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tartlet Under brandy, champagne or vodka are amazing snacks tartlet. Appetizing filling with a light structure not only satisfies hunger, but also helps to feel the full range of alcoholic beverages. The original decor of tartlets will bring its own flavor to the solemn meal. Moreover, such cute baskets will be a great addition even to the festive table of children who use only juice. Ease of preparation and efficiency of all technological processes makes this dish a constant “guest” of many feasts.

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Various salads or hot / cold dishes can be used as a filling. Dessert interpretations of this dish are also suitable for a children's buffet. Delicate mousse or protein cream, decorated with berries and fruits, perfectly combined with a wafer base.

Universe of

toppings The whole secret of the irresistible taste of dishes that are served as a snack is in simple tartlets. Wafer base should be successfully combined to taste with salad. As a filler, you can take both mayonnaise and olive / sunflower oil. For an amazing result, you can use combinations of the following products:

  • red caviar with smoked salmon;
  • shrimps and mushrooms under hard cheese;
  • seafood with olives;
  • pineapple, corn and chicken;
  • baked eggplants mixed with walnuts, cottage cheese and dill( filled with vegetable oil);
  • cod liver with cucumbers;
  • feta cheese and fresh tomatoes;
  • olives, pineapple and crab sticks.

If you connect a little bit of female perfidy to this creative process, then you can take the recipe for any famous salad as a basis for tartlets for snacks. The same Olivier or even a fur coat( of course, in a mixed version) will be a good party for waffle baskets. Now it is appropriate to consider more original suggestions of this dish.

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Korean "Family"

This very name suggests that Korean carrots are based on this salad. However, it should be supplemented with fresh cucumbers and marinated mushrooms. And the cooking process itself boils down to simple operations:

  • chop Korean carrots( 300 g) into 2 cm long pieces;
  • several cucumbers need to be cut into thin strips( length - 1.5 cm, thickness - 2 mm);
  • mushrooms need to be dried( using durshlak), and then chopped into small cubes( 200 g);
  • combine all the ingredients and smear with mayonnaise;
  • spread out in molds;
  • decorate with sprigs of parsley or basil.

If desired, add salt or pepper. However, in terms of piquancy, this dish is not inferior even to Indian culinary masterpieces. Still, a little sugar will give this filling an unforgettable taste.

You should be especially careful when adding mayonnaise. For a large volume of several spoons is enough. The salad should not be too wet, otherwise the tartlets will quickly soften and turn into a pathetic parody.

With Russian scope

There is nothing better than national traditions. In this regard, on the holiday table fit snacks in tartlets with herring. Salted fish never goes out of fashion. In addition, her adore men. Therefore, armed with saucepan and knives, women should do the following:

  1. Remove fillet from herring. Carefully remove the bones with a pair of tweezers. Cut the meat into small pieces of 0.5 cm.
  2. Boil an egg( 2-3 pieces) hard boiled. Grind it with a special mesh to get even cubes.
  3. Chop the feathers of young onions. It is advisable to choose the branches with the thinnest feather.
  4. Grind hard cheese using a medium grater. In this embodiment, the original taste will give Gouda cheese, as well as parmesan.
  5. Peel the sweet and sour apple. Pulp cut into small pieces.
  6. Gently mix the contents. Season with 1-2 spoons of mayonnaise. If necessary, add a little olive oil.
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Put the resulting salad nicely in baskets. It is advisable to make a small slide. At its top, you can come up with an exquisite décor of several onion feathers or put a glossy olive. Others adorn the top of the iceberg with mayonnaise droplets. Such a national snack in tartlets will be a true delight for the Russian soul. Moreover, under it softer wine is drunk, as well as “fire” vodka.

Instead of green onions, you can put onions. To do this, it is pre-marinated in vinegar with water( 1: 3) and rather finely chopped. Salted fish should be soaked with milk for 4 hours to make the fillet more tender.

With the French accent of

, Julien can rightly be called a delicious and safe snack in tartlets. Recipes with photos will help to prepare it in the best way and with minimal loss of time. This unusual combination of flavors will surprise not only guests, but also children. To make the dish as appetizing as possible, the following should be done:

  • fry finely chopped onion with basil( dried) until golden brown;
  • add chicken fillet, chopped into “miniature” slices;
  • to put fried mushrooms into mushrooms( they can be cut into cubes or strips);
  • mix half a liter of cream with 2 tablespoons of flour, stirring well to avoid lumps;
  • pour cream to the mushrooms and chicken in the pan and boil for 5 minutes until the mixture thickens;
  • received julienne should be laid out in tartlets so that the contents were on the same level with the board;
  • sprinkle with grated cheese( not very hard);
  • send for a quarter of an hour in the oven( 180 ° C), while ensuring that the crust does not become too fried.
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The final touch in this still life will make greens. Contrast parsley or dill will give a filling for tartlets( you can put cilantro and basil as a snack) with a refreshing look. Especially since greens start to produce a breathtaking aroma on melted cheese.

Forest mushrooms can become an alternative to champignons, but with one amendment. It will take a long time to prepare them. Therefore, you first need to fry the mushrooms and only at the end you can add chicken meat.

Such delicacies will add to the festive atmosphere notes of bliss and euphoria. After all, for people there is nothing better than to get pleasure from the divinely delicious food. At the same time, many will be captivated by appetizers in tartlets with caviar and red fish, as well as with julienne. On the one hand, this is a luxurious combination, and on the other - an extremely delicious delicacy.

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