Pridelujemo hiše, ki ne zahtevajo posebne skrbi

›oracc oraccahn oasi oasi oasi oasi oasidollar tree

  • money tree( neprolepis)About the unpretentious in the care of indoor flowers

  • Flowers that do not require special care are a real find for housewives. This is especially true of those who often go on business trips or on vacation. Such plants will also be a real decoration for offices, country houses, shops. What are the most popular cultures in the world can be found in this article.

    Flowers that do not require frequent watering

    From this category, cacti first come to mind. These home plants are the most unpretentious in the care. They really do not require a lot of water, but at the same time during the flowering period, they truly delight their owners. There are so many varieties of cacti that you can collect a whole collection.

    Another group of flowers that does not require frequent watering is succulents. They have thick, fleshy leaves in which they accumulate moisture. Such indoor plants do not tolerate overflows and stagnant water, so you can leave them without worrying. The most popular among them are the "money tree", aloe, kalanchoe.

    Lithops also belong to succulents. They are also called living stones. In addition to rare watering( in winter they can not be watered at all), they have another plus: they do not take up much space.

    Flowers that are not afraid of drafts

    Kitchen is a place that requires constantly open windows or air vents. In such conditions, not all indoor plants survive. Therefore, the kitchen is best decorated with flowers that are not afraid of drafts.

    These include:

    • aloe and kalanchoe, they are useful in the kitchen in case of a cut or burn, as well as for other medical and cosmetic purposes;
    • begonia;
    • hoya;
    • phalaenopsis orchid;
    • room myrtle;
    • chlorophytum( it cleans the air well).

    Indoor plants that do not require light

    Another problem for flower lovers is lighting, because most indoor plants prefer sunlight. But despite this, I want to plant greenery and darkened rooms, and sections of the apartment. For such purposes, it is necessary to choose domestic plants that do not require light.

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    Absolutely without access to sunlight or special lighting with the help of lamps, no single flower can survive. But with minimal light, shade-tolerant plants will delight with beautiful green foliage, and some bright buds.

    Of the flowering specimens for growing in the shade will fit:

    • anthurium;
    • clivia;
    • Vriesia;
    • Saintpaulia or violet;
    • Teschin language or sansevieria;
    • all kinds of ferns;
    • dracaena;
    • Monstera;
    • various types of palm trees( hamedorea, rapis and others).

    For all indoor flowers that do not require special care, it is with moderate light that the most beautiful color of the leaves is manifested.

    Under the influence of direct sunlight, on the contrary, they very much turn pale. Often these cultures require high humidity( spraying) and do not like transplants.

    A dozen not requiring special care colors

    In order to decorate your home with lively greens, but not to spend a lot of effort on care, you should pay attention to some types of flowers.

    Aloe, it is an agave

    It grows in the form of a small tree and has succulent fleshy leaves with prickles of pale green or even grayish color. It is not necessary to start a classic version, you can choose more decorative varieties with bright colors. For example, aloe tiger or spinous. This is the most non-capricious houseplant that cleans the air well from substances secreted by furniture and plastic. It is used in cosmetology and medicine.

    Aspidistra, aka “shoemaker's palm tree”

    Most often it has simple dark green leaves, but there are decorative species that have white or yellow stripes on the plates. She calmly transports rooms where there is a lot of dust and little light, withstands irregular watering. But to transplant, and the more so to pour aspidistru not worth it.

    Zamiakulkas or dollar tree

    Thick stalks, glossy leaves and their considerable size make this plant a favorite when designing office space. It does not require a lot of light and spraying, suitable for those who rarely remember about watering. Does not like transplanting and overflow. This culture has large tubers prone to rapid decay. The less touch Zamiakulkas, the better it is.

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    Money Tree( Fatty)

    Another symbol of financial stability among gardeners. Replace need not more than once every three years. The plant tolerates drying out the soil thanks to its fleshy leaves. The main thing is that the water does not stagnate in the pan.

    Nephrolepis or fern

    Valued by the fact that it can be hung at any height and thus green the room. It grows in dark places, but likes regular watering and frequent spraying.


    Refers to lianas. It grows rapidly, includes many species with foliage of different color. Thanks to aerial roots, braids any support. To get a thicker version of the plant, it is better to plant several sprouts in one pot. It is shade-tolerant, can develop well with artificial lighting. He likes abundant watering. Useful in that it cleans the room air from dust.


    Thanks to the decorative foliage of both green and violet shades, they like to keep this plant in all rooms. Tradescantia is not afraid of dry air and shade, but she likes regular watering. The plant must be systematically updated, as the stalks of Tradescantia are rapidly drawn out. Boring rooted immediately, so the reproduction of the flower is not difficult.

    Cinus or birch

    This flower is very easy to clean. It can be found both in apartments and in offices. It grows fast, branching well. Liana braids any support and walls. Prefers warm rooms, but undemanding to the light. Carries drafts and even cigarette smoke. It cleans the air well.


    To grow it under the force even to novice growers. It grows both in the shade and in diffused sunlight. This is a very useful culture, which is practically a filter that removes hazardous substances from the air. Carries and overflow, and drought, cold, drafts and heat. Quickly sprouts that rooted easily.


    Nicknamed by the people for specific leaf shape. Can live without watering up to two weeks. It tolerates both low and high temperatures. Undemanding to lighting. You can rarely replant, every few years, when the plant will not fit in the pot at all.

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    Indoor unpretentious flowers

    Do not think that all flowering indoor plants are necessarily very capricious. There are those who will delight their masters when kept in rather harsh conditions.

    List of homely unpretentious flowers in pots:

    1. Spathiphyllum. It grows even in places with artificial lighting, but for a more lush flowering is better to provide access to diffused light. Loves high humidity and spraying. In such conditions, it pleases its owners with beautiful white flowers that do not fall for a long time.
    2. Hoya. This non-capricious indoor flower has fairly dense leaves that help the plant to do without frequent watering. It develops well without dressings, carries dark spots. If the flower is withered, you can cut the stem almost at the base, it will start new shoots.
    3. Kalanchoe. Medicinal species of this plant have their value, and flowering options please abundant and prolonged flowering. There are varieties with buds of a wide variety of colors. The leaves are juicy, so frequent watering is contraindicated. Can grow in the shade, tolerates temperature extremes.
    4. Geranium is a frequent guest of window sills. This is a room flower for the lazy. Beautiful buds of various shades long please their owners. You can keep both in the apartment and in the warm season on the balconies. Watering needs rare, but abundant. For geranium, light is important, otherwise culture is undemanding.
    5. Fuchsia is another abundantly flowering houseplant that does not require special conditions. In winter, she prefers a dormant period and sheds leaves, so she does not need frequent watering. In summer, the flowering pot can be moved to the balcony.
    6. Clivia. This shade-tolerant and unpretentious plant blooms beautiful, bell-like flowers. They are clustered on a high arrow. Does not require frequent watering, periodically shoots from the roots.

    Choose easy-to-care home flowers based on your capabilities and conditions. Let them please with bright foliage and lush flowering.

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