Jak vyrobit mlýn pro borovice s vlastními rukama

Pine nut is very popular among fans of this healing product. Cones with kernels can be collected in the forests of Siberia, but further processing of nuts is quite complicated. Previously, the kernels were manually separated from the cones, but this process is very laborious and also takes a lot of time. Now, with the advent of new technologies, special machines have appeared, the activity of which is aimed at peeling and processing nuts. Such mills, today, can be made with your own hands, as discussed in this article.

Table of Contents

  • Varieties of machines for peeling pine cones and cleaning pine nuts
  • Can I make a pine crusher with my own hands?
  • Homemade Crushersimpler.
    Processing pine cones into nuts

    At large enterprises, a whole band of apparatuses is usually used, thanks to which the starting material is fully prepared for sale practically without human help. Usually, such tapes consist of special equipment that alternately performs the following functions:

    • so that the process can be started correctly, pine cones first dry ;
    • then kernels are separated from the cones using cones, winders;
    • shelled nuts;
    • clear the edible kernels from various impurities and cone residues;
    • then with a pine nut remove the film ;
    • again washed, dried and packaged for later sale.

    At the enterprises you can find the following devices:

    1. Machines that are engaged in calibrating an already cleaned walnut into a fraction of in size. Such devices handle an average of 160 kilograms of nuts per hour, and their cost starts from 85 thousand rubles ;
    2. Machine, whose work is aimed at crushing pine nut cones ( peeling).Some samples dump all the processed "in a heap" and the person has to manually sort through the cores and debris, while other machines are equipped with a blowing system that separates the nuts from parts of the cones and distributes them into different compartments. The cost of the combined machine on average is 120 thousand rubles , while it can process up to 200 kilograms of product per hour;
    3. The next step will be removal of the shell; for this purpose, special installations have been created, which peel the shells off the nuts using various mechanisms. The average performance equals 70 kilograms per hour, and the price 100 thousand rubles ;
    4. A machine that separates the film from the nut will also be very useful, while at the same time practically without injuring the finished product. This device is capable of carrying through itself up to 500 grams of cores per hour, but its price will also be quite high, not less than 150 thousand rubles ;
    5. Another useful device is the roaster, which in 30 minutes is able to prepare up to 40 kilograms of nuts for use, and there are instances that also pre-wash the product. The price of such a device starts from 130 thousand rubles .
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