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Summer is a fertile season for a cottager who is keen on poultry farming, goats, rabbits, in rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for rabbits, for poultry, for rabbits, for rabbits, for poultry, for rabbits, for rabbits, for poultry, for rabbits, for poultry, for rabbits, for poultry, for rabbits, for poultry, for rabbits in poultry, for rabbitsAugust in the yard pleases the young offspring, milk and weight gain, as well as the opportunity to prepare useful food for their pets.

Goats at the Compound in August

Since August, the most favorable time for mating begins. The offspring that appeared at the beginning of the year will not only be viable. Due to the fact that the goat during the summer and autumn received high-quality feed and grazed plenty, kids are born very strong, they get sick a little and grow well.

If the goat is not covered at the first attempt, re-mating is carried out in 2-3 weeks, when the animal comes to hunt again. The favorable period lasts until the end of October. This can be used when the compound contains several goats. If they give birth alternately, the livestock breeder will be able to:

  • , without haste, accept and feed the herd replenishment;
  • to maximize the period of obtaining valuable goat milk.

Before the winter and spring, when there are kids, still far away. And in August, the goats need attention, which consists in good nutrition and walking. It is still hot during the day, and the goats need an ode. If the pasture has swamps, lakes with stagnant water, puddles remaining after rains, in order to avoid worm infestations of animals, it is better to protect them from drinking from suspicious bodies of water.

On hot days, goats sing twice a day with clean, not cold water. When it gets cold, one watering is enough, for example, in the evening the field of return from pasture. In the pens are also required to provide containers for drinking and troughs with salt.

Rabbits care in August

As during the whole summer, rabbits in August receive a lot of green fodder, among them:

  • burdock leaves;
  • tops of vegetable crops grown in garden beds;
  • plantain;
  • dandelions;
  • fresh meadow grass and fragrant hay.
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Master Case The last summer month gives the opportunity to strengthen the immunity of animals. For this, rabbits are released on a fenced plot. In the morning, in such a pen, animals may stay in the sun, which stimulates the absorption of vitamin D. As a preventive measure against coccidiosis in August, rabbits are singed with iodine solution per teaspoon per cup of water.

The middle of the month is the time of slaughtering the first litter that appeared this year. At the same time, females are deposited from the grown up rabbits of the second brood, and they are transferred to the cages for the young.

It is important to remember that rabbits can only be transferred to clean, disinfected cells. Scrapers are used to remove traces of litter, and the disinfection of houses is carried out using quicklime. In order to prevent the spread of lice, lice and other parasites, outside the structure are steamed with boiling water or treated with another insecticide.

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Rabbits grown during the summer months are the strongest. They, as well as possible, are suitable for replacing queens and males, which already have time to rest. Next year, the animals will grow up and will be ready to mate. The selection of males are taking into account the related lines. Inbreeding negatively affects litter quality.

The diet of occupants of the customs court in August

A prudent owner of poultry and livestock will never miss the opportunity to prepare food for their pets. August in the calendar of summer resident - it's time to last haymaking. When calculating the amount of hay for the winter, it is necessary to take into account the growth of the population and the duration of the cold season. For example, an adult goat will require about 400 kg of hay, and young animals are one and a half times less. If you can not prepare such a volume in August, you can still stock up with brooms and compensate for the lack of dry leaves.

For poultry in August you can stock flaxseed and hemp seed. Grains rich in protein, fats and fiber increase the activity of feathered pets and improve the egg production of chickens. If hemp seeds are set without prior treatment, flax seeds must be steamed and mixed with soft food.

Ripening sunflowers full of black grains will also be a good addition to the poultry diet. They are available, well stored and have the same properties as flax and hemp seeds.

At the end of the summer, corn is harvested, which, due to its nutritional properties, is useful in winter, especially in extreme cold. However, it is necessary to give grains rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates so that the food does not cause obesity. On average, the rate of consumption of corn should not exceed 100 grams per adult bird per day.

The nutritional value of popular cereals for poultry is different. For example, oats, having a mass of useful qualities, can be given, but carefully because of coarse, non-digestible husk. And barley will give the maximum effect in germinated form. On such fattening chicken meat is especially juicy and tender.

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Garden gardens and a garden supply their fruits to both the person and the inhabitants of the farmstead. To feed the bird goes:

  • carrot rich in carotene and other vitamins;
  • pumpkin lagging behind in nutritional value;
  • zucchini;
  • cabbage leaves;
  • table and fodder beet;
  • turnip;
  • small potatoes.

In August, the fall of apples and pears, rejected ripe tomatoes, watermelons and melons become a seasonal addition to the menu. In the summertime it is convenient for laying hens to give fresh vegetables, for winter such feed is dried or stored in a cool ventilated place. Sugar beet with high energy value is used as a substitute for grain feed. Boiled potatoes can be given to both adult birds and chickens.

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