Breeding goats at home for beginners

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The content of dairy goats will provide the seven with a curative hypoallergenic drink. Breeding goats at home for beginners will not seem difficult. Of all the pets, the goat is considered the most unpretentious. However, a restless animal can damage the relationship between neighbors for a long time if it is allowed to carelessly keep it.

How to start the contents of a goat in a household

Most bred dairy breeds of goats. If the goal of care is to obtain a valuable Angora fluff, you need to select a meat-down breed for breeding. For breeding, you can buy a pregnant uterus on demolitions or grown kids. It is better to purchase an offspring or goat from the uterus, which has already confirmed its positive properties - the quality of milk or the beauty of the fleece. These properties are transmitted to the offspring along the maternal line.

Have chosen the future nurse - arrange it for residence. The content of goats at home for beginners to organize easily. Usually goats are half in stall and walking content. The shed will be dry and without drafts. On the floor should be a thick layer of litter, a bench or a block, to lay on a clean dry place. In a flock of goats are kept without a leash.

Hay in the trough and water in the basin are the minimum set. If the goat is on demolitions, the owner should know the time of lambing. If the young are bought, the females are kept separately and the first mating occurs at the age of one and a half years.

The yield of the offspring depends directly on the origin of the producer. If he was born from a dairy goat, the offspring will also have a lot of milk in the udder.

If a newborn was taken to a warm house immediately after lambing, his mother would not accept it. She must lick each lamb.

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In summer, goats graze on the ramp or feed freshly cut grass. But unlimited growth of hoofs will force at least 4 hours a day to walk the animal or regularly hoof the hooves. When there is no pasture, hay, mixed fodder and root crops are used. In winter, the absence of hay when feeding goats mixed fodder is not replaced. The temperature in the flock should not drop below 10 C, for the kids of the newborn, a minimum of 12 degrees.

The distance where the goat was placed must be strong. She always examines all corners and tries to leave. If the goat's further route is laid through the fence to the neighbors, there will be a scandal. They graze animals with a herd under the supervision of a goatskeeper, or tied to a peg. Talk with animals kindly, treating a crust of bread and salt.

An unpretentious animal eats:

  • weed grass after weeding;
  • kitchen waste;
  • cut root crops;
  • straw, hay, meadow grass.

Minimal information about breeding goats at home gives an idea of ​​the goats for a beginner. In the future, you will need to acquire skills for care, get acquainted with the ration of feeding and rearing of kids.

Breeding, maintenance, care of goats at home

Good strong offspring are obtained from the goat in the early spring period. To do this, mating should be done in early autumn. A goat in a hunt happens with a male not on a kinship line. If the mating did not occur, after 15-22 days the animal will again become worried. The offspring will appear in 147-150 days. Take the kids should be right. The baby is wiped, the mucus is removed from the nose and mouth, lick the goat, apply to the udder or milk the colostrum in the first hour after birth. If the temperature in the maternity department is less than 15 degrees, the kids are taken to a warm room and treated and disinfected with iodine by the umbilical cord. If the kids are on the sump, they stay with the mother in a warm room and then the milk goes to the suckling. When breeding goats, sucking specimens give a healthier and more numerous offspring. Creating a herd, milk in the first year can be sacrificed.

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At artificial feeding of goats after a birth to mother do not admit to an udder and feed from a dummy. In order not to be mistaken in feeding goats from the first days of life, use the table.

In three months, the baby is already growing up and receiving food on a different diet. At five months old young goats already have a hunt. To allow the young body to grow stronger, the mating is allowed after one and a half years.

From the table you can see how to feed kids in 2 months, how gradually to teach the kids to the porridge, concentrates and root crops. Three-month-old goats should receive food and supplements:

  • Green grass from grass, branches of bushes;
  • coarse - hay, straw, dry birch whisks;
  • fermented green mass - silage;
  • mixed feed;
  • grain crushed;
  • vitamins and minerals.

To keep goats is necessary separately and in time to castrate them. At the maintenance of a dairy goat near to a goat the milk will get an unpleasant smell. Therefore, the goat's enclosure should be kept away from the dairy herd.

Adult animals should receive a diet balanced in seasons. Summer grass is irreplaceable in pastures. But animals can not be grazed in swampy terrain, they groan hooves. However, in addition to goats, no one can cope with overgrown bushes of glades, steep mountain slopes, inconveniences. The goat will find food where large animals do not climb through. They gladly eat a young aftertaste after harvesting the fields. An adult animal eats on day 6-7, kids 2-4 kg of grass. If the feed in the fields is small, animals need to be fed in the evenings. With a pen, there should always be a lick and two drinks a day.

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In winter, goats eat dry food, root vegetables and mixed fodder. But the delicacy prepared in the summer will be a treat and a vitamin supplement. Spruce and birch branches, oak and hazel - everything is suitable for feeding goat herd. Drinking and food in the stall period should be warm. Each meal is supplemented with a mixture of bone meal and salt, as mineral supplements. Walking in the open air is obligatory.

That animals in winter did not suffer from cutaneous parasites, it is necessary to comb out the goat every other day, once a week to wet the hair with soda solution to protect against lice. Hooves in the stall period must be pruned.

Breeding goats at home for beginners will be the first step in providing the family with natural curative products and down.

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