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Sweet cherry is a warmth-loving culture, an appendant application, and a flow of sweet cherry in a Moscow Cherry settled down in the Moscow region, thanks to the scientific feat of breeders of Oryol, Bryansk and Moscow regions. At the end of the last century, the first cherry seedlings appeared in the gardens of summer residents. Contributes to the introduction of culture into circulation nature. The climate has changed - the summer has become longer, there are more sunny days, and the winters are milder.

Sweet Dignity

Cherries and Cherries are sisters. In Europe, they even have one root name, but true cherries are called sour berries, and sweet cherries are called sweet. The persistent introduction of cherries into the middle lane was due to the massive infection of cherry orchards with perforated spot and moniliosis. The urgent need to offer a more disease-resistant berry, a sweet cherry in the Moscow region, was the motivation for creating zoned varieties.

Sweet Cherry is a useful berry. It has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates blood formation, since it contains a lot of iron.

Yuzhanka requires special conditions. But breeders have received varieties that survive in cold temperatures up to 30 degrees without freezing. Active growth helps cherries to quickly recover, if in adverse years the tree gets freezing.

Frost-resistance of sweet cherries in the Moscow region is increased by grafting:

  • is taken from a winter-hardy cherry tree Shubinka, Kind, at a height of 1-1.5 meters grated cherry;
  • skeleton - young winter-hardy cherry grafted into the conductor and skeletal branches.
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As a result of the faster growth of cherry graft, the junction becomes not the same in thickness after several years, the branch with the crop may break off. Therefore, carry out furrowing in order to achieve uniform development for the mother and daughter.

Due to the fast berry filling and early fruiting, the cherry is removed from the diseases characteristic of cherries. Despite the stated resistance of sweet cherry varieties, preventive measures are necessary.

Proper planting of sweet cherries in the Moscow region of

Of all the acclimatized fruit trees in the middle zone, sweet cherry is the most demanding of keeping conditions. Create a long day, protect from the wind, to keep the root system in a comfortable humidity - the task of the gardener. Planted future garden decoration on the south side of the building, fence, or install an escape shield. To increase light exposure reflective surface painted in white. The remaining trees should not cast a shadow on the sissy, they are placed no closer than 7 meters.

Berry ripeness can be determined by the stem. If the stem is yellow, the berry has not gained sweetness; if it is brown, the berry is overripe, the taste is spoiled. Only green elastic petioles indicate that the product is in the juice.

Planting cherries in the Moscow region in spring is performed on raised ridges. Flowerbed is prepared in advance, in the fall. The soil should settle and harden. A mound warms faster, even in torrential rains the earth does not turn into a swamp. The harsher the climate, the larger the area of ​​the flowerbed, so that the roots do not freeze in winter.

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When creating a flower bed it is necessary to provide drip irrigation. The flower bed dries out faster, watering should take this into account. A mound must be sown with grass mixture:

  • clover;
  • meadow fescue;
  • Facelia;
  • bluegrass white.

The grass is regularly mown, the ground is mulched with semi-mature manure. Sweet cherry gets enough nutrients, mineral nitrogen is not required.

Planting cherries in the Moscow region, like other heat-loving crops, is better in spring. The landing nest is prepared in autumn:

  • pit should be 60 cm deep, 80-100 cm wide;
  • from the fall to pour a mixture of humus and garden soil, in the spring to loosen the surface of the tubercle with forks;
  • pour a liter jar of ash on top, 2 glasses of superphosphate, mix the bottom layer;
  • seedling roots before planting 10 hours hold in clear water, 5 hours in a mullein and clay talker.
  • land so as not to deepen the root neck.

From above, the roots are sprinkled with garden soil without fertilizers, watered, and the ground is mulched. Do not forget to install a stabilizing stake on the north side of the seedling. Sapling must be purchased in the nursery, zoned. Do not forget that the self-fruit of cherries is weak or absent. Further cultivation of sweet cherries in the Moscow region is associated with regular watering, grass mowing and mulching of the soil around the trunk circle.

Rejoice if you managed to buy a colony sapling. There are few of them. Short stem twigs are covered with berries, fruiting comes in the year of planting, but it is better to remove the first flowers, to give the tree to gain strength.

Kolonovidny cherries for Moscow region is represented by several varieties - Helena, Sylvia.

They are combined in planting, grow to a height of 3 meters and annually give 12-14 kg of delicious berries. Planted trees at a distance of 2.5 meters, the formation is not required. The stated period of fruiting colony cherry 30 years. Shelter for the winter is necessary, as the winter hardiness of the clone cherry is average.

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Cherry care during the growing season and protective measures

When planting and caring for cherries in the Moscow region, you must follow a number of rules.

  1. Watering plants should be regular. It is enough to water the land in a rainbow circle 2 times a month, but if the summer is hot, after 10 days. More often - ripe berries will crack, roots will start to choke.
  2. Fertilizing fruit trees is necessary only at the very beginning of May. Superphosphate increases winter hardiness and does not contribute to the growth of greenery, it can be used in September. Stretched twigs - prey for frost.
  3. Frost protection is wrapping the trunk with paper, geotextile. Pruning in the fall is not performed. Flowering trees are sprayed with honey water, covered from frost, leaving a gap for flying bees.
  4. Pruning is done in early spring. Removed tops and growth inward, thickening crown. If there are dried up, broken branches, they are removed by the foliage.

Caring for cherries in the Moscow region should be balanced, commensurate with weather conditions. Selection of varieties of different maturity, the presence of pollinators are indispensable conditions for obtaining sustainable yields of sweet berries.

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