Hrušky pro oblast Moskvy - odrůdy, které potěší zahradníka

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The gardens around Moscow have been growing more

  • other varieties of pears

other Moscow countries have grown more and more

  • Botanists brought pears for the Moscow region - varieties for summer, autumn and winter use. There are spreading trees and columnar pears that can fit in a small area. To help the grower offer a description of some varieties, not all.

    Early varieties

    Early varieties of pears for the Moscow region are characterized by self-fertility. To get a crop, 2-3 trees should be planted nearby, it is better if one of them is of another variety. Self-fertility, supplemented by cross-pollination, increases the number of ovaries.

    The Marble Pear description describes its resistance to fungal diseases, including scab. A tree up to 4 meters high with a spreading crown begins to bear fruit for 6-7 years. A feature of the plant is the fall of fruits with insufficient watering. Fruits are medium in size and taste, ripen in early August. Winter hardiness of a grade good, fructification annual.

    Grade refers to the new, stampeled skonoplodny. The tree grows to 2.5 m, initially forms a funnel, then rises by the pyramid. This is one of the earliest varieties in the photo - Lada pear before harvesting in July. Fruits are not large, 90 - 110 g, but the harvest is about 40 kg from one adult tree. Fruiting occurs in 2-4 years after planting.

    Grade advantages:

    • high winter hardiness;
    • resistance to bacterial burn, scab;
    • low demands on lighting;
    • good yield.

    The variety is self-pollinating, but with Rogneda or Chizhovskaya pear, fructification is more abundant. Sometimes another variety is grafted into the crown of the main tree.

    The variety is early ripening, the fruits reach 250 grams, but the tree is very tall and harvesting is difficult. The early harvest is stored for no more than 2 weeks, the fruits are tasty, fragrant and sold quickly in early summer. Pears are used for preservation, mashed potatoes, juices.

    Pear Fairytale refers to varieties with natural immunity to gall mite and scab. After frostbite, the tree quickly restores the crown.

    A variety bred in the South Ural Research Institute of Chelyabinsk. Author grade E.A.Falkenberg. The Krasulia pear was included into the State Register in 2002.A tree up to 4 meters high has a spreading crown and medium fouling. The spines on the branches make harvesting difficult. The harvest is tied on kolchatka, last year's and young growth.

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    The fruits of Krasuli are small 90-120 grams, flattened and rounded. When the pear is ripening, it becomes yellowish-green with a bright blush. The grade is intended for industrial cultivation and personal farms.


    • high yield;
    • resistance to scab, bacterial burn, pear mite;
    • good winter hardiness.

    Early varieties cannot be stored for a long time, they need to be quickly sold or processed.

    Late-year pear varieties

    The pear varieties collected in the second half of August for the Moscow region are more spreading.

    The South Ural variety is bred in the Commonwealth of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg breeders. The tree is medium thick, round, with low self-fertility. Requires a pollinator, for example, Krasulya or Severyanka. The variety is very frost resistant. The frost resistance of the Raduzhna pear was declared -37.2, but with a slight freezing of seedlings and mature trees carried 48.3 in the winter of 1978-1979.

    Fruits weighing up to 140 g to taste are estimated at 4.5 points. The pulp is sour-sweet, aromatic. Fruits in ripe condition can sag for 10 days without falling, after they spoil. Harvest can be stored for a week.


    • excellent commercial quality of the fruit;
    • high winter hardiness;
    • disease and pest resistance.

    We owe the genetics of S. P. Yakovlev to the emergence of a new variety, who crossed the local resistant variety Tenderness with the Australian Triumph Pakgam. On a photo - a pear Avgustovskaya dew, in all magnificence.

    The tree is low, compact, with a drooping crown, thickening is average. The tree begins to bear fruit for 4 years; the variety of the Memory of Yakovlev can serve as a pollinator.

    Fruits weighing 120-140 g when they are picked up are green, turn yellow in color and get a light blush. Stability up to 3 weeks. Evaluation of taste 4.6 - 5 points. Fruiting regular. Variety of pears Augustus dew resistant to scab, little affected leaf-eating insects. When overloading the tree weakens.

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    An old, popular selection variety. Ripe fruits do not have ripened seeds. But the variety tends to be affected by scab. The tree is tall, the fruits are small, 70 - 80 g. Fruits ripen in August, stored for a week. Ripe pears of Bessemyanki fall off, remaining on the branch, increase in volume, the pulp spoils. The Moscow region endures the winter normally. The yield of an adult tree is about 270 kg.

    Pears bearing fruit at the end of August and beginning of September

    Pear was bred by scientists of the Moscow Agricultural Academy named after KA Timiryazev. The result was a universal variety, depending on the region, it is classified as late summer, early autumn, autumn. In the suburbs fruits are removed at the junction of summer with autumn. They are recharged and stored in cool conditions for up to 3 months. The skin is light yellow with a fuzzy pattern. The flesh is white, sweet.

    Dignity Rogned pears:

    • not afraid of Russian winters;
    • resistant to all sorts of diseases;
    • is skoroplodna;
    • yield up to 50 kg per tree.

    The tree grows up to 10 m tall, unpretentious in care, used in breeding work.

    Large and very tasty fruits ripen in early September, but not all. The period of maturity is extended, but the fruits do not crumble, and they can be removed in batches. Soft juicy pear is not suitable for storage. It is better to recycle the harvest immediately.

    Vidnaya Pear is a winter-resistant variety, little susceptible to fungal diseases. It has good frost resistance. Fruiting begins in year 5.

    Not high, up to 3 meters, the tree will bestow beautiful fruits on the inhabitants of the Moscow region in September. However, delicate pears can be stored no more than a week. In the description, a Chizhevsky pear with a three-meter height can give a decent harvest. Pear fruit regularly. The seedling is grown on a dwarf stock, blooms in the third year. Despite the declared self-fertility, the tree is better tied to the Lada pollinator.

    Autumn pear variety Elegant Efimova has an early type of fruiting. The variety won the gold prize in the 80s of the last century at the international fair in Germany. The variety is distributed in the European part of Russia and in the Baltic States. It has the characteristic taste of fruits 4.5.Possesses complex resistance to diseases, pests and climatic resistance.

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    Autumn pear varieties with a long shelf life

    Do not be surprised if you see pears from your own garden on the New Year's table near Moscow dacha. You can save the fruits of winter varieties until January.

    Large fruits weighing 180 grams expire juice when biting. Pears are fragrant and tasty, with a slightly tart aftertaste, but they should be removed from the tree early. Mature pear krasnobokaya on the branch does not hold. The variety retains the best properties during breeding, and has the following advantages:

    • frost resistance is high, at -50 freezing is 3 points;
    • fruitful, with high quality fruits;
    • undemanding on soil composition;
    • adult tree itself regulates the crop, pruning is not required;
    • is not damaged by scab, resistant to insect pests.

    Fruiting pear Redsmith comes in 6-7 year.

    Only at the end of September the Hera pear ripens, giving the owner fruits of amazing taste and an average size of 200 grams. The sweet and sour flesh of white color, granular structure - the distinctive features of this variety. No more storage resistant pears. These lie for 5 months in a cool barn.

    Tree Pear Hera medium height, not thickened, in the shape of a narrow pyramid. Begins to bear fruit for 5 year. The freezing is partial, up to 1.8 points when the temperature drops to - 38. The variety is resistant to bacterial and fungal diseases.

    The variety memorialized the breeder who worked on its creation. Fruiting pear Favorite Yakovlev comes in 5-6 year. The fruits are beautiful, with a dotted pattern and a blush on a gentle yellow-green background. Quince aroma is characteristic in the aftertaste, but without astringency.

    The tree is fast-growing, overgrown, damaged by scabs in wet years. Productivity increases with age, at 7 years old is 20-22 kg. Winter hardiness is good.

    There are still many varieties that deserve the attention of Moscow region gardeners.

    Video about new varieties of pears

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