Do you have a tricolor violet on the plot?

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Amazing a flower, a three-color, non-overseas, own, three-color, non-overseas, own, growth, one’s, own, one’s, own, three-color, not overseas, one's own, one, has grown, she has, she’s, she, she has, she has, she’s, she has, she’s, she has, she’s, she has, she has, she’s, she has, she’s, she has, she has, she’s, she has, she’s, she’, she’s, she has, she’s, she has, she’s, she’s going to, she’s a kind, she’s going to, she’s going to, she’s going to make a living.appearing in Siberia. The keen villager, looking at the flower, gave him many gentle names. Pansies, Ivan-da-Marya, moths, three flowers. Garden forms of cultivated plants are called Vittrok Violets or Viols.

Distinguishing signs of violet tricolor

If you didn’t manage to clear the snow in spring, and the leaves of the overwinter violet appeared on the thawed curtains, we are in the middle part of the Trans-Urals. In Central European Russia, the violet is a native inhabitant of meadows and hollows, but not sour marshy soil.

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A low-flowering bushy plant has a basal rosette of leaves of various shapes, but always with cloves. Peduncle rises high above the leaves, showing a complex flower, which biologists refer to simple inflorescences. The five-petal halo has a different configuration of colored plates. Bottom, usually triangular multicolor, lateral painted in one color, upper, elongated blue or two-color. Inside, a curious or sad eye is clearly visible, depending on the mood of the spectator. Even the cilia on the petals can be seen.

The classification divides the tricolor violet into several subspecies:

  • Curtis subspecies;
  • subspecies Macedonian;
  • subspecies morning;
  • subspecies subalpine;
  • subspecies tricolor.

Several legends and beliefs are associated with pansies, in which there are beautiful girls who have turned into flowers and symbolize thoughts of their beloved. If in some places this flower was desired in the garden and bouquet, in others it was considered a symbol of sadness and eternity, an ornament of the graves.

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Whatever it is, at the present time the sad anyuts have turned into luxurious beauties, mysteriously calling to a stone garden, to a balcony, to a flower bed. Breeding has gone from an inconspicuous bush, which is disposed of as a weed, to elite varieties with gigantic gems hovering over equally beautiful leaves. Photo violet tricolor only confirms the possibility of selection.

Care and cultivation of pansies

In nature, a three-colored violet is propagated by seeds and overgrowth of bushes. It is possible in culture, and seed reproduction is most often used, but especially valuable hybrids transfer the properties of the mother bush only when grafted. Up to 40 new specimens can be obtained from one mother plant.

Depending on the task, you can get:

  • bush early flowering;
  • second wave;
  • Abundant long-term flowering at the height of summer.

It depends on the care of violets and the formation of young plants, which must take at least 70 days before the first flowers appear. Therefore, for flowering in early summer, it is necessary to preoccupy in the previous season, sow the seeds and leave young plants by autumn, so that they overwinter and bloom early. But later they will have to be replaced, as pansies bloom only once a year. They are ready to replace the seedlings that are grown in home or greenhouse conditions. Transplanting violets grown in cups, the best way to rejuvenate a flower bed.

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You can arrange dug bushes in an inconspicuous place, get seeds from them and sow them again, for the next year. Even if the rosettes do not get stronger, they are well wintering under the shelter with spruce branches and chips to breathe.

The most commonly used breeding method of breeding. In a shallow tank, filled with steamed composition of garden soil and peat in equal shares, seeds are laid out on the surface, which are sprinkled with snow on top. Sowing is done in February, early March. Melting snow carries small grains to the desired depth. Violets sprout quickly, after 10-12 days, release the seedlings from the blanket and expose to light. In a cool place, seedlings will not be pulled out, the roots will begin to work. We need to find a place so that the roots are warm and the air warms up to 15.

With the advent of these leaves, the plants dive into cups and grow until the time of landing in the ground. Violets tricolor unpretentious, can grow in poor soil and in partial shade. But on humus fertile soil flowers are brighter and larger in size, bloom longer. In the open sunny place the flowers are bright, but quickly fade.

Seed varieties can be bred from your garden. Hybrids propagate vegetatively or buy seeds every time in specialized stores.

In order to propagate the violet by cutting, you need to use two nodes from the tops of the shoots in early summer. Under the canopy of a shady tree, they arrange a place for a kindergarten, planting a canvas at a depth of 1 cm to pick off cuttings. They must take root in an atmosphere of high humidity, so cover them with geotextiles for a few days of planting so that air exchange can take place.

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Spray, water.we will often have to weed, but within a month the cuttings will give roots and they can be transplanted to a permanent place with shelter for the winter, but it is better to leave them compact until spring. So, it will be easier to keep them in the winter.

The healing properties of the violet tricolor

The healing power of the violet tricolor has long been known. Harvest collection during flowering. The whole green part of the plant is used. Like all herbal preparations, violet is dried in the shade in ventilated canopies. In rainy weather, you can arrange a grass in a thin layer in the attic. The dried material is crushed and stored in a glass container under a glass or metal lid for up to 2 years. In the pharmacy, violet can be bought separately or in herbal collections.

The healing properties of the tricolor violet are due to the presence of essential oils, polysaccharides, saponins and biologically active substances. The complex chemical composition of the plant allows you to use the collection in many cases:

  • in the treatment of colds, long-term coughing;
  • for anti-inflammatory purposes;
  • for skin diseases.

The list of diseases when it is recommended to apply infusions, decoctions and even violet tinctures is large, but the use of therapeutic forms for each person is individual. Without appropriate knowledge, recommendations of experts, uncontrolled self-treatment can be harmful. This plant has serious contraindications.

Growing from seeds of tricolor violets - video

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