommend to neighbors, friends, or relatives of .Moreover, while the works are performed in the same apartment, people living next door may also decide to make repairs. The well-known logic is included: “if a neighbor has done well, then they will do the same”, and why go far and look for someone from the outside, not being confident in quality.

A wide circle of acquaintances among potential customers is good, but it is equally important to have contacts amongst the experts in their industry, , who also can sometimes help with ordering. Often there are situations when the customer asks to recommend someone to perform work in which the performer is not a specialist.

It is important to remember that on large orders rarely invite the brigade "from the street" - they are given to those whose quality of work the customer is confident of. It means that communication and useful acquaintances need to be established actively, and for this, sometimes it is not worth being lazy and taking even small orders. Today, you were asked to replace the outlet, and tomorrow - wiring throughout the apartment, if the customer liked your approach to work.

The main advantage of the “Word of mouth” is that it is thanks to the feedback that you can receive a large order that the brigade advertising its services on the pole in the yard will not trust. In addition, advertising costs are absent, and the base of potential customers is gradually expanding. Minus - there is no confidence in the number and volume of orders, and in order for “word of mouth” to work, you will first have to resort to other methods of advertising. The only thing that can be advised is to work efficiently.

№4.Ads on billboards and pillars

Place ads on your services on a board at the entrance, on a pole or at a stop is an old and well-tested way to promote your services, which does not need a detailed description. Despite the conservatism, experts are confident that such advertising will work for a long time, and construction companies are convinced of its effectiveness through a personal example.

Benefits of :

  • small attachments;
  • potential customers have the impression that the master offering the services lives nearby, which means that he will simply be contacted;
  • the opportunity to advertise in the most preferred and profitable areas, for example, in the location of new buildings.

Cons :

  • it is likely that the ad will rip off, paint over, or competitors stick their ads on top. On the other hand, this is just a possibility, as well as the fact that the ad is hanging for a long time;
  • large customer rarely responds to such announcements;
  • focus on casual attention of people - there is no guarantee that a potential client will notice the ad.

A similar option is to advise those companies and private masters who have just started their activities, because investments, in fact, are minimal, and the chance to get orders is present.

A more ambitious and modern version of such a promotion - , a large billboard. It makes sense to place it in the area of ​​newly built residential neighborhoods.

No. 5.Distribution of flyers and business cards

You can not advertise ads, and throw directly into the mailbox. Then, for sure, no one will unstick it and it will not spoil it, and the chance that a potential client will look at it is higher. Leaflets and business cards also distribute in the construction markets, in the building shops , i.e.in places of a congestion of target audience, and also in the busy areas of the city of .

Benefits of the :

  • large audience;
  • opportunity to get a large order;
  • some people collect business cards and flyers of interest for future use when the service is really needed.

But business cards do not always fall for those who need them. Investments in printing advertising material are more than in advertisements, but beginner masters can save on the fact that they will distribute or distribute them on their own. Experts advise to negotiate with sellers of large building stores , leave them business cards and promise a small reward for a successful advertising campaign. At low cost, the result will be quite good.

№6.Publication in newspapers and magazines

Despite the fact that we live in the era of Internet technology, there is a category of people who seek services through newspapers. Naturally, it is necessary to publish in local newspapers , and if there are any specialized editions of , then in them. If the newspaper or magazine has an electronic version, then the ad can be duplicated there.

Newspaper ads work, but not as effectively as we would like. In addition, advertising needs to be constantly updated and paid for, and only those who buy a newspaper will see it, i.e.limited circle of people. By to minuses of such promotion include the limited size of ads and the inability to present their competitive advantages. However, sometimes construction companies( those that are larger) order entire articles on their activities: they describe all the nuances as best they can.

looks more colorfully and informatively on radio and television, but it costs more and can be heard by a wide audience, most of which the advertised services are not needed.

№7.Internet promotion: your website and online advertising

The Internet today is used by a huge part of the population. Most search for the necessary products and services with the help of the network. Moreover, the Internet through numerous tools allows to display ads only to those users who it may actually be interested in .

The best way to advertise on the Internet with is to create your own website , which briefly and concisely describes what services the organization performs, what guarantees and benefits it gives, what charge it takes, how to contact it and other organizational issues. On the Internet pages you can demonstrate your work as clearly as possible by providing relevant photos.

Advantages of of your site for a construction company:

  • detailed information on services;
  • user motivation for action( with a competent and professional approach);
  • presence only target audience;
  • effective tools for conducting an advertising company on the Internet.

Creating a site, its content and maintaining an advertising company will be expensive and will require the involvement of specialists, so start-up companies are unlikely to work, but there are other ways to advertise your services on the Internet:

  • advertising on city bulletin boards;
  • advertising on urban sites;
  • advertising in social networks.

№8.Visiting construction sites

Perhaps the proposed methods may seem not entirely ethical, but still they should be borne in mind:

  • to search for orders, you can visit the construction sites and talk with the customer, finding out whether he is pleased with the contractor. Perhaps he was already thinking of finding a more responsible contractor, and your proposal would be just the way. In any case, the organization has a high chance of being present and receiving an order in the future;
  • each apartment complex under construction or just built has an sales department. If you promise managers a certain reward for each client they provide, you can count on a decent amount of work.

# 9.Services of intermediaries

There are firms and separate Internet portals , which connect the contractor and the customer. The construction company gets the significant advantage of in the form of no need to look for orders - you can focus only on work. But intermediary companies take a percentage of their services, and websites for access to the database of orders will require a fee, and this is without the guarantee that you can find something.

Of course, no advertising will help if you treat your work in bad faith, so the main thing is to do your work efficiently, communicate normally with clients and comply with the deadlines. In the search strategy for customers it is better to use several areas of advancement at once, choosing those that will be most justified at this stage of development.

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