Making delicious sandwiches with avocado paste

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Avocado pasta for sandwiches is good not only for every day, but also for the festive table. It is suitable for those who adhere to the principles of proper nutrition ─ it can be spread on toast and eat during snacks. Avocados are also called alligator pears, but these two fruits have nothing in common except external resemblance. The taste of avocado is soft creamy, it goes well with salt and spices.

How to choose avocado?

Avocado paste will be successful if you use good ripe fruits. This fruit is considered exotic, so it often goes to the store shelves unripe or overripe. There are several criteria for the selection of quality fruits:

  1. The rind should be dark green. Black fruit can be only in the California variety, in other cases they are unfit for consumption. It is better to take unripe fruit with light-skinned and wait a few days until they ripen.
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  3. If you listen, you can hear the sound of a tapping bone. This will mean that the avocado is ripe.
  4. If you press on the fetus, it will remain on a small elastic dent, which quickly smoothed out.

Some avocado lovers grow these plants at home. The process is long and laborious, but you can be sure of the quality and freshness of the fruit.

Pasta with garlic and cheese

There is a huge amount of avocado pasta recipes for sandwiches. It is most convenient to cook them in a blender ─ just clean, coarsely chop all the ingredients and press a button. If it is not, you will have to use a float, fork and other available materials.

For a classic recipe for avocado, garlic and cheese sandwiches, these 3 ingredients are required, as well as lemon juice, salt and sour cream( optional).You can choose the proportions to your taste, but for 1 large avocado will need at least 150 g of cheese. It is better to choose soft cheese with a sharp spicy taste, melted cheese should also be suitable.

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  1. First, cut the avocado in half and get a bone from it.
  2. The next stage is the peeling of the fruit. If the fruit is ripe, it is easily removed with a knife.
  3. In a large bowl, grate on avocado grate. The consistency of it resembles melted cheese, so it is better to choose a large grater.
  4. Cheese is rubbed into the same bowl. For him, you can take a smaller grater, but large pieces of cheese will feel brighter in the paste.
  5. Squeeze garlic with the help of a garlic shoveIf not, you can use the finest grater or finely chop with a knife.
  6. Next, add all the other ingredients ─ sour cream, salt and lemon juice. The latter will not only add a savory taste, but also protect the avocado pulp from darkening. Sour cream can not add: it just adds a creamy shade paste.
  7. Paste ready. It must be stored in the refrigerator, and if necessary, get and put on toast.

For a daily avocado pasta recipe, it is not necessary to use garlic. In addition, you can add pasta other ingredients. If you add chopped boiled egg to it, the dish will turn from a snack into a full meal due to its high protein content. Festive toasts can be further decorated with greens, nuts, pomegranate seeds or shrimps.

Pasta for sandwiches with sprats

The avocado sprat sandwich recipe will be slightly different. In this case, the fresh taste of these fruits is an advantage, since it will not contrast with the bright fishy taste and smell. In addition, high-calorie foods( cheese, eggs) are not added to this paste, since the fish itself is a complete dish.

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For 1 jar of sprats and 1 large avocado you will need 4 slices of bread, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tomato and 1 clove of garlic( optional):

  1. Sprats are removed from the jar, drainedoil, and fish sprinkle with finely chopped greens.
  2. Avocado grated on a grater or kneaded with a fork to a state of gruel. Chopped garlic is also added there. Next, the mixture is stirred and seasoned with lemon juice. The most convenient way to use a blender.
  3. Toasts are smeared with pasta, and on top they put on a slice of fresh tomato and several sprats. You can pre-fry the bread on both sides until golden brown, but this way the snack will be more nutritious.

Sandwiches with avocado and sprats ─ this is just one example of the combination of pasta with other products. Instead of sprats, you can take red fish or shrimp, scrambled eggs and any other ingredients.

If you put a fresh tomato on avocado toast, the appetizer will be lighter and will not leave gravity in the stomach.

For those who are on the

diet. A dietary breakfast with avocados is quick and easy. Many in vain believe that low-calorie slimming foods should be fresh and ugly, and extra kilograms will surely come from tasty food. Indeed, many ingredients that are prohibited in proper nutrition( mayonnaise, fat sour cream) should not be added to the diet paste from avocado, and instead of bread one should use bread or crackers.

For a dietary breakfast, you will need 2 loaves of bread or some crackers, 1 ripe avocado fruit, 2 eggs, lemon juice, low-fat yogurt, salt and salad leaves to taste:

  1. Avocados must be cut into two parts, remove the bone and peel.
  2. Next, all the ingredients for the paste are mixed with a fork in one deep container. Fruits knead to puree, then add yogurt, seasoned with salt and lemon juice.
  3. The most crucial moment ─ is cooking poached eggs. Water is set on fire in advance and they are waiting for it to heat up. Eggs need to be poured into it at that time, while it is already hot, but has not yet had time to boil. It is necessary to break them carefully so as not to damage the yolk.
  4. It remains only to connect all the components of the sandwich. Pasta spread on bread, and lay an egg on top. If desired, you can decorate the dish with lettuce leaves or greens. Serve toast better with fresh vegetables.

Fried bread slices have a richer flavor, but they are fatter and more harmful to the liver. An alternative option is to bake the toast in the oven until crisp.

Breakfast should be nutritious in order to provide energy for the whole day. However, you should not get involved in fatty and fried foods ─ they do not represent values ​​for energy metabolism, but are quickly deposited in the form of extra pounds. Avocado is a fruit with a high nutritional value, so it can serve as a separate dish in itself. It can be consumed on a diet, but you should not combine it with other high-calorie foods. Cracker and boiled eggs with avocado pulp will be enough to get the necessary energy.

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Sandwiches with avocado from Gordon Ramsay

What can I add to avocado paste?

Avocado itself has a rather bland taste, so it is not eaten as a separate dish. Its consistency is thick and viscous, so it serves as a formative substance in avocado paste for sandwiches. The rest of the ingredients give the main flavor to the dish: it can be seafood, red fish, vegetables, cheese or spices. Pasta is thick and nourishing, so it is better not to put it on white yeast bread. It will be well combined with black or gray sorts of bread, as well as diet bread. As a snack, you can make rolls of pita or omelet, which are smeared with avocado paste and wrapped.

Video Recipe for Avocado Paste

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