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Cod, baked in the oven - a dish that is rich in various vitamins, phosphorus and other no less important trace minerals. This type of fish is characterized by snow-white meat and a small amount of fat. Thanks to this, it is possible to prepare a variety of different dishes for adults and children. But the most popular is cod, baked in the oven with sour cream. The use of dairy products gives the fish an incredible tenderness and an interesting aftertaste.

Delicious cod recipe in foil

The dish is very useful and satisfying. To everyone who wants to surprise their loved ones with food, this recipe will help. If you follow the recommendations, the cod, baked in foil in the oven, turns juicy, fragrant and useful. In the composition of this fish, after heat treatment, 40% more phosphorus and calcium are retained than in dried apricots and izume. Daily consumption of baked cod, will help improve the performance of the cardiovascular system and other organs.

To cook the fillets of cod in foil it is necessary:

  • 500 g of fish;
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice (fresh);
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (can be olive);
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • a bag of Italian herbs;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • mixture of peppers (ground).

Baking fish, follow the edges of the foil well and pinch up. This will allow the juice to stay inside.

Wash fish thoroughly in water. Then pull out all the bones, using tweezers.

Put the fillets in a deep bowl and season with salt, pepper. After this you can start cooking marinade.

In the tank, combine lemon juice, sunflower oil, seasoning. To them also add crushed garlic. Mix everything.

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The resulting marinade was coated with cod fillets from all sides. Then cover the fish with food film and leave to marinate for 25 minutes. All this time the cod is kept in the refrigerator.

At the end of the time, the meat of the fish is wrapped in foil and put on a baking tray.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. If the house does not have foil, then you can use a sleeve.

Serve the fish only warm. Each portion is decorated with chopped herbs and toasted sesame seeds.

Delicious cod with sour cream

World culinary experts and chefs believe that the combination of fish and dairy products is an opportunity to prepare a useful and incredible tasty dish. Cod with sour cream in the oven is one of the popular recipes, for the preparation of which you do not need to have special skills.


  • 1 kg of fish (cod);
  • a glass of sour cream (homemade);
  • 1 onion;
  • half a lemon;
  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise (if possible, use a home);
  • 80 milliliters of cream;
  • salt, chopped sweet pepper;
  • two large tomatoes.

To fish does not have its own specific odor, it should be cooked in a mixture with a little lemon juice before cooking.

Stages of preparation:

  1. Wash the fish. Use a sharp knife to mend. It is important to make sure that no bones remain. Those who do not want to engage in this procedure, you can buy ready-made fillets in the store.
  2. Grate the meat with ground black pepper.
  3. Then, peel the onion and cut into thin semirings.
  4. Tomatoes washed, wiped with a paper towel. Cut them into small slices.
  5. Fold the foil, cut off a small portion of the roll and lay the meat on it.
  6. Sprinkle the top of the fillets with lemon juice. Put a layer of tomatoes and onions on the fish.
  7. Mayonnaise and dairy products can be combined together. Stir the mixture and fill it with fish.
  8. Transfer the foil with cod and vegetables to a baking sheet and send to the oven. Keep on the middle shelf at a temperature of 180 degrees.
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The prepared dish should be served along with the potatoes.

The fillet of cod, baked in the oven, is perfectly combined with dry kinds of wine.

Unusual fish with vegetables

Another version of a wonderful dish that will not leave anyone indifferent. Using the recipe of such a fish, you can be 100% sure that food will appeal to every member of the family.

Cod with vegetables baked in the oven is a dish that will decorate any festive table. For a vegetable pillow you can use tomatoes, peppers, carrots and other types of fruits. The more they are, the more useful and tastier the food will turn out.

To make it you should use:

  • 700 g of fish fillets;
  • two huge bulbs;
  • a couple of Bulgarian peppers (red and yellow);
  • 2-3 small cloves of garlic;
  • 120 grams of broccoli;
  • 2 dessert spoons of sunflower oil (you can use olive oil);
  • if desired, season with pepper and salt.

To ensure that the fish is cooked evenly from all sides and is well soaked with vegetable juice, it should be periodically turned over during cooking.

Wash all vegetables, remove seeds and stems from them. If necessary, remove the peel. Pepper and onions cut into half rings.

Garlic let through the press, and cut the broccoli into small pieces.

With vegetables, make a pillow, and lay out on their fish.

Grate the top with a little oil. Once everything is ready, the cod can be sent to the oven. Bake recommended at 180 degrees not more than 40 minutes.

Video recipe for cod "Nelson"

Cod fillets with potatoes

This is a delicious and hearty dish that is suitable for both lunch and dinner. Baked cod in the oven with potatoes is cooked very quickly and easily. This dish contains a huge number of useful components.

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To fish has acquired an incredible flavor and taste, it is necessary to choose the right vegetables and their ratio.

For the preparation of cod it is necessary to prepare:

  • 850 grams of small fish;
  • 5 medium potatoes;
  • two small bulbs;
  • two tomato varieties of cream;
  • sunflower oil (refined);
  • salt pepper.

If the fish is frozen, then before you begin to cook it, place the carcass for one hour in cold water with 7 grams of salt. This will reduce the loss of mineral substances.

Preparation of the dish must begin with cleaning the fish. It will need to remove the peel and divide into small pieces. Steaks roll in flour, salt, sprinkle a little pepper.

Pieces of fry from both sides until golden brown.

Vegetables clean and grind. Carrots cut into circles, and onion semirings. Move them into a skillet and let them sit on vegetable oil.

Then proceed to the potatoes. Cut it into circles. Their thickness should be about one centimeter. Put into a saucepan and add water. If desired, you can add and cook until half cooked.

Then grease the baking dish with vegetable oil. Spread all the ingredients in layers. The first ball should consist of half of the fried vegetables. Then potatoes and fish. Top all other components. Bake such a treat will have 30 minutes at a temperature of about 200C.

Using recipes of cod baked in the oven, which are presented above, you can get a tender and juicy dish. Such food will surprise even those who do not like fish in any of its variants. Also in each dish you can add your raisins, which will make it even tastier.

Video cod recipe in Portuguese

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