Značilnosti in opis paradižnika sorte Zlato srce

In addition to the usual red color for tomatoes, more and more multicolored varieties appear. Golden Heart - one of these unusual varieties of tomato, gardeners liked for their properties.

The content of the site is as follows:this tomato owes its appearance. Bright orange or yellow fruits, growing, take the form of a symbolic heart. High, strong bushes successfully grow both in the greenhouse and in the open ground .

Early ripening and high yield are characteristic of these tomatoes.

Several brushes are spiced on one brush at a time. According to the description, the height of the bush grown in greenhouse conditions, can reach 1 meter.

Once planted these tomatoes, a person tries to preserve the culture in his garden for the following years. Seeds of the harvest are great for planting next season.

After ripening, the tomato acquires an orange color and heart shape

History of tomato selection and growing region

These tomatoes were first bred in 1999 in Russia by the breeder of the research center Yuri Panchev. At first, the variety was intended for growing under cover, but after 2 years it was adapted to the conditions of open beds. Plants grown on the street, more compact, their height is slightly less than that of greenhouse samples.

In the northern regions of the country, the Golden Heart is recommended to grow in greenhouses .

Pros and cons of

The cultivation of these varietal fruits has many positive points.

  • Good appearance .
  • Early maturation.
  • Long-term storage .
  • Pleasant taste.
  • Suitable for canning.
  • The variety is undemanding to conditions, easy care.
  • Preservation of fertility throughout the summer season.
  • Resistance to diseases.
Golden heart retains its fecundity throughout the summer season.

Unpretentious seedlings practically do not need additional impact, except that they need to be formed. The bush has a lot of small green leaves and twigs, which are partially removed for better access of air and light to spicy vegetables.

Planting seeds

Buying planting material in the store, you should contact only proven, reputable firms.

For breeding a variety, it is required to take the most ripe and large specimen and extract seeds from it. No need to hurry, tearing off an unripe tomato: the more ripe and softer it is, the better.

Procurement is carried out in several stages: first, the planting material is separated from the pulp, then washed, and then dried. The easiest way to separate the seeds from everything else in the fermentation process. If you pre-pour the vegetable with water and cover the dish loosely with it with a film, after a while the necessary content will independently sink to the bottom.

The characteristics of the selected fruit should correspond as closely as possible to the determining qualities of the variety for its best purity and safety in the future.
Seeds of Tomatoes Golden Heart

The harvesting of seedlings takes place on the last days of February or the beginning of March .

Seeds, harvested by hand, are pre-aged in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 12 hours. Then they are dried and immersed in the soil for 2 centimeters, sprinkled with earth on top and watered a little. The room should be warm and humid. At first, the sprouts are covered with a transparent film.

Sprouts with 2-3 leaves, are swooped into separate containers .

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

The most optimal period for planting grown plants in the soil is mid-May .By this time, the earth is warming well, the threat of frost has passed. Planting in the greenhouse can be carried out already at the end of April, .

Immediately before planting, the bed is doused with boiling water, fertilizer is put into the prepared wells( superphosphate or wood ash).

Immediately before planting in the ground, it is necessary to add

superphosphate to the wells. Growing conditions

In order for the tomatoes to grow well and bear fruit, they need to properly care for .The plant is provided with:

  1. Timely watering( 1 or 2 times a week).
  2. Top dressing( once every two weeks)
  3. Loosening after each watering.
  4. Weeding
  5. Mulching.
  6. Long stalk garter.
  7. Pruning a bush. Remove the lower leaves.
  8. Pinch the crown. This is done so that the vital forces of the bush are not directed to excessive gardening.

Features fruiting varieties

The typical fruit of the Golden Heart weighs 90-120 90-120 grams .Individual samples can grow up to 300 g .The first crop is harvested 85 days after rooting.

A variety produces better fruit when it is planted in a land with a weak acidity.
The variety produces better fruits in weakly acidic soil.

Each sapling is at a distance of forty or fifty centimeters from another sprout. Spraying flowers with a mixture of water and boric acid also favorably influences the result.

Experienced gardeners recommend to cut off stepchildren only at the beginning of ( up to the first tassel), otherwise the yield of the bush decreases.

Diseases and their prevention

The described variety is not very susceptible to various diseases characteristic of all tomatoes. But the implementation of prevention still does not hurt.

The development of phytophthora disastrous for tomatoes warns timely pruning of foliage in contact with the ground. The disease develops mainly in the cold and rainy summer.

The risk of infection after the method used is significantly reduced, but it must be respected in it. Overdoing can damage the bush and reduce the number of ovaries. Also vegetable culture will be useful treatment with drugs containing copper.

For the prevention of late blight, it is necessary to remove the leaves touching the ground.
A preventive measure against the formation of rot at the top is the flow of fresh air.

If fungal growths are observed on the leaf cover and stem, then manganese solution is considered to be a well-known and effective method of controlling them.

Resisting pests consists in spraying these spray plantations with a solution of ammonia .With water and spider mites, helps to cope with water with the addition of soap. If simple folk remedies prove ineffective, then chemicals are used.

Not only beauty has deserved the Golden Heart its recognition among those who grow it every year in their garden. The reason was his exquisite taste, generous fruiting and other properties.

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