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Thorny shrub up to three meters in the wild grows in the southern regions of the country. As a garden culture is used for hedges. Fruits in the form of oblong berries are used in cooking. All parts of the barberry ordinary are used in medicine. It is this plant has a wide range of applications, but many contraindications.

Plant Pharmacology

Berries, leaves, bark and rhizomes - everything is used in traditional and traditional medicine. It uses each part of the plant separately, in the form of tinctures, tinctures, decoctions. The beneficial properties of barberry fruits are contained in:

  • vitamins, mainly C, beta-carotene, vitamin K;
  • macro and micronutrients;
  • tanning agents;
  • pectins and organic acids.

Berries are used in cooking, for medicinal purposes to reduce pressure and strengthen the immune system. Store them in dry or frozen form.

Unripe barberry berries are poisonous. They contain the alkaloid berberine, which is extracted only for medical purposes. With uncontrolled use, berberine causes severe poisoning.

Berberin is the main medicinal product, which is isolated from the leaves of the shrub. The leaves are harvested in the spring, after the plant has faded. Prickly shrub is robbed only in special mittens. The leaves contain alkaloid berberine, which is not learned to synthesize. The remaining parts contain other necessary alkaloids, including berbamine, oxyacanthin.

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Medical preparations are made from all parts of the plant:

  • berberine biosulfate;
  • cholelitin;
  • barberry tincture.

The healing properties of barberry allow it to be used in official and traditional medicine. The list of its effects on the human body led to the use of various forms of treatment:

  • of the digestive system;
  • liver and bile duct;
  • urogenital system;
  • respiratory system;
  • female reproductive system with bleeding;
  • antitumor and anti-leukemia action.

The list is far from complete, the barberry is used in toxicosis in pregnant women, in hemorrhoids, dysentery, and in other cases.

Contraindications to the use of barberry

The benefits and harms of barberry depend on the patient's condition. Berberine hemostatic property is used in the treatment of female diseases. But it does not apply when there are purification processes in the woman’s body and postpartum residues are removed with blood. Where vasoconstriction and high blood clotting can be harmful, the barberry and preparations from it cannot be used.

Do not eat berries with gastritis with high acidity, those who have thrombophlebitis or problems with cardiovascular insufficiency. You can not use the berries to those who have low blood pressure, and with cirrhosis of the liver. There is individual intolerance to the barberry, you should know about it.

Only a doctor can prescribe treatment to children under 12 years old with barberry treatment. Adults will not interfere with prior consultation with doctors. To start taking the drug should be with small doses.

Barberry tincture on vodka and its use

Vodka tincture is made from leaves that can be used fresh and dried. Infusion in proportion 1: 5 kept in a dark place for 15 days. This tincture is used in the postpartum period and only for the purpose of the gynecologist. Barberry tincture on vodka is applied by courses, as prescribed by the doctor. The goal is to stop the bleeding.

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Berberin, previously allocated to the pharmaceutical industry in powder form, diluted with medical alcohol, the composition is used as a choleretic. Only bark and roots are used in this case. At home, the tincture of the roots of barberry is prepared for 10 days for 75% alcohol in a dilution of 1: 5.Tincture is included in "Choleletin", used for stones in the gall bladder. The same tincture is included in the mixture Zdrenko. It is used to treat gastritis and bladder.

Barberry fruit tincture is used as a bactericidal composition, reduces pressure, is used in Bulgaria and Azerbaijan for the treatment of diabetes.

Broths, infusions, honey

The roots of barberry are used in traditional medicine as decoctions. A decoction of the bark and roots is used to alleviate the patient's condition with malignant tumors of the internal organs, with tuberculosis, internal bleeding. Broths are prepared by boiling 20 grams of dry composition in 400 ml of water. After 15 minutes of boiling, the decoction is infused for 4 hours and used for treatment. In this case, a decoction of the leaves is used to treat the liver, and the bark and roots to stop bleeding.

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Infusion is prepared without boiling. A certain amount of dry matter and water is heated to a boil. Within 15 minutes in the water bath, the nutrients pass into the water. After 4 hours, the solution is ready for a patient with liver and gallbladder problems. Infusion is taken several times a day with a break.

Barberry berry juice is stored in a glass without preservatives and fruit drinks prepared from it are useful. It is used as an antipyretic for colds. The action is based on the presence of vitamin C, as in lingonberries. Good help in this case, and tea from the dried leaves of barberry.

In folk medicine, barberry honey is highly valued as a product of processing pollen. The range of this healing product is wide. It is used even for gastritis with high acidity mixed with potato juice. It is because of the increased acidity of the gastric juice that treatment with pure barberry and other plants is often impossible.

In the composition with eggs, butter and other natural additives, barberry honey is used to heal stomach ulcers. As part of the nettle honey can cure even thrombophlebitis. However, it should be immediately noted that treatment with folk remedies is long, since the effect on the body is conducted gently. But simultaneously with the solution of the main problem, the immune system is strengthened, and other internal organs receive support.

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