Fragrant Bulgarian pepper v zdravé rajčatové šťávě na zimu

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Pepper in tomato juice for the winter canned in many families. The dish turns out unusually fragrant. Preservation has its own unique taste, and this simple recipe can be done even by an aspiring cook. In winter, you want to please yourself with something especially tasty and nutritious, and numerous holidays require hostesses to show maximum culinary imagination.

This winter harvesting is suitable both as a dish for everyday cuisine and as a decoration for a festive meal. Juicy, sweet, savory - a jar of pepper in tomato juice, opened at a family dinner, is eaten immediately in an instant.

On the benefits of the main ingredient

Sweet pepper in tomato juice for the winter is recommended to be harvested not only because of its exceptional taste, but also because of the high content of nutrients in the pepper. In addition, pepper retains the maximum amount of active ingredients in all types of processing.

First of all, one can note the low caloric content of lecho with tomato juice: only 29 kilocalories. A real dream is both tasty and healthy and safe for the figure.

As for vitamins, this unique vegetable contains a whole complex, which includes not only vitamins PP, E, K, thiamine and other vitamins, but also a record amount of ascorbic acid - as much as 93 mg per 100 grams of product. In addition to vitamins, sweet pepper contains a range of trace elements.

Frequent use of sweet pepper helps to normalize the nerves, it is recommended for those with depression, insomnia or a person in a state of constant stress. Effectively useful properties of sweet pepper appear if there is a breakdown, fatigue or memory impairment.

For liver diseases, epilepsy, ulcers, or allergies to eating sweet peppers, it is better to abstain.

About tomato juice - the second main ingredient

Tomato juice - the result of processing tomato. Most nutritionists say that this juice is very useful and is advised to drink it regularly. What are the beneficial substances useful juice from tomatoes?

Tomato juice is called the longevity drink, contains almost all the vitamins, trace elements, organic acids that are necessary for humans. Also in the juice there are carbohydrates, dietary fiber, which make the dish a favorite for losing weight.

Who drinks tomato juice, he does not know about the inflammation of the appendix.

Rarely has anyone heard that tomato juice is an excellent cosmetic. Cosmetologists have learned about the properties of the juice from tomatoes and now many women use this unique juice in homemade masks for the face, which eliminates wrinkles. Also, thanks to lecho, the beautiful tan color is preserved.

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Tomato juice contains a high concentration of vitamins A and C. It is called a powerful antioxidant, due to the substance lycopene. Despite the presence in the composition of a number of substances, the tomato is low in calories, per 100 grams of about 20 kilocalories.

Dietary fiber, which are part of the tomato juice, make it useful for people with disorders of the intestine and stomach. Proved that the juice helps with cancer of the rectum and stomach. Tomato juice is prescribed to people with diabetes because it reduces sugar well.

For those who work predominantly sitting or have a sedentary lifestyle for any reason, it is helpful to drink tomato juice every day as a prevention of blood clots in the veins.

Doctors recommend drinking tomato juice to people with hypertension, angina pectoris, those recovering from a heart attack, a prophylactic agent for atherosclerosis. If eye pressure is elevated, hemoglobin or glaucoma is low, nutritionists also advise you to drink tomato juice.

Bulgarian pepper in tomato juice for the winter is unique in that it is a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and antimicrobial agent. If you drink the juice before a meal, then further fermentation, gassing and rotting of food will be eliminated.

Dish is not recommended to use during exacerbation:

  • gastritis;
  • ulcer disease;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis.

Nursing moms need to be attentive to the use of tomato juice, because the substances contained in it can affect the child's digestive tract and it happens that in children often causes allergies.

Basic Procurement Methods

Preparing a delicacy is easier than it might seem. Each culinary specialist has the secrets of improving the taste of such a salad. The composition or amount of spices added may vary slightly. But basically, such preparations can be divided into two types:

  • pepper preservation in tomato juice for the winter in large pieces;
  • harvesting whole vegetables for further stuffing.

The qualitative composition and quantity of nutrients in peppers with different colors can vary, so you should make a salad using peppers of different colors - this way you can get the maximum benefit from eating this vegetable. For example, red pepper contains more vitamin A, but a large amount of vitamin K is found in a vegetable with a green color.

Pepper in tomato juice for the winter - a popular billet for the winter. Perfect with pasta, mashed potatoes, meat and cereals, and you can add to the fish, baking it in the oven. You can also eat it as a separate dish.

A simple and tasty recipe for lecho

Lecho pepper with tomato juice for the winter - this is one of the most popular blanks. To prepare the salad, the following ingredients will be required( quantity per five liters of the blanks):

  • Bulgarian pepper( 4 kg);
  • tomato juice( 3 L);
  • salt( 3 tbsp.);
  • sugar( 6 tbsp. L.);
  • vinegar( 4 tbsp. L.);
  • sunflower oil( 0.5 cups);
  • a pair of garlic heads.

The amount of spices can vary based on taste preferences, but even fans of particularly spicy dishes should not put more than 9 tablespoons of vinegar per 5 liters of lettuce.

To make Lecho with tomato juice, you will need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Sterilization of cans. They need to be washed with soda and placed in a preheated to 100 degrees oven, where they should be until dry. Lids enough to boil for seven minutes.
  2. Preparing peppers. Sweet peppers will need to be peeled and cut into large pieces each.
  3. Cooking marinade. Tomatoes are scrolled by means of a meat grinder, boiled. Then the remaining components are added to the container, except pepper and garlic. After boiling in the marinade, toss the chopped garlic( you can skip it through the garlic dish or just chop it very finely).
  4. Place prepared pepper in boiling tomato juice.
  5. Boil the marinated peppers for about twenty minutes.
  6. It's time to put the ready-made peppers in a marinade in cans.
  7. The final stage - rolling cans.
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After the cans are full, you must first screw the covers onto the scroll floor and sterilize them additionally in an oven heated to 170 degrees for ten minutes. Then the banks twist tightly, turn over on the towel upside down and cover with a blanket until they cool completely.

The water in the saucepan for sterilization should be exactly the same temperature as the billet in the jar. Otherwise the glass will crack.

Video recipe of sweet pepper in tomato juice

Bulgarian pepper in tomato juice can be prepared without vinegar.

You can create your own recipes: pepper in tomato juice for the winter, based on this simple scheme. Then the winter harvesting will be unique and original. This salad can be served as an independent dish and as an additional side dish.

Whole peppers and their preparation

It is not necessary to harvest peppers lecho for the winter with tomato juice. A good option would be to make a blank, which can then be used for stuffing. As meat can serve both meat and various vegetables. For this you need:

  • 3 kg of sweet pepper;
  • 2 kg of tomatoes;
  • salt( 1.5 tsp);
  • vinegar( 0.5 tsp.).

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Tomatoes are rinsed, skipped using a meat grinder, boiled for about fifteen minutes. Then the juice will need to be salted.
  1. After washing, the seeds and stalks are removed from the peppers, the prepared vegetables are added to a container of boiling tomato juice and cooked for about twenty minutes.
  2. Add vinegar.
  3. Whole peppers are distributed among banks, filled with marinade.
  4. Banks roll up and wrap themselves up until their temperature drops to room temperature.
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Stuffed pepper in tomato juice for winter

Stuffing will be vegetable and it will require:

  • 2 kg carrots;
  • onion 1 kg;
  • white cabbage about, 5 kg;

Peel the onions and carrots, then shred everything, and the cabbage too. Each ingredient separately fry with vegetable oil. Then mix everything in a large bowl, not forgetting to add spices.

Pepper wash, cut off all the stalks and remove the seeds. Blanch the peppers in salted boiling water for about 1 minute. Cool and fill with cooked vegetable mixture.

Salt a little tomato juice and add spices, boil.

Put the peppers into the prepared jars and pour all the juice into the jars, put them in sterilization, and then cover them with the lids.

It is better to stock stuffed peppers in small jars. Having opened one, at dinner you will eat everything at once, but a large jar can then stand in the refrigerator for a long time.

Pepper in tomato juice, in Serbian

An interesting recipe is offered by Serbian housewives: before pouring peppers with tomato juice, they must be pre-baked in an oven that is heated to 200 degrees. Bake for about half an hour.

After the oven, immediately fold them into a tight cellophane bag and close tightly. Keep it about 15-20 minutes.

Next, remove all the skin from the peppers. After baking, it is easy to do, but all the same time will take a lot to this stage.

You can put the peppers in jars in two ways: whole, not peeling or cleaned and cut into small slices. Lay as follows: a layer of peppers, a layer of basil with garlic cloves, again a layer of peppers, etc.

Spicy pepper in tomato juice is prepared for the winter either under iron lids or under nylon. In the second option, you need to store banks in the refrigerator.

The first test can be removed after 10-11 hours.

Storage of blanks

Regardless of which pepper recipes in tomato juice are preferred for winter, this tasty billet should be not only properly prepared, but also properly stored. Banks with blanks should be stored in a dark room for at least seven days from the moment of preparation, then this salad will be not only healthy and tasty, but also safe for health.

Preparing lecho with tomato juice for the winter, save the recipes for friends or relatives.

With bright homemade preparations with bell peppers, and winter will be more fun!

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