Traducerea modurilor de spălare în rusă

The lion's share of washing machines on the domestic market includes Russian designations. But more and more often imported cars of European assembly are brought to Russia, so there may be no transfer of regimes.

If you are the owner of an English, German or Italian washer, our tables with translations into Russian will help you quickly navigate the functionality of a foreign SMA.

Material content:

  • 1 Basic icons in various languages ​​of the world
  • 2 Translation of washing machine modes and programs from English
  • 3 Translation of modes and programs from German machine
  • 4 Translation of washing modes and programs from Italian

Basic icons in various languages ​​of the world

The first button in importanceThe typewriter is the start key. If “On / Off” is written on the russified control unit, then in the English version this is traditionally denoted as Start / Stop or On / Off;the Germans called this button Ein / Aus;Italians sign the Marchia / Arresto.

As for the spin speed adjustment, in the washers with the English-speaking panel this functionality is signed as RPM, with the German - U / min, with the Italian - Giri.

As well as in many domestic models, lists of functions can be divided into two categories - basic and those that are used less frequently:

  • In the English version, these blocks will be signed as main and special.
  • In German SMA, instead of main, the word Primar is indicated.
  • In Italian-made typewriters, the main unit is named Base.

If the machine is equipped with an electronic control system and the choice of functions goes through the display, then to enter the list of main modes, you should select the Main Menu. If a remote control is attached to your typewriter, then look for a button on it.

Translation of modes and programs of the washing machine from

Designation Translated from English
wash Wash( literally - wash).
prewash Soak, primary or prewash.
intensive wash Intensive wash.
quick( rapid) wash Express wash, wash quickly.
hand wash Hand wash.
gentle wash The inscription indicates a gentle cycle.
daily wash A choice of everyday wash.
delicate wash Indicates washing in a delicate mode.
super eco wash Super eco-wash clothes.
delicate wash Delicate wash.
wash shoes Laundry shoes.
easy care Literally: “Easy care”.The bottom line: washing things with a small number of uncomplicated stains.
rinse Rinse.
short rinse Rinse fast.
extra rinse Rinse off separately.
outdoor care Freshen things up.
soak Soak.
spin Spin.
spin exclusion Cancel( turn off) the spin, the mode "No spin".
rinse + spin Rinse with a spin.
start delay( hold) The button for the delayed start timer.
water plus Increase the volume of water when rinsing laundry.
drain Drain off.
easy ironing The function of "easy ironing."
drying Drying mode.
eco drum clean Start eco-cleaning of the AGR drum.
hold stop Hold program execution.
hold rinse Select rinse delay.

Translation of modes and programs of a machine from German

Translation from German is not complicated, but it’s inconvenient to stand with a dictionary over a washing machine, especially if you don’t know the language. We offer a simple translation:

Designation Transfer function
Vorwasche Soak, prewash mode.
Waschen Schuh For shoes.
Intensive waschen Intensively.
Zeit sparen Economy or fast mode.
Handwasche Manual.
Fein wasche Delicate. For example, it may be Fein 30 or Fein 40( with temperature).
Mischwasche Mixed.
Spulen Start rinsing.
Schleudern Start spin.
Weichspulen( einweichen) Soaking things.
Kurz schleudern Fast Cycle.
Ohne schleudern Do not wring out, canceling the spin - the "No spin" mode.
Spulen + Schleudern Rinse mode with spinning.
Schleudern drehzahl Selection of the speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle.
Spul stop Stop rinsing.
Leicht bugeln The option of light ironing.
Outdoor Refresh.
Trocken Dry.
Startzeit Hold program execution.

Translation of washing modes and programs from Italian

The Italians turned out to be the most laconic - they provided not so many symbols on the control panel. However, you may encounter the following Italian words:

Mode / Option / Function Translated from Italian to Russian
pre-lavaggio Wash.
pre-lavaggio Prewash.
forte lavaggio Intensive cycle.
lavaggio rapido Quick program.
lavaggio a mano Manual( gentle) mode.
risciacqui Rinse selection.
trattamenti Rinse with the addition of rinse.
centrifuga Spin selection.
ammollo Soak linen.
esclatione Cancel spinning, without spinning.
facile stiratura( Stira meno) The option of light ironing after washing.
asciugatura Drying function.
ritardatore di partenza Delay cycle stop.

Caution! The icons drawn on the control panel will help you navigate - they are often intuitive and easy to remember.

If you can’t remember all the functions in English, German or Italian, but you often use different options, you can print any of these lists and paste them next to the typewriter or rename the buttons.

Or maybe the transfer of functions on the washing machine will push you to a new hobby - learning foreign languages.

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