Samsung Eroare mașină de spălat

Error code Meaning Causes of appearance Do-it-yourself DIY repair
1E There were problems with the pressostat. 1. Mechanical damage to the pressure switch.

2. Clogged sensor tube.

3. The contacts connecting to the control module are weak or burnt out.

· To diagnose the pressostat.

· Connect the pipe, clear the blockage.

· Repair and replace the wiring.

3E CMA motor tachogenerator defective. 1. Bad connection between tachogenerator and motor.

2. Short circuit in the windings of an electric motor.

3. The motor rotor jammed.

· Check and replace contacts.

· Ringing windings with a multimeter. Repairs.

· Elimination of the reason why the rotor jammed.

3E1 1. The tachogenerator broke.

2. The connections between the tachometer and the motor are broken.

3. Overloading the washing machine.

How to repair:

· Diagnostics, installation of a new tachometer.

· Inspection and replacement of connections.

· Remove part of laundry from tank.

3E2 Weak tacho signal. Diagnostics of the relay for serviceability. Need to tighten the sensor connections.
3E3 1. Incorrect operation of the tachometer.

2. Problems with electronic board.

· Inspect and replace sensor.

· Perform diagnostics and repair of the board.

3E4 1. Wiring problems.

2. Failure of the engine or tachogenerator.

Repair wiring. Installation of serviceable elements.
4E Water supply problems. 1. The inlet valve clogged or broke. Perhaps his connections are broken.

2. Incorrect connection - to hot water instead of cold.

3. The hose has come off the powder receptacle.

What to do:

· Inspection of the intake valve at the time of damage.

· Connection check.

· Connect the hose to the powder compartment.

4E1 1. Water connection hoses are mixed up.

2. Water temperature is too high during feed.

The correct connection is being made.
4E2 When washing delicate items, the water temperature is above normal. You need to check the water connection.
( E2)
Waste water is not drained. What happened:

1. Drainage system clogged: filter, pipe, pump, sewage system.

2. The impeller of the pump is blocked by a foreign object.

3. Drain hose clamped.

4. The pump broke.

How to fix the situation:

· Clean the drain system. Unscrew the filter, which is at the bottom, on the front panel. Clean the pipe, pump. Sewage is cleaned by special means.

· Inspect the impeller. If a foreign object interferes with its rotation, you need to disassemble the pump and remove the debris.

· Run the normal installation of the drain hose.

· Replace pump.

8E Problems with the motor operation. 1. Motor rotates incorrectly. Faulty tachogenerator.

2. Engine wiring has deteriorated.

· Testing and replacing the tachometer.

· Repair wiring and connections.

9E1 Unstable operation of the power grid. · Power surges in the network.

· Problems with the main module.

· Measure the voltage while the washing machine is running.

· If the connection is made through the carrier, remove it and plug it straight into the wall outlet.

Uc Voltage differences in the network. The voltage is too high or low for normal operation of the machine. It is recommended to install a voltage regulator.
AE There is no connection between the control panel controller and the control board. Damaged contacts or one of the modules. Repair of connections, replacement of a broken module.
bE1 The washing machine does not turn off. The power button is stuck. It is possible that the button was clamped due to the strong fixation of the control panel on the CMA case. There was a deformation of the button.

Need a replacement.

bE2 Within 30 seconds, the remaining buttons on the panel were turned on. The same situation as in the previous case.
bE3 The relay is closed, its contacts are broken. The relay connections are checked.
CE AGR overheated. 1. The water is not cold before draining, an error code is displayed.

2. Temperature sensor defective.

· The error disappears after the water has cooled and drained.

· Thermistor check. Installing serviceable parts.

dE( door) Problems with closing the hatch door. 1. The door hook is deformed.

2. The hatch deformed from the heat.

With the force opening of the door, the elements were deformed.

Need hook replacement.

dE1 Problems with the door lock connector or the control module. Inspection of wiring and check of connectors connections
dE2 Electronic locking works independently. As a result of strong vibration, the lock is activated. It is necessary to set the leveling machine.
FE Ventilation does not work. 1. The cooling fan has failed.

2. Start-up capacitor does not work.

· Inspect the fan, lubricate its mechanism, if the blades do not rotate.

· Repair the fan wiring.

· Replace capacitor.

NOT Problems with the operation of the heater. 1. No contact with heating elements. The heater burned out.

2. Thermistor is giving incorrect readings.

3. There is not enough water in the tank to turn on the heater.

· Heater Ringer Multimeter. Install the work item.

· Thermistor check. Replacement at breakage.

HE1( H1)

HE2 Drying temperature exceeded( more than 145 degrees). Diagnostics and temperature sensor change.
HE3 The steam function does not work.

For washing machines of the old assembly.

LE( LE1) A leak has occurred in the system. 1. There was a leak in one of the components of the washer or in its case.

2. The leakage sensor is faulty.

The following check is performed:

· the correct fit of the heater;

· tank for damage;

· correct installation of the drain filter;

· connecting the hose to the powder receptacle;

· presence of foam - perhaps too much because of an inappropriate detergent;

· hose connections and integrity.

OE( OF) Too much water in the tank. 1. Malfunction of the pressure switch, or clogging of its hose.

2. The inlet valve membrane does not close.

Replacing broken parts.
tE1 Problems with the operation of the thermistor. 1. TEN does not work, its connections are damaged.

2. Thermistor is damaged.

3. The temperature of the water in the drum exceeds the norm.

· Heater and thermistor diagnostics.

· Inspection of connections and wiring.

tE2 The fan thermistor is faulty. Part Replacement.
tE3 The duct sensor gives incorrect readings. Part Check.
EE Drying Error. TEN drying or thermistor does not function. Requires installation of work items.
UE Disbalance in the automatic machine. 1. Uneven distribution of things in the drum.

2. The washer is not set to level.

· It is necessary to open the door and manually decompose things in the tank.

· Set the machine strictly level.

Sud( SUdS) Foam level exceeded. 1. Powder dosage exceeded during washing.

2. A hand wash was used that foams heavily.

Dose adjustment or replacement of detergent.

Article attached.

If there is a breakdown in the Samsung washing machine, do not panic. Self-diagnosis will display an error code, and knowing its value, you will quickly find a fault.

What do the codes mean and how to fix the problem yourself, read below.

Samsung SMA Fault CodesProper connection and operation of the washing machine "Samsung" are important for normal and long-term operation of equipment.

Non-serious damage you are able to fix yourself. Even if you decide to call the master, you will already know what repairs he will offer.

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