Choose a recipe and bake lemongrass cake for the holiday table

Contents of the websitespecial place among desserts. This dish is for those who wish to surprise their loved ones. Delicacy is not very sweet, so it suits every guest. If you follow the sequence of processes, the dessert will be tender and very fragrant. A photo of a simple recipe for lemongrass pie can be seen below.

A classic recipe for lemongrass cake

This is one of the easiest methods to bake a delicious dessert in the shortest possible time. A slightly sour aftertaste will win the hearts of those who try it. To make a cake with a classic recipe, you need a few ingredients that are in the kitchen.

Dessert products:

  • two fresh medium sized lemons;
  • a tablespoon of potato starch;
  • half cup of brown sugar( can be plain);
  • pinch of cardamom;
  • one and a half glasses of sifted flour;
  • salt;
  • two chicken eggs;
  • a pack of butter;
  • baking powder for the dough.

Frozen butter should not be used to make lemon pie.

Fruit wash from dust and dirt under running water. Then dip each of them in boiling water. Using a fine grater, remove the yellow peel( zest).

Sift the flour through a sieve. Add baking powder and a little salt to it. Put crushed zest there.

Butter, if it is frozen, remove from the refrigerator and hold at room temperature until it is soft. Combine butter with sugar and mix thoroughly.

In a deep bowl, beat the eggs. It is better to do this with a fork. Then add flour and mix well. From the mixture, make the dough, form a small bun and place in the refrigerator. Keep in this state should be within 30 minutes.

While the dough is resting, the lemon pulp is divided into slices. From each part to remove all the bones. Place fruit in a blender and chop. In the resulting mixture, put starch, sugar and a pinch of cardamom.

After 30 minutes, remove the dough from the refrigerator. Kolobok divided into two equal parts. Carefully roll out one of them and transfer to a pre-greased baking sheet. Then lay out the layer of filling. Cover the lemon mixture with another part of the dough. Edge carefully close up. This is necessary so that the filling does not follow in the cooking process. Heat the oven to a temperature of 180 ° C. As soon as the necessary numbers appear on the thermometer, you can put the baking tray in the middle. Bake the cake for 35 minutes.

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Serve lemon pie prepared according to this recipe, it is recommended to be slightly warm.

A simple recipe for lemon cake

If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to make a delicious dessert, then this method will be a godsend. The lemon pie baked according to this recipe is a very quick and tasty dish. Such a dessert will turn even the most ordinary day into a holiday.

Ingredients for preparation:

  • three full glasses of wheat flour;
  • 200 g white sugar;
  • half a glass of sunflower oil( refined);
  • one small lemon;
  • baking powder bag;
  • pinch of vanillin.

The first thing you need to start cooking a lean lemon pie recipe is to warm up the oven to 200 degrees. This is necessary in order for the dessert to have a good bake and absorb all the flavors of lemon.

Fruit needs to be well washed and dried using a paper towel. Then remove the zest from it, and split the pulp in half. It should be cut only with a sharp knife, otherwise the juice will flow out onto the table. Remove grains and peels from each wedge.

Chopped fruit put in a blender and turn it into a puree. Add sugar and butter to the mixture.

Put baking powder in the bowl to the lemon mass. All components mix well. Then put the flour to them, pre-sifted through the fed. Using a spoon to stir. If the proportions are met, the mixture will turn out as a crumb. . To knead dough out of it, you need to lay out part of the mass on the table and carefully process it with your hands.

Grease the container for baking with plenty of vegetable oil. Spread the dough evenly in shape. Sprinkle on top of it with the part that remained in the form of crumbs. Once everything is done, the container can be put in a preheated oven. Cut the cake to a warm piece.

Lemon Pie on Yeast Dough

A dough that is made with yeast has always been in demand. It gained its popularity due to unusual tenderness and softness. In order to prepare a recipe for lemon pie on yeast dough, it will take some time, but it's worth it.

. Set of ingredients

. To make a dessert, you need:

  • a big lemon( not sluggish);
  • 200 grams of white sugar( for the filling) + 1 dessert spoon in the dough;
  • three tablespoons of butter;
  • half glass of water;
  • dessert spoon of yeast;
  • one teaspoon of starch;
  • fine salt;
  • icing sugar for decoration.
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Preparation steps

The preparation of this recipe for lemon pie at home should start with sponge. To do this, combine yeast, sugar and warm water in a deep bowl. Components mix well until a homogeneous consistency. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes at room temperature. This time will be enough for the yeast to start working.

While the sponge is being prepared, you can proceed to other ingredients. Sift the flour into the bowl and add salt to it. Also put the butter in the mixture. Best of all, if it is soft. This will get the necessary consistency. All components are thoroughly mixed until homogeneous crumbs. It is recommended to do a similar job with a metal spoon.

Put prepared brew in a container with dry ingredients. With the mixture to make the dough. Knead it manually. Collect the dough into one big lump and move to a bowl. Cover the container with a towel or newspaper and place for 45 minutes in a warm place.

As long as the dough rises, you can start preparing the filling. You will need to wash the lemon well and put it in boiling water for a few seconds. This is necessary in order to destroy all bacteria. Then get the fruit out of the water and cut it in two.

Remove all the bones from the pulp and mince or chop in a blender. Add sugar to the slurry and mix well.

As soon as the dough has doubled, you can begin to collect the pie. To do this, divide the main component into two equal parts. Each of them carefully roll out the rolling pin. Put one layer on a greased baking sheet. If the edges hang from the sides, they should be carefully trimmed with a knife. Sprinkle with starch on top, which is generously put the stuffing. Cover the fragrant mixture with another part of the rolled dough. The edges are well covered and put in the oven. Baking dessert will be about 30 minutes. At the end of this time, take the baking sheet from the cabinet, and cover the dish on top with powdered sugar.

Lemon pie is ready in a hurry! Have a nice tea party!

Lemongrass Cake Based on Shortcrust

The lemon cake for this recipe is very fragrant and tender. The filling on the basis of this fruit acquires a special density and even slightly gelled, and thanks to the sand cake, the dish simply melts in the mouth.

Preparing such a pie at home, you can not only make your child happy with yummy food, but also surprise your husband. Slightly acidic stuffing does not carry any hint of primitiveness. The dish is aromatic and with a balanced taste. This dessert is very similar to the exquisite pastries, which are served in European coffee houses.

No milk or water is added to the shortbread dough.

Set of ingredients

To prepare the dessert you need to take:

  • three lemons;
  • two and a half cups of flour( sifted);
  • a pack of margarine;
  • 400-500 grams of sugar;
  • two small chicken eggs;
  • some baking soda;
  • dessert spoon of vinegar.
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Cooking dessert

You should start cooking this lemon pie shortbread dough recipe with chopping margarine. Cut the product into small cubes and place in a deep bowl. If there is no margarine in the house, then it can be replaced with butter.

Put 200-250 g of sugar in a bowl of dairy products. The components mix well. To get the desired consistency, you will need to use a fork. Then add eggs and flour to the bowl.

Also for the preparation of short pastry, you will need to combine in a teaspoon soda with vinegar. This will allow the main ingredient to be soft and crumbly. Instead of soda, you can use another baking powder.

Knead all components thoroughly with your hands. Do this for at least 4 minutes. Then the dough is divided into 2 parts, one of which should be larger. Wrap a smaller lump in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. Cover the remainder with plastic and place in a cold place. Keep it in the refrigerator for 60 minutes.

Lemon well wash and cut off the tips. Fruits cut into large pieces and remove all the seeds. Sprinkle fruit with sugar and with the help of a blender to transform into mush. Grease baking mold with margarine. Roll out a round pancake from dough and spread it out in a container. Top with lemon paste and carefully level with a silicone spatula.

During the cooking process it is important to ensure that the lemon mass does not reach the edges of the form. Dough, which was in the freezer, get and grate on a coarse grater. Chips, sprinkle with pie. Bake dessert you need for one hour.

In order not to burn the lemon shortbread cake, 30 minutes after being in the oven, it is recommended to cover the container with foil.

Cut dessert should be cooled. From above each piece can be decorated with powdered sugar.

This shortbread dough lemon pie recipe is a godsend for a real hostess. Crumbly base and fragrant filling will appeal to every family member.

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