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Cultivar varieties of scaly juniper have been used for a long time and are widely used for landscaping a juniper

Cultivar juniper has long been widely used for landscaping a juniper

.Mayerie Juniper is no exception. Landscape designers and bonsai lovers are attracted by the original shape of the crown, especially during the period of active growth of shoots, silvery needles and easy portability of pruning.

Description of Juniper Meyeri

The birthplace of juniper flaky is a mountainous region of China and other parts of Eastern Asia. Under natural conditions, plants are content with small. For the growth of the shrub does not need nutrient soil and plenty of soil. To adapt to strong winds, the juniper crown gradually acquired a squat prostrate shape.

Juniper scaly Meyeri has fully retained the features of wild specimens and has been deservedly recognized by landscape designers, country owners and bonsists who have grown surprisingly dynamic compositions in the oriental style for many decades.

The time-tested unpretentious variety stands out for its sprawling bowl-like crown. Its shape is asymmetrical, which only adds a sort of charm to the variety and determines the use of shrubs in landscape design.

The maximum height of evergreen cold-resistant shrubs reaches 5 meters, and their diameter is 3 meters. At first, the young shoots are directed obliquely upwards, but when they grow back, they wilt. A crown of juniper, like a storm wave rolling ashore, ready to collapse, but frozen by someone's unknown will.

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According to the description of juniper Meyeri, silver shoots cover the adult shoots. On the shoots of growth, needles have a particularly intense bluish tint. From early spring to early autumn, while the growing season lasts, the bush adds no more than 12 cm in height, and its diameter increases by 10 cm.

Mayer's juniper in landscape design

A few centuries ago, coniferous evergreens decorated the gardens of Chinese emperors and noblepeople of Japan. Today, many varieties of juniper have not lost their relevance. On the contrary, shrubs from different parts of the world are indispensable:

  • when creating borders;
  • in the decoration of stony hills;
  • to support groups of large ornamental plants;
  • as a center of composition with herbaceous flowering plants.

In landscape design, Meyeri Juniper is used in the design of spacious gardens, park areas and squares. Thanks to its unique form, it performs the solo part perfectly on a flat green lawn or surrounded by ground-cover plants. Bluish juniper needles will not be lost against a smooth green wall of thuja or privet.

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As in the photo, Meyerie juniper easily tolerates a haircut, therefore it has long been in demand among bonsai lovers.

Increasingly, evergreen shrub is becoming the subject of interest of topiary art masters, who use haircuts to create the most bizarre compositions based on it.

The undoubted value of Juniper Meyeri is also in the fact that it was this ornamental plant that gave rise to such famous varieties as Blue star and Blue carpet. At different times, gardeners working with plants in the nursery, noticed and could fix the spontaneous natural mutations of juniper.

In 1950, a star-like, original arrangement of needles was recorded on the branches of a bush. Today, a dwarf species of juniper scaly called Blue star or "Blue Star" is one of the most common in the world.

At the beginning of the 70s, a creeping variety with a broad dense crown was obtained on the basis of Meyeri's juniper. The variety named Blue carpet or “Blue carpet” is also incredibly popular.

Planting and care for juniper Meyeri

Meyeri's scaly juniper is a light-loving evergreen crop with medium frost resistance and high drought resistance.

In the shade, the blue needles of juniper lose their decorativeness, the branches become bare, the crown becomes not so dense and attractive. To facilitate the adaptation of the sapling and the care of Juniper Mayeri after planting will help a well-lit, sheltered from the strong wind place. It is important that the plant is not threatened by root rot due to stagnant moisture, and the neighboring plants are at a distance of 70 cm to a meter so that the crown grows unhindered.

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In central Russia, juniper can freeze, so for the winter it is either covered with sacking or it is covered with snow. Beforehand, the crown is neatly tied so that the branches do not break off under the weight of packed snow.

Spring shrub pruned pruning. The annual shaping haircut will help to make the crown as fast as possible, it is irreplaceable if the purpose of growing Meyeri's juniper is the original topiary. Further care is watering, careful loosening of the trunk circle and its mulching. Fertilizers for coniferous plants will help maintain the growth and brightness of the needles.

Video about Juniper Meyeri

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