Salt for dishwasher: what and how to replace it

  • What is the function of salt in a dishwasher?
  • How does salt differ from ordinary salt?
  • What is absolutely impossible to replace a special salt?
  • What can be replaced without damage to technology?

Economy must be economical! So once Brezhnev and many housewives said so agree with him, and they especially agree at the moment when there is no extra money available, and the salt in the dishwasher is over. And they have a completely logical thought: how to replace salt for the dishwasher? If it's just salt, then why pay a lot of money for it?

Let's look at this issue together and consider all the options. Since, the fact that it is salt does not mean at all that this salt is a dining room and is completely identical.

What is the function of salt in a dishwasher?

Salt is not just a necessary component when washing dishes, but you can say, irreplaceable. Without it, the sink will not succeed!

The main purpose of salt is to soften water. Because, in hard water, the detergent does not give foam, but simply dissolves and does not clean the pollution. And the water in our cranes is harsh, and you cannot get anywhere from this fact.

And, due to the fact that the salt makes the water soft, there is one more, side, but not unimportant bonus: no scum forms on the iron parts of the machine. And, therefore, the car will not fail for this reason.

Many will probably say now: sorry, what nonsense? How can salt soften water, if everyone knows that, on the contrary, it makes it hard? It turns out that the salt for the machine is called soda? After all, only alkali can soften the water!

To this we will answer: no soda! That is - salt, sodium chloride, sodium. And it softens the water - in an absolutely indirect way, simply feeding the ion exchanger resin with its charge.

An ion exchanger is a reservoir filled with resin balls that, like a sponge, absorb magnesium and calcium ions from flowing water passing through it. Thereby, cleaning the water and making it soft and suitable for effective washing. But, these balls will not work as a sponge, if they are not saturated with saline, it compensates for the loss of ions.

In general, resin is negatively charged, and calcium and sodium are positive. And if the resin is discharged, then it will not be able to pull anything and the washing will be ineffective, since soap in hard water, and even in such a minimum amount, is unable to dissolve. These are the wonders. ..

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How does salt differ from ordinary salt?

We think that you yourself understand that the word “horse” may not always indicate an Arabian horse, but it may mean that it is an ordinary pony. And then try to prove at the races that the horses are also ponies!

The same story with salt. Special salt for dishwashers has two differences from ordinary:

  • Deepest cleaning of impurities
  • Granulation is not so small

And these two factors make it a completely different product, although it remains in composition the usual sodium chlorine.

An ordinary salt contains a mass of impurities, to the extent that there are particles of sand and gypsum. These things are completely confusing to the ion exchanger, disabling it, and, moreover, spoil the iron parts, contributing to the very scale that the ion exchanger is supposed to fight.

Granulation of such salt is designed so that it slowly dissolves and in no case clogs the ion exchanger filter. That is, if you pour fine salt, it will block the filter and it will not work at all! Naturally, there will be no effect at all, since the brine will not reach its destination. After all, as you remember, salt plays only an indirect role and it does not get directly to the plates.

What is absolutely impossible to replace the special salt?

So, what can not be replaced?

Coarse salt, but dirty - definitely can not be used.

Salt of the pure, but too small fraction “Extra” - also cannot be used, since it will clog the ion exchanger filter.

Maybe sea salt? No, also not. Since, sea salt is even less purified than the usual table, gray. In sea salt an incredible amount of iodine and other minerals, very useful to the human body, but not the iron parts of technology.

Soda - the more impossible! In general, get rid of such an idea, because these are completely different things. And the fact that soda softens the water does not concern the ion exchanger. Which is sure to fail from such experiments.

And the replacement of the ion exchanger is an expensive and not economical thing. Imagine how many years you could buy a special salt, instead of replacing the ion exchanger? That is the same.

What can be replaced without damage to technology?

There are only two options. Or, put the filter on the faucet from where water is supplied, or, replace the salt for the dishwasher with the salt for the pools.

This is such a special salt, tableted and highly purified. It is sold in bags of 25 kg and costs much less special.

But, these alternatives also have their drawbacks.

If nothing is poured into the salt compartment, the ion exchanger will fail. And changing a clogged filter is also not so cheap and dreary. And if, one fine day, your filter is completely clogged and the water begins to slip, and there is no suitable replacement, then this is very bad, because the ion exchanger is no longer working! And it turns out that the car wash will have to be canceled indefinitely.

And in salt tablets, the disadvantage is that it is not sold at every step. This time. Secondly, it is placed much less in the tank than the special one. And this is superfluous fuss over filling.

But finally, we will calm you down a bit. If, suddenly, it so happens that there is no money in the house, and you need to wash it, then pour the usual, gray salt! Just fill the tank a little. Literally, for a couple of sinks, until such time as you will not have the opportunity to purchase a special one.

In the short term there will be no significant changes, do not worry.

So, dear hostesses, now you know how to replace salt for the dishwasher. We hope that you take into account our recommendations and not harm your irreplaceable assistant!

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