Ce fel de mașină de spălat pentru a cumpăra

Today, citizens more often buy expensive and functional machines, as well as activator washers that do not require access to a water supply. Narrow, full-sized, small under the sink, wall-mounted, with a water tank, with drying - the market is full of options. Therefore, the logical question is brewing: which washing machine is better to buy. You need to choose the technique, based on the needs and capabilities. Find out which car is right for you.

Important! Start small:

  • determine the maximum purchase budget;
  • make a list of the functions you need from a future assistant;
  • read reviews: both on the Internet and in real life - ask your friends.

Spend such a small preparatory campaign, and you will have only one question - where it is better to buy a washing machine.

Content of material:

  • 1 Why choose a narrow machine
    • 1.1 Minus narrow SM - a modest
  • 2 model range

Why choose a narrow machine

If the standard machine width is usually 60 cm, the manufacturers of narrow washing machines have reduced this parameter to 40, and sometorye and up to 32 cm. This is a great opportunity for the residents of small apartments.

A narrow washing machine is a godsend for residents of Khrushchev and small studios.

Thinking about what type of washer to buy - narrow or wide, remember that the laundry will fit in a bit. If a standard type machine fits up to 7 kg of linen, then no more than 3-4 kg can be loaded into a narrow one.

Minus narrow SM - a modest model range

Given that the demand for narrow cars is not as active as the standard, manufacturers do not care much about the wide model lines. Neither the refined design solutions, nor the rich color range, nor the special lotions - the usual washing machine, but a bit narrower. Advantages of such machines more:

  • The main plus - a significant savings in space.
  • Direct drive in many models. This means that the drum is driven without a drive belt. Benefits for you: a quieter wash, reduced power consumption.

  • Many manufacturers provide for heaters with ceramic coating. This means that scum is not your problem. Clean with citric acid, buy Calgon and worry about the health of the heater is not necessary.

  • The same washing quality as the big machines. It erases no worse than a wide SMA with a standard volume of water of 48 liters, a smaller drum and a modest weight of linen.

Selecting the type of loading

Advantages of the machine with front-loading:

  • Convenient glass hatch - you can monitor the washing process.
  • Lingerie is loaded on the side.
  • Aesthetic look, can be installed in the kitchen.
  • The top cover can be used as a shelf.

Why are vertical machines not so popular? Probably everyone is accustomed to the usual type of download. Only when it comes to saving space, then something is better than a narrow car - is it a vertical SMA.Advantages of the machine with a vertical load:

  • Can be installed almost anywhere, even in the hallway.
  • When washing, calmly open the lid to add laundry or laundry detergent.
  • Natural protection from small children - the control panel is so high that they do not reach the buttons of interest.

  • No need to bend over to load laundry - use a vertical washer at times more convenient.

It is necessary to take into account only such nuances:

  • CM with vertical loading is difficult to build. We'll have to order a special furniture set.
  • You need to provide enough space on top for the lid to open fully.

If you are going to buy just such a machine, pay attention to some points:

  1. The opening angle of the lid. Ideally, the angle should be 180 degrees.
  2. Drum Material. Prefer stainless steel drum. Plastic and composite metal drums are less reliable, although they are cheaper.

Choosing a class of washing

Washing machines, like refrigerators and televisions, have classes. Consider how to choose the car with the best for you washing class. Classes are denoted by Latin letters - from G to A( ascending).The lowest level of machine efficiency is G, and the lowest power consumption in class A washing machines.

Spin class selection

Many modern models have long been providing manual control in the range of 400-2000 revolutions per 1 minute( 1200 standard).The spin class is directly related to the wash and power class. At low speeds, the machine works more economically, but on high clothes it is better to spin, even though the power consumption is somewhat higher.

What is more important - saving or good washing - it's up to you.

How many programs need

Famous brands win their customers by offering a huge list of programs. They can be measured in dozens. Is this a marketing move? After all, for the average person enough and the main modes:

  • "Quickly 30" and analogues. Used to freshen linen, takes 20-40 minutes time.
  • Soak. Suitable for very dirty clothes, baby clothes.
  • Economy( ½ drum loading).In this mode, the machine uses little water and energy.
  • Extra Rinse. Program for allergy sufferers or those who can not stand the smell of powder from clothes.
  • Modes by type of fabric."Cotton", "Wool", "Silk", "Jeans" - you should choose those programs that you will really use.
  • Hand wash. Slow, calm wash. Used more often as a preliminary.
  • Delicate wash for “gentle” fabrics.

The choice of the washing modes you need is related to the way the CM is connected to the water supply system. Temperature conditions of washing affect the way of connection - to cold or hot water, as well as on a mixed basis.

If you connect the machine only to a cold pipe, the heating will be smooth. But the car will require extra care to prevent scaling. Connecting to a hot pipe saves electricity costs. If you often wash delicate fabrics, this method is not suitable. This is because the starting temperature of the water is too high, and since the water in the hot pipe is not cleaned, it will ruin things.

Additional functionality

We continue to figure out which washing machine to buy. If you have not yet decided, you can pay attention to the additional features and functions. Perhaps they will help you make the final choice. What additionally "can" washer:

  • Dry things. There is one significant inconvenience: you cannot dry all the laundry at once, you will have to halve the drum, and then dry the remaining things. Another disadvantage is that the laundry is too dry, so it is unlikely that you will be able to stroke it, you have to steam it. Yes, and energy costs will increase.

  • Noise Isolation. The quietest cars are those equipped with a three-phase asynchronous motor. If a conventional collector-type motor is used in the washer, it will work more noisily. But noise can be suppressed by insulating materials glued to the case from the inside. Do not look at bright advertisements and stickers that promise silent operation - be interested only in technical evidence.

  • Protection against leakage. This system is not too common. Due to the fact that it is installed from the factory, it is impossible to buy and install it separately. If you are interested in the function, it is better to immediately buy a machine with protection: complete or incomplete. Full is called Aqua Stop - at the slightest leakage in the wrong place blocked the flow of water into the tank. Accompanied by the fact that the control panel tells you the error code.

  • Water Control System. Today, the equipment itself can control the weight of the laundry that you loaded into the drum, the consumption of electricity and even water. The Aqua Sensor system monitors the turbidity of the water. If the water is not clean enough, the system gives the command to wash longer and rinse thoroughly.

  • Booble-soaking - this bubble system guarantees one hundred percent dissolution of laundry detergent, no traces and lumps. Convenient, but will have to pay extra.

  • Fuzzi Control - auto wash program selection. After analyzing the weight of the linen and the type of fabric, the system itself selects the desired mode, selecting the intensity of such modes as “Rinse” and “Spin”.

Interesting! Fuzzi Control prevents high foaming. If the foam is in excess, measures are taken: SM additionally rinses things or reduces the speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle. The same functions can be performed by cars with the functions of Smart- and S-systems. And Fuzzi Logic means only auto mode.

  • Cooling water to drain. What for? This is the first question that buyers ask sales consultants. It's simple: less hot water does not harm the drainage elements( pipe, pump, filter) and does not damage the plastic sewer system.
  • Protection system hatch. It blocks the door for a few minutes so that the laundry cools down after washing at high temperatures.
  • Anti-crushing system. Reduces the speed of rotation of the drum at the end of each wash cycle to 30 turns in 1 minute. Also, the interval becomes spin. With the same purpose, the machine stops with water - so that you can get things from delicate fabrics and hang them, or add more laundry to the drum.
  • Timer start wash. You can delay the washing - from 1 to 24 hours. Especially important for those who save electricity, erasing at the "night rate".

Washing systems - an important factor in the choice of CMA

Still not decided which washing machine to buy? We continue to help you choose the right washing machine. Pay attention to the washing system:

  • Traditional. Standard water flow. The laundry powder is mixed at the bottom of the drum.
  • AquaSpar and AquaTronic. Asymmetric type hooks are provided in the drum - they direct the water upwards, therefore contact of the laundry with the powder occurs both from below and from above.
  • 3D-AquaSpar and 3D-AquaTronic. In such a machine water is supplied from all sides, providing the so-called "3D-effect".
  • Activa and Jetsystem. Water enters the drum with a powerful jet, making the bay fast.
  • Direct Spray. Detergent sprayed "shower".
  • Combiwash. Combined flow: “shower” with oxygen bubbles for delicate fabrics( to gently push out dirt), regular water supply for the rest of the laundry.

Let us define the

brand. The market is represented by dozens of brands, and it’s hard to say which ones are really good and which ones are simply too advertised. The manufacturing country on the label does not mean that the assembly takes place there. Often cars of German or other European brands are assembled in China. This is fraught with the use of lower quality parts. There is a plus - cars assembled in the PRC are cheaper, and spare parts for them are inexpensive.

Remember that cheap cars work for about 5 years, and some less. After a specified period of time begins a series of countless repairs. This is especially true of machines from China and clone brands from Europe, collected in Russia. If you decide to buy SM from the middle category, then you are guaranteed to:

  • Many wash modes.
  • Spin 1200 RPM.
  • Additional features.
  • 7-8 years without breakdowns.

Expensive cars differ from the average price of erasers mainly in their service life - from 15 years - and in the full-fledged “package” of programs. If the budget allows, it is better to choose a machine more expensive - you still save on electricity, powders and tools, there will be no breakdowns and repairs. Overpayment compensates itself in full. Now you know what type of washing machine to buy in order to provide yourself and your family with a reliable and functional assistant for many years.

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