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strawberry confit - is the most popular type of filling, which is used confectioners all over the world. Often this filler is used to make cakes and mousse cakes. This is a unique filling, which is not only very tasty, but also has an appetizing appearance. To make it, you need to use fresh berries and thickener. With the right balance and adherence to technology, strawberry confit for a cake will be unforgettable.

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A quick confit recipe at home

In order to make the filling for the cake turned out, it is better to use sheet or instant gelatin. This will not only accelerate the process itself, but also give the mixture the desired structure.

Selection of ingredients

To prepare a recipe for strawberry confit for a cake, you need the following products:

  • a glass of ripe strawberries;
  • 55 grams of sugar( you can use brown);
  • 15 grams of corn starch or pectin;
  • gelatin bag;
  • half dessert spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The quality of the gelatin depends on the taste of the finished product.

Preparing berries for confit

First you need to prepare the berries. Strawberries well washed in running water from sand and other debris. Then remove the tail from each fruit. If the house is not fresh strawberries, you can use and frozen. From what will be the berries, the quality and taste of confit does not depend. Before you use frozen strawberries, you should hold it a little at room temperature. If time is tight, then you can put the berries in the microwave and turn on the “Warming up” mode. But at the same time you need to carefully monitor that they have not lost their structure.

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Preparing a tender structure

Put gelatin sheets in a bowl and pour in melt water. Instant gelatin is placed in a glass or other container and fill with cold water. Leave in this state for 15 minutes at room temperature. At the end of the specified time, put the container on a small fire. Constantly stirring, wait until it is completely dissolved.

It is impossible to boil gelatin, it will lead to the loss of its qualities.

Take a cup or a small but deep bowl and combine the sugar with pectin in it. The components mix well among themselves.

Put strawberries in a blender and grind to a state of mashed potatoes. From the resulting mass, separate 100 grams of the mixture, put on the minimum heat and stir constantly. Thus, bring the puree to a temperature of about 400 ° C. In order to find out the exact figures, you should use a pastry thermometer. As soon as the strawberries reach the desired indicators, add mixed pectin with sugar in a small stream. It is important not to stop stirring. Do it better with a whisk.

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As soon as the mass boils, add fresh lemon juice. Mix well and remove from heat. If necessary, the mashed potatoes can be re-beaten with a blender.

Add gelatin to the hot mixture. If you use a sheet, then it must be well squeezed from the water in which it was located. Mix thoroughly until complete dissolution of the thickener.

Then add the remaining strawberry puree to the warm mixture and mix again. It is recommended to do this with a blender. This recipe for strawberry confit is ready.

The mixture can be poured into silicone molds for candies or evenly distributed on a baking sheet. In this case, cover the bottom of the container with cling film and cover the top of the cream with it. This is to ensure that the mass is not in contact with air.

Creating the perfect

berry filling When distributing liquid, take into account the thickness of the cake cake. The size of confit should be at least two times smaller.

Only fresh berries are used to make the classic strawberry confit from Andy Chef.

If it is important for you that the filler has ideally smooth edges, then the mixture should be poured into a separable form. Well it turns out confit in the form of rings. The advantage of using them is that the edges are smooth and the size is as convenient as possible.

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Before distributing the mixture in the ring, the bottom must also be covered with a film, and the form itself must be placed on something flat and firm. This will allow you to quickly and easily move the dish from one place to another.

Forms with confi send to the freezer for 3 or 4 hours. After this time, the dessert filling can be taken from the fridge. In order not to spoil the delicacy, it should be removed as carefully as possible. Particular attention should be paid to film removal. In order for the substrate to quickly and easily separated from the mass, it must be abundantly lubricated with water.

Use strawberry confit can be frozen. During the time until the cake is soaked with cream, and this is 2-3 hours, the filler will completely melt and, thus, give all its tastes and flavor to the cake.

As you can see from the recipe, strawberry confit is very easy and quick to prepare. Therefore, to make a delicious and beautiful mousse cake, which will be similar to the shop one, it will take a minimum of effort and time.

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