How to eat juicy ginger root in food and for treatment

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Ginger roots are a great seasoning for meat and fish dishes, an addition to the culinary delights of the national cuisine of Japan, as well as a well-known healing tool. How to eat ginger? How best to take advantage of its healing properties?

The use of ginger root is due to its composition and the presence of a wide variety of vitamins, organic acids and bitters. In the pulp of ginger is calcium and iron, chromium and magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and silicon. It is rich in fiber and essential oils, phytoncides and other highly active compounds that have an effective effect on the body.

The healing properties of ginger

Today, ginger is recognized by folk and traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anesthetic.

Ginger as a medicine is actively used for inflammatory diseases of the throat and nasopharynx, for colds, viral infections. In this case, a decoction or tea based on the healing root:

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  • will help relieve pain and discomfort when swallowing;
  • stimulates sputum discharge;
  • will have a mild antibacterial effect.

The benefits of ginger are not limited to this. In his power to warm and relieve chills, cause intense sweating and, thereby, reduce the heat. Lemon and mint are added to tea, which enhances the beneficial properties of the root. Ginger tea strengthens the immune system, tones and creates a good supply of strength to resist seasonal diseases.

Why eat ginger? For therapeutic purposes, the root is used to activate the process of digestion, increase appetite and the production of gastric juice, which is especially important if a person suffers from gastritis with low acidity, meteorism, and dysbiosis.

Since ginger contains a lot of active substances, products based on such plant raw materials can not only benefit, but also cause undesirable reactions, such as exacerbation of chronic diseases or allergic reactions.

To prevent this from happening, before taking ginger, be it tea, spicy seasoning, dry powder or plant-based sauce, you should consult with a specialist. The doctor will prompt a safe dose and protect against possible trouble.

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How to eat ginger: recipes and recommendations

In the world, ginger has spread from the East. Dishes, seasonings, juicy root drinks can be found in the traditional cuisine of the peoples of China, Korea, Vietnam and, especially, Japan. Not only that the indigenous people of the countries of the south and southeast of Asia actively use ginger as food, the miraculous root in dried and fresh form is used to prepare traditional medicine.

If at home ginger is most often included in sauces or marinades, marinated or infused to make hot and cold drinks, then in the Old World a different fate was prepared for the plant.

How did our ancestors use ginger? The root brought to Europe, strangely enough, became not seasoning for meat, but together with cardamom, cloves and other unusual spices, it was used to flavor gingerbread, gingerbread and other confectionery products. In the countries of central and northern Europe, the warming properties of ginger were gradually used. People have learned not only to insist and boil the roots, but also add them to beer and other alcoholic beverages.

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How to use ginger root today?

Thanks to the establishment of ties between nations and the information revolution, the use of ginger in cooking has become incredibly wide. Today, ginger improves the taste of not only pastries, confectionery and beverages, but also all kinds of soups, cereal and vegetable dishes, roasts and sausages.

The traditional Japanese way of eating ginger, pickled with rice vinegar, salt and sugar, also caught on. What do pickled ginger eat with? In the Land of the Rising Sun, pickled pieces of ginger root are served to sushi, sashimi and other seafood dishes, as well as rice and stewed vegetables. In Europe and the Americas, this custom was adopted along with sushi, which are so popular today. But, besides this, pickled ginger goes well:

  • with baked or fried salmon, other fatty fish;
  • any meat and poultry;
  • rice dishes with vegetables or mushrooms.

Not only is ginger root consumed as a tasty and useful independent seasoning, it is put in crushed form in marinades for meat and fish. As a result, ready-made dishes due to the properties of the root become softer, juicier, more aromatic. In this case, the classic marinade is made on the basis of soy sauce, wine vinegar, sesame oil, garlic and other spices. Ginger is added to the mixture in a chopped form.

Recipes, how to use ginger with pleasure and benefit, many. The leaders in terms of popularity are refreshing, invigorating and warming drinks based on an amazing root:

  1. All adherents of a healthy lifestyle who want to lose weight and strengthen their immunity are well familiar with ginger, honey and lemon. It is drunk both hot and chilled. In the latter case, the drink can be served with ice and mint.
  2. Chopped fresh root will add spice to punch, beer and liqueurs. Ginger make bitter tinctures.
  3. If the gourmet prefers soft drinks, then he should try hot tea, which, in addition to ginger root, includes cardamom, orange peel, cloves and cinnamon. Original and very invigorating replacement of the famous mulled wine.

Ginger is a universal seasoning. It is easily combined with almost any product, which opens up vast horizons in front of the most courageous culinary specialist.

Values ​​are added to the root by the fact that ginger can be used both as an original nutritional supplement, as a seasoning, and also as an remedy.

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After heat treatment and pickled ginger loses its characteristic searing sharpness, its taste becomes softer. But it must be remembered that the healing properties of ginger are partially lost, because the high temperatures and vinegar marinade destroy vitamins, change the mineral composition of the product.

If it is not possible to use fresh root for culinary and health purposes, you can find dried and chopped ginger. It retains more nutrients than in the marinade, but the flavor of such seasoning is not so bright.

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