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video Experts say that ripe fresh pineapple can only be eaten at the place of production. To reach the buyer in the middle lane and the northern regions of the fetus takes a long time for sea travel. Fruits are initially harvested immature, so as not to spoil the road. Only delivered by air, pineapples can be tasted fresh and ripe.

How to choose a delicious pineapple

Over time, spent on the road, overseas berries gathering ripeness, despite some loss of taste. Choosing a pineapple you need to know the signs, allowing you to enjoy the taste, do not throw away the damaged fruit at home: see

  • ;
  • touch;
  • sniff.

The name pineapple is derived from the Indian definition of the fruit trait - apa-apa, the smell of smells. Therefore, first you need to use the sense of smell and feel an incomparable odor. If spicy sweet notes prevail, the fruit is overripe and fermentation has already begun. If the smell is barely perceptible or completely absent, the pineapple is green. We can not exclude the processing and fragrance unripe product.

Attentive glance to assess the surface of the specimen, its color and condition of the tuft. The fruit should be golden brown, with a slight prozenelen to the top. The crest itself consists of leaves. If there are few of them and they are lifeless even in the middle, the fruit has been waiting for a buyer for a very long time. If the leaves come off the bottom easily, he overripe. At the junction of the head of hair and the body should be damp, this property of the leaves, to collect and transmit moisture to the fetus. But there are some tricks here. Presale preparation may consist of immersing the berries in the water for a day. Then it becomes heavier, the leaves are fresher, and the taste is bad and such pineapple is not subject to storage.

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On the cone should not be brown spots, mold and its smell. This all points to a product spoiled inside. By weight the fetus must be heavy. Light and loudly responding to clap palm pineapple, green.

It remains to feel the fruit, since it is already in the hands. Slightly pressing on the crust, you can feel the elastic resistance. And if you drown a little bump, she immediately pops up.

Choosing the right pineapple is not easy for someone who rarely gets them. We consume apples, pears, watermelons, melons, oranges much more often. Therefore, we can choose them without the help of professionals. When choosing a pineapple for the festive table, it is better to use the advice of an experienced person, but not a seller interested in the maximum realization of the purchased goods.

In China, a New Year's table without pineapple is unthinkable. This fruit is a symbol of prosperity and good luck in the future.

How to ripen pineapple

Despite the assertion that the pineapple ripens only on the plant, it is already clear that any overseas fruit for long-distance road is removed unripe. Therefore, the fruits ripen in transit. But if an immature fruit is bought, then it is necessary to continue bringing it to an edible state. However, there are varieties of pineapple with green skin. If the green fruit has a smell and other signs of ripe, it does not need to ripen. Then he should not have brown spots, indicating over-ripeness. Unripe fruits are suitable only for culinary delights after heat treatment.

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seeds There are several tips on how to ripen pineapple. One of the accelerators is ethylene gas. It stand out stored near apples and pears. If you put out next to the pineapple, in 2-3 days the flesh will turn yellow. At the same time every day should check the condition of the fruit, tearing leaves from the crown. As soon as ripeness comes, the pineapple must be eaten immediately. After such ripening the product is not stored.

It is possible to simply store a cone in a ventilated room with high humidity, wrapped in paper in the form of cabbage fork. At the same time, it is necessary to turn it to the other side every day so that there are no bedsores. Within a week the pineapple will ripen.

If you need a ripe pineapple before, it is necessary to impose apples and pears on all sides of it right in the newspapers. Ripens fruit in this neighborhood for 2 days.

Remove the crest from the unripe pineapple, which can be used for growing, and putting the pineapple itself upside down, it will turn yellow earlier and be sweet.

Storage Conditions for Pineapple

To save a pineapple for two weeks, you must fulfill an indispensable condition - a temperature of 7.5 - 8 0 wrapped in paper and packed in a plastic bag. In this case, the package must be turned over. If you change the temperature, the pineapple will freeze or re-ripen. In order for the pineapple not to become moldy, the humidity should be above 90%, about 80.

There is no recipe how to store pineapple fresh for a long time fresh. Only drying, preserving or freezing can allow you to enjoy the taste of a healthy fruit for a long time. It should be noted that the main active ingredient bromelain is stored only in fresh and frozen product, as well as vitamin C.

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processing he passed. Canned foods have a shelf life of up to a year, dried consumed within six months. Products with preservatives have much less utility than fresh pineapples.

Frozen Pineapples

By comparing fresh and frozen deep-frozen pineapples, you can make sure that the composition of the product remains almost unchanged. Not only bromelain, fruit aroma is preserved. After defrosting, it is suitable for fresh consumption and preparation of salads, juices and cooking.

Deliver deep-frozen food from tropical countries, made in Europe as fruits arrive in the season. Therefore, you can not risk and choose a product of deep freezing, which is stored for three months from the date of manufacture.

You can freeze pineapple at home if you have a modern freezer. In this case, the fruit:

  • washed;
  • drain and peel;
  • core, cut into thin rings or cubes;
  • is frozen in a row on a pallet for several hours;
  • is transferred to a common storage container.

This method allows you to purchase several fruits from a good batch of fruits, eat them regularly, with health benefits.

Stored frozen pineapples must not be thawed repeatedly. Thawed product should be used completely.

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