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Mineral fertilizers are applicable by many gardeners and farmers as feedings of absolutely all villagesagricultural crops, flower and fruit plants for the purpose of obtaining high yields, high-quality fruits and large inflorescences.

A group of mineral substances is introduced only after organic matter has exhausted its properties.

Often the period of fertilization with mineral components comes at the moment of intensive growth of plants and their flowering. The so-called dressing is carried out until fruiting.

Mineral fertilizers nourish all plants with beneficial macro and trace elements.

Of macronutrients very valuable:

  • potassium,
  • phosphorus,
  • nitrogen,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • iron.

The microelements include:

  • sulfur,
  • manganese,
  • zinc,
  • molybdenum,
  • boron,
  • copper.

Taken together, they contribute to accelerating growth, resistance to adverse climatic conditions, the formation of strong shoots and large fruits.

Fertilizer Kemira( Fertik)

Today in the sales network of fertilizers you can find different variations of mineral nutrients for specific types of crops or complex universal. One of the most common types of mineral fertilizer is Kemira, often found under the name Fertika.

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Many positive reviews of Kemira fertilizer only confirm the effectiveness of its application in practice, both in homestead land, in fields, and during the cultivation of houseplants and flowers.

Benefits of Kemira fertilizer:

  • mineral supplements are produced in granular form, which contributes to its long-term storage and comfortable application;
  • fertilizer does not contain chlorine and heavy metals, it is a component of prolonged action;
  • all norms of macro and microelements are included in the composition in the most optimal ratio that is required by plants;
  • is suitable for both annual and perennial crops;
  • fertilizer increases the yield of agricultural and vegetable crops, and also contributes to a long flowering period, both indoor and street flowers;
  • prevents plants from all sorts of fungal and bacterial diseases, causes the saturated color of flowers and leaves;
  • is used for various technological treatments of the soil;
  • slows down soil depletion;
  • contributes to the resistance of all plants to variable environmental factors;
  • fertilizer prevents accumulation of nitrates in cultivated products;
  • fertilized plants eventually produce fruits that have a high keeping quality during long-term storage.
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Kemira granulated instant fertilizer is available in several forms:

  • Kemira( Fertika) Flower - designed for feeding flowers in spring and summer;
  • Kemira( Fertik) Lawn Spring-Summer - applicable for feeding grass lawn in the spring and summer;

  • Kemira( Fertik) Universal-2 - designed for feeding garden trees, shrubs, vegetable crops, coniferous plantations, as well as fruit and berry crops;

  • Kemira( Fertik) Coniferous - intended for evergreen conifers;
  • Kemira( Fertik) Autumn - designed for seedlings of trees, shrubs and bulbous, causes them to excellent overwintering;
  • Kemira( Fertik) Potato - designed to prepare potato tubers for excellent germination;

  • Kemira( Fertik) Universal Finnish - designed for use in open ground and greenhouses during the cultivation of fruit, berry, ornamental plants, as well as vegetables and greens;
  • Kemira( Fertika) Lux is a universal complex fertilizer intended for all types of cultivated crops.
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Wagon and Luxe fertilizers application scheme:

  • with this type of fertilizers should be worn with gloves and a respirator, only a plastic container should be used to prepare the solution;
  • fertilizer granules are diluted in water in proportion: two tablespoons per twenty liters of liquid;
  • with a ready fertilizing solution; plants are watered once a week;
  • prepared solution is not stored for a long time, so you need to dilute the required amount and use it immediately;
  • all the used container after the fertilizer procedure is washed out with soap.

More specific instructions are listed on the fertilizer packaging.

The effect of fertilizer application may not be observed, or it may manifest itself with negative consequences when fertilizing is not carried out in time, added to dry soil, or overdose of fertilizer is allowed.

Cool video clip about the benefits of mineral fertilizers 😉

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